Guide to Photography : Why Is Light Important to Photography?

My name is Anthony Maddaloni and I’m going
to talk about why light is important to photography. Now some people and I am one of them, consider
photography to be called drawing with the light. And in a way it really is without light
we would not definitely have any kind of photography. So really getting down to the basics. Your
subject is lit with light being that it’s obviously on this planet. You are going to
need light to illuminate that in order to get it to either your digital, your film,
whatever you are using for people to see it. And in some ways that’s why light is really
very important for photography. Now that’s more of just the scientific way about light.
For me the other ways that light is important to photography and personally for me that’s
really what it’s all about. It’s about light, and if you know you ask really any photographer
that’s what they are going to probably tell you. Light gives a feel for your type of photography.
It sometimes gives some meaning for that type of photography. And now I’ve heard some really
interesting things about light lately. And one that the best photographers can work in
any type of light. Even if it’s a bright harsh sun lit desert where everything is just incredibly
nasty looking. A really talented photographer can figure out a way to make that light work.
And that’s still light and on the other hand, there’s beautiful light, there’s early morning
light. There’s late afternoon light. And really even the most untalented photographer can
make that type of light work. So that’s the way that I like to really think about light
in my photography is that ok, what does this light do for me, does it tell a story, how
does it make me feel. How am I going to utilize it, is it going to be artificial. Is it going
to be man made, what is light really towards photography. And really there’s no way you
can make photographs completely in the dark. I mean these are just really obvious answers
to how light in photography works.

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