Harman’s FIRST Reusable FILM Camera Unboxing and Setup!

What’s everybody! I’m Rodney and this is a
quick video of the very first reusable Film camera made by Harman –
The company behind Ilford Photo check it out. Harman just made their first ever
reusable film camera. The plastic camera comes with two Kentmere Pan 400
black-and-white films, a single battery and a strap. This camera is very simple and
straightforward. This is a point-and-shoot camera after all, once you’ve installed
the film, you’re ready to go! As long as you know the basics and you have the eye
to see what and what not to capture, you’ll have great results for sure. The unboxing experience was great and fast. And for the quick specs, this camera has
a focal length of 31mm, an aperture of f10, a shutter speed of
1/120 of a second, thirty-six exposure and a fixed
ISO of 400. So, I’m currently using one of the two films and we’ll get the results
very soon. Once I get the images, I will upload some of it and put the link in
the description. Anyway, that’s it! Thank you for watching!
I hope this video helps. See you soon. Peace.

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