Green Screen Photo Creator Kit Tutorial

Welcome to Savages Green Screen central. Your one stop for all digital
photography in Green Screen needs. Savage has made green screen photography
simple and accessible to everyone. With products such as the savage photo
creator kit which includes five foot by seven foot green screen
cloth with removable hanging hooks, over 200 digital backgrounds, and easy to
use Green Screen Wizard Software, you’ll be capturing and editing green
screen images no time. Let’s talk about acquiring and working with
green screen images. To capture Green Screen images, you’ll
need a subject and a quality Green Screen background from savage. Lighting is very important. Be sure to shoot in a well-lit room or outdoors. Try to avoid casting shadows on you Green
Screen background. You can often do this by having your
subject move a bit further away from the background, or by lighting the green screen with
professional lights. Or even try creative placement using the
natural lighting in your environment. Once you’ve captured the images and loaded them
onto your computer open the Green Screen Wizard Software.
Using Green Screen Wizard you’ll be able to load an image and change the
background in just a couple quick steps. We’ll start by loading a foreground image. Click
load foreground, navigate to, and choose the image you’d
like to load. We’ll choose this woman. She’s on a very clean, well-lit Green
Screen. Select the image and click open. Now we’ll find a suitable
background for the image. Click on, load background. Navigate to your
background image, Select it, and click open. The background image is quickly loaded
behind your subject. To change the background, simply click load background again and choose a new
background image. Once you are happy with the image, you
can choose “save image” or you can choose to “print the image”.
Selecting print will give you a number of presets you can choose from. You can choose to print
four “three-and-a-half by five” images for example or you could choose a single “eight by
ten”. Make your selection in click Print. Now let’s look at how Green Screen
Wizard allows us to resize and reposition foreground and background
images: We’ll load out foreground image. Now we’ll choose an appropriate background.
All of these backgrounds are available from the Savage Digital Backgrounds
Collection. We’re going to choose a image from the
“Scenic Outdoors Collection”. Now we need to resize or foreground image. To do
this, select “adjust image” in here you can choose the
foreground or background. We’ll choose the foreground. To
scale the image, simply drag the slider to the left or to
the right. We’re going to make it a little smaller. And now we’ll move it down to the lower left
corner by “clicking and dragging” the image to place it
exactly where we want it. Now we can do the same thing with the
background image. We’ll select “background” Make the image a little larger and move it
exactly where we wanted. And when we’re happy with the
positioning of the background and the foreground, click “close” Green Screen Wizard does a
great job of extracting the Green Screen background.
You can see here in the detail around hair, what an amazing job the software
performs. In this image we have a reflector in the
foreground of image that was not taken out by the
software. It was in front of the green screen. This is no problem for Green Screen
Wizard. Simply click “adjust image” select the “clip tab”. And
here you’ll be able to clip the foreground
image from the top, bottom, left, or right. Simply slide the slider
until the undesirable part of the image is clipped. Click “close” and
you’re ready to save your image. Let’s discuss one more scenario. On this
next image you’ll notice some dark shadows here in
the background. It’s best to try to eliminate the shadows when you taking
the pictures but if you have images that contain
shadows, Green Screen Wizard makes them easy to remove. Open the image, we’ll
choose a simple gradient background here, and again, all these backgrounds are
available from the Savage Digital Backgrounds Collection. We’ll select the simple black to light
gray gradient. Now here, you can see the shadows really
standing out on the background. To get rid of these, we’ll click “adjust
image”. Select the combined tab and you can see
here it says: “Specify if there are shadows or folds on
the background screen”. Currently, no shadows are selected. We’ll
select “some shadows” and you can still see a little up here in
the corner so we’ll go ahead and choose “dark shadows”. Now you can see, this
completely eliminates the shadow areas. Click “close” and you’re finished. Now you’ve seen how easy it is to capture
and work with Green Screen images using the variety of quality
products available from Savages Green Screen Central. Go out have fun with your own Green
Screen Photography. To find more information on the wide
variety of quality products from Savage visit

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