Graphic Designer vs Account Manager (Sales Rep)

right peek I have just managed to secure a 254 paged annual report with our biggest client thanks to me God where we would be without me probably somewhere alat fucking nicer that this hellhole probably working on some early creative work rather than knocking out ID badges desktop calendars and shitty annual reports it's not that easy being out there finding prospective clients I mean first of all I have to find them that's most of my morning taken up and then it's lunchtime anyway can't stay long as I have a golf lesson in half an hour write the first draft needs to be sent via email first thing Monday so that leaves two hours today on the weekend so plenty of time you know what to do with the job sheet just fill in the info from the notes i have taken ok that sounds just perfect another weekend we're in saving your arse personally i think i will need that time to decipher your shitty handwriting i have run out of time sheets so i will need some printed off and a job number for this work timesheet what for air so I can record a time against the job for my overtime this weekend and profit of the job well I have had to haggle on the price so I want be paying any overtime for this job as the budget just isn't there Hey look at this as an investment into my growing business I shot you a McDonald's when the job is done how about that that sounds wonderful I tell you what why don't I come over to your place this weekend and clean your fucking Palace instead of getting any sleep this weekend right kid got to dash need to make tracks oh Christ nearly four god it's my son's birthday tomorrow and I need some badges created one take long I have the photos of all his friends and their names if you can work your magic and get creative in sure they would love to have a badge as a keepsake can you drop them off tonight I have left some spare change on my desk as you may need to go and buy some nice pulp board to print onto I have a better idea why don't I create a mini board game and pack so they can all take one home oh great that sounds perfect God you geeks really know your shit I was taking the piss you fucking numbskull why don't you switch on your pc and load up your Microsoft Paint and create your own fucking badges for your shitty party and as for the annual report you can stick that right up your fucking anus you fucking dick shit and suck my cock you

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  1. @Aquilani42
    Only the arseholes who think they know it all without having one iota of real knowledge to back it up.

  2. @sailgirl13 oh really, nice 🙂 can u please tell me how thats goin bc im thinkin of becoming one myself…plz respond

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