focus right now here's seven tools that I use on a daily basis that I think that every graphic designer should have now these light boxes are great for when you're dealing with the fonts symmetrical designs it speeds up the process completely he can build one yourself they're cheap online but I say buy some buy some wood and some plexiglass I like when you're done when it comes to brainstorming a new concept sketching your design is the more efficient way to go you can even send the client this sketch to rough draft and it helps them feel like they're more part of the process which is a good thing [Applause] now the pen tablet is a game changer it has thousands of levels of pressure sensitivity which you don't have on a mouse when I first started at harley-davidson everybody was using the pen tool and I thought I'm gonna get fired because I'm still clicking away at it with the mouse and this thing was complicated in my eyes once you get used to the tablet you find real quick that grabbing anchor points and illustrator is super smooth and super easy and the same with Photoshop brush strokes and feathering things are a breeze it just has this natural feel anyway making the transition from a mouse to a tablet was night and day I highly recommend it I guess you could say I was part of the resistance that swore up and down that I would never go to creative cloud I wanted my physical copy of the software that way I had control of it I wasn't depending on the cloud or Adobe to you know control anything that I had going on once I started to learn all the features available with Creative Cloud I knew I had to have it being able to have access to all of Adobe's software the updates on a regular basis alarm bells that go off for new features tips and tricks and tutorials fonts image stock all at your fingertips it definitely streamlines your productivity gee sweets been a very solid email account for me it's got all the usual Google products in there the docks the drive calendar and there's a lot of linking that goes around with all of them that just really ties it all together very well I've been very happy with it I also have Dropbox but you can really get away with just using the Google Drive I have to say that when I started using fresh books I really started making more money their platform is really well laid out with all the tools like invoicing expenses estimates time tracking projects everything you need to do to get the job done and to make more money it completely changed the admin side of my business as far as profitability and organization goes an external hard drive is definitely an important component to your business you must back up your work you can get by with using your cell phone but eventually you do want to get a good digital camera I myself have the Canon ADB which has been a solid camera for me that's it for this video please subscribe to the channel I'll see you on the next one [Applause]


  1. Over the years in my profession as a Freelance Graphic Designer and as a Business Owner, I've figured out what works.
    This video discusses my top "MUST HAVE TOOLS" for a Freelance Graphic Designer.

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