HAVOX – Photo Studio HPB-40XD – Dimension 16″x16″x16″ – Super Bright Dimmable LED Lighting

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Price, quality, performance, warranty, brand trust, after sales & service, reusability,
familiarity and easy to operate. It is one of the most practical light tent
kits. The package comes with 4 LED light bars producing 26000 lm bright illumination for
the photo light box. There is a diffuser under the lights so the lights become softer before
they reach the products or objects. The lighting has the high CRI of 93. Having
a high CRI is essential for product photography. It is because we can capture the real color
of the products. Since the light is dimmable, we can adjust
the brightness according to the studio environment. It assists you to take the best photos of
your products! Another amazing feature is that the front
door can be opened in different ways. Says you can take the photos from the top or bottom
of the light tent, while maintaining the brightness inside the light box. If you have a larger
object, you can even completely flip the front door to have a full access. When comparing to fluorescent, LED has less
flickering issue, so we can have higher quality lighting. Kindly See the Description for This Product
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