Graphic & Visual Arts/Print

♪ Hi, I’m Sally Lord, and my class
is Graphic & Visual Art/Print. Students who really
enjoy my class enjoy art. We do a little bit of drawing
and we do a lot of graphics in Photoshop, in Illustrator,
and In-Design. So students who are creative,
enjoy artwork. Some of them enjoy computers–
working on computers, maybe more than drawing. If they want to get a
job in graphic design, college would
be the next step. Some students, a lot of
students go to SUNY Ulster. We have–we can
get three credits, they’re eligible to get three
credits through our program and then get classes
through SUNY Ulster. And some of them go
right into the work field. And if they go right
into the work field, it could be–vary from
anything from a print shop to doing website design
for a company. ♪

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