44 Replies to “Healing Watercolor Art | Landscape of Yokohama Port | Shibasaki”

  1. It is really a Healing watercolor❤️ A beatiful painting with a beautiful music🌹🙏🌹 Thank you Sir❤️

  2. Oh Mr Shibasaki, you have done it again, this painting is a joy to look at. I love the colours, and the music you used is wonderful.Thank you so much for sharing this with us, sending you much love 💝🌼xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. This painting is amazing and I would like to try making a painting simular. What brand do you use or recamend

  4. 今回も魔法のような水彩動画をありがとうございます😃 手前の船の鮮やかなバーミリオンが港の風景を引き立てているように感じます。なかなか思い切って使えませんが😞 絵は構図とイメージで作り上げていくんですね。 実際の風景と違っても横浜港とわかります。船は難しいので、まずは空と海の表現を真似してみようと思います。

  5. i Wish i can have all that Art materials ❤️ Godbless you sir! im always watching your videos 😊 Your my Inspiration.

  6. 久々に来ました。

  7. Shibasaki-sensei… please teach us how you choose colour on object?! It is so amazing to see how you do that in your painting…

  8. I must have seen more than 100 of your videos though I've to heavily depend upon the English Subtitles to understand what you say. I can say happily every minute was worth it. No doubt, you are a master of this medium.

    Can you tell us how frequently you paint, how do you sell your work, and what's your profession? So many of us would love to know that part of your work. Please……. 🙂

  9. brilliant just brilliant. You sure can get a lot of interesting eye movement around your painting. All the cool stuff to see at that sea side dock. Thank you for posting that painting.

  10. Landscape of Yokohama is beautiful! Amazing! Thank you very much Mr. Shibasaki! 👍🌸😃🎨

  11. I clicked on this video cuz I recently had a car imported out of this port haha. I also love watching Shibasaki

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