Guide to Photography : Lighting for Photography Studio

My name is Anthony Maddaloni and I am going
to be talking about lighting for a photography studio and one of the first things that you
want to think about if you are going to start a photography studio is what kind of light
might we use? Now a whole world of opportunity has opened up to you there and really a lot
of it has to do with your budget. You could spend easily thousands of dollars on lighting
or you could go pretty DIY way of doing it where you could spend maybe $500 to $1,000
maybe even less than $500 on lighting. So a couple of things that you want to think
about. One very common lighting source that people use are strobes, big soft boxes that
are powered and they are huge flashlights. They tend to be expensive. They tend to create
amazing images. Another type of photography studio lighting that you can use is natural
light. If you build a studio with windows that face the light you can actually use that
rather than using other sources of light and really save yourself a lot of money but you
want to think about what type of photography that you are doing. If you live in some place
where there is a lot of sun you can make that work for the type of photography that you
are going to do in your studio. One thing about the studio lighting too is you really
want to kind of think about your electricity. Do I have the budget where I am going to be
having to use a lot of electricity every day or do I want to keep it low? You want to think
about how many outlets you have in your studio. You certainly don’t want to start a studio
or build a studio and you only have maybe one to two outlets in that room and you want
to make sure that your house or the location of wherever your studio is in has the proper
electricity to control that much power because some of these strobe units can use a lot.
So those are some of the ways that I would think about using lighting photography in
a studio.

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