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hey hey welcome to early life we are still live from up in Barcelona and this is the last stream so I'm French you know so we have expressions in France I'm sure you have the same like the best for the end can you say that save the best for the end well I think so yeah that sounds about right yeah well so I will play to you okay that's at the end yeah good man thank you boo boom yeah yeah so again opportunity to ask questions to the of speakers and amazing artists that we had this week garden is with us and yeah you want to introduce yourself maybe explain what you're doing oh yeah yeah yeah talking to these guys um so I kind of do I don't know if who's watching or anything but I do art direction design illustration under the handle middle Boop I talk a lot as well look you want to share a personal story about it no I not soul mate not at all that'll be for later who knows that'll be for later but no I mean yeah I kind of split my time creatively between working for some of the biggest ad agencies in okay so I'm like a freelancing that's exactly but for oh yeah yeah but you directly work with agencies yeah yeah yeah yeah gives me a lot of good experience I get to work with some of the most talented people and where are you based sorry I London yeah Northland you have some good there's some cool places ILS and cool places in London yeah okay so that's great so we would switch through your website okay cool this is big guys this is my website launched like a week ago okay so this is like the premier new the worldwide premiere yeah that's out some new wavy little wobbly logo yeah we got the new logo got some merch that we've been handing out this weekend oh yeah maybe we can switch to the GoPro in fullscreen we're gonna go to the GoPro okay that's it to go here you can't come here here we go okay there we go we've got some tote bags who's the new logo stickers and things like that if you've been around the weekends you've seen this sort of stuff you know what I mean be an excellent to each other just drop it just drop it in yeah there we go I move my water but this is it yeah this is the new stuff so this is the kind of rebrand been doing so yeah brand new that's awesome so going on here so we've got comments on here oh you have some people chatting oh there we go but the accents we have very good accents yeah we're doing all right for the accent okay pretty nice mate pretty nice accent mate thank you nice noise noise okay so we have like 30 minutes together to talk about your work cool so I would let you guys know which what kind of project you want to to showcase that really represents or so cool man well I was going to talk about a key a computer arts project which is a computer art maker there's the magazine I've worked with since kind of I started middle boot really oh yeah yeah yeah I've been very fortunate to you know I mean when I was at university and reading these magazines I kind of never thought I'd there it took a lot about Adobe computer art yeah oh there we go yeah yeah I never thought I'd be in these guys and in yeah in the magazine and this piece was like the inside front cover for the magazine there's quite a nice little okay so you open the magazine and yeah you get hit with this stuff yeah these own matters all right and you yeah yeah yeah yeah so you get that sort of stuff and I mean this is kind of I mean are you tryin to your your new universe you would say like I think the Glacial and I think some crazy compositions yeah I mean well if we switch to my be hunt yeah it's here cool cool cool there we go because I've got a little breakdown of you know kind of how I do stuff like they you know tell the story okay yeah so this was kind of a piece where I mean I've started out I sketch every piece for ya so get everything kind of right in my heads your sketch everything on paper yeah yeah okay I've got a graph paper that I borrowed off my my girlfriend's dad okay who's a designer like a kitchen designer oh he might be watching this maybe maybe she would be in the chat seen any height yeah there you go yeah in and say say something embarrass me so yeah I sketch everything out and these are I mean these are terrible drawings you know turret wonky illustrations but it's just kind of an idea of sort of like because when I started out I used to get everything digitally first so get everything on Photoshop and kind of that worked for a while as well but I just think as times gone on the idea of kind of really getting your idea on paper first I'm sketching it out and just kind of you think it helped with the like like just with the brain you know like like to get a better concept this is parents on paper because also there is a paste with paper exactly you have to take time to make decisions all the time so yeah I get what you mean because sometimes with the Photoshop you can be surprised or it's a bit like free willing you know like with Photoshop where you try some effects and on paper you are the only master so I guess what I get your point exactly man yeah I think it's a good Oh what we got a question here are we just breaking and answering questions as well yeah yeah so yeah so people watching don't hesitate to ask questions by the way we have the chat in front of us so if we see good questions I will make sure to pick the questions yeah yeah yeah I'm sure it's good night night book that's funny by the way yeah that's super funny you know who is behind this account but that's very funny has he been trolling the whole way I did private joke no no that's because I have a robot night but OH I'm controlling the chat but with my French accent when I say night boat it sounds like a boat like the the transportation oh that's a good that's a cute joke cool so we we scroll down and you've got these kind of wonky illustrations and it's just really rough kind of guide so you already have also this concept of kind of badge with yeah I mean where this piece was quite kinda high concept really because it was a completely open brief you know they're very good at just letting you kind of do your thing and when you talk about the focal points so is it more like related to your mission like I want the eye to be exactly that's okay that's so you already on paper you're already anticipating that yeah very much so yeah I mean my Art's always been about kind of having a focal point in the design okay which is why it's kind of easy when I'm working in advertising you can kind of yeah you get the kind of key visual and you can work with it but yeah with this piece it was always going to be their logo just design matters which is their kind of insight yeah age so I knew that had to be the kind of focal point I'll complain okay this is like a before and after shot yeah interesting so we got the kind of wonky illustrations and then it kind of goes English shapes yeah just building straight the shapes in Illustrator adding detail then adding color it's awesome that you share you know the behind the scenes like so many I love that thanks man I think I think it adds value yes cuz you were you even like a customer like discovering a pottery I say okay he will he put a lot of thinking behind like it's not just I think it helps I think it helps no I agree man yeah yeah yeah it definitely oh nice I love the seeing that too and you always start trying to walk in black and white before you swim in and then you you jump into the chorus or yeah pretty much it's black and white on paper and then it's it's always coloring in Photoshop or illustrator yeah you know because just so easy to kind of play about with the different color palettes and but when you create the composition like here you know I want to place this finiman here you stay in black and white yeah yeah yeah yeah I've kind of got no idea yeah I take it – yeah until I take it onto Illustrator then it's kind of all Photoshop you know you can kind of just start playing around with the color palettes and well and things of that nature yeah and these are different yeah yeah stems yeah basically yeah I mean I wanted to I think I actually only sent one to the client my kind of final piece that I thought it was gonna well I just yeah I knew it worked quite well by experiment it with different different color palettes and different ideas and treatments you know so how do you switch how do you change a color palette I do there's that selective color on a straighter this is getting really techie now I think all right that's funny because this is something we see all the time during the live streams because there are several tools and there is the Selective kalach school there is a recolor artwork school there are two or three schools too so that's interesting okay it's good to know yes I mean selected colors dis wicked and there's the the Adobe website as well yeah I still want to get some inspiration yeah and that that's been brilliant someone introduced that to me about a year or two ago and especially we're working with online projects that's been really handy and just kind of really experimenting with different palettes and and kind of complementary colors and yeah yeah that's that's pretty good that's it's a beautiful tool yeah man and do you know capture have you have you seen the mobile app that is connected to colors no man what's that oh yeah you get that our PO answer this question what's this question can I ask about your pin to share a creativity process that comes up with three inspiration I don't really know what that question is to be honest can you see my iPhone my friend what's this oh so it's a doobie capture okay so it's three mice an Android so you can capture brushes pattern shapes but also colors you know what Tony was showing me this tiny wherever it is yeah so if you use the camera now you just use your lens you know let's do a little demo here we go whoa and I can tap here and say okay will they need this shade of oh this one for instance no you can be like super precise say okay this is the shade I like and then you save and it becomes a color theme that you have on color that I become I'm using your tools I'm down with that that's all right yeah it's free you know just don't love it yeah yeah no there we go okay that's it we can come back to to my screen thanks yeah and they sue my book and they can brush oh there you got the bacon brush yeah it's a classic in the in the design industry I talked about well you know I might use that man okay so around so when you work with the computer arts like the customer do you send these proposals or you decide yourself well I mean they've been a great time because I mean I used to do tutorials with them quite a lot when they I do it okay nice yeah give away all your secrets first you know thanks for sharing notes and yeah I mean they've always been just so so helpful he like whoever's been involved and kind of you know letting letting the artist be free with their expression what they want to what they want to do which then ended up with this mess so playful thank you yeah well it was all I mean it's just about a fairground thing because like because it's so free a brief like this and open it's all about kind of creating that concept yourself so with this one I was trying to think of you know I wanted to play about with big stripes and yeah I kind of a color palette that was a little bit more stripped back okay so kind of two-tone going on here and there so I knew it was going to have to be what I wanted it to be something like of a fairground something that would have really cool kind of graphics that I could create that would kind of work well was a flat vector which is why we've got things here and it was brilliant because I was sketching out for ages and sort of building things up and I know I was working at Saatchi and Saatchi at the time part when I was doing the great agency they're cool yeah yeah I've got some yeah awesome friend have the gallery they got the saatchi gallery yeah yeah yeah yeah they got a new building now I am new building here the the good pub but yeah some of my friends there were kind of like I was like what else can I do with this illustration why don't you do like a fan yeah brilliant idea you know yeah so it's nice to kind of work with those those other people as well collaborative oh yeah project apparently I answered that guy's question thank you didn't realize I had them but I've got a video of that thing as well on my on my hard drive I don't know if there I feel mystic yeah I mean yeah a lot of people already I've always said kind of like we'd love to see your style animated more so for this piece it kind of felt like the perfect one to it's just a little little animation you know well I didn't know I got a friend to do it okay so you were the pretty direct err yes yes yeah yeah yeah I gave him free rein with it was just a little thing to do a little bit of fun but yeah was it just for the fur no it was used during the campaign on a website it was actually used on their iPad version oh yeah I had the digital version yeah yeah yeah cause it's all going digital now print is dead as they say I don't believe that that's for sure it's not dead yeah it's not dead I tell ya no oh here we go we can see here yeah yeah there's a little mock-up okay uh I remember who did the cup I think it was my friend's sawdust who did the cover I thought okay now maybe it wasn't it probably wasn't ignore that you also to have like a kind of black and white very dark cover yeah and you turned the pages boom you were exactly yeah and it was like a heat resistant cover so you could kind of put your hand on it and it would reveal oh nice bits of artwork yeah okay is there another project you want to showcase there is yeah yeah there's all sorts of bits and bobs that we've got here you see the sigh there's a photo of me oh great yeah yeah job Thank You Man yeah yeah it's alright they made me look okay so I'm going to share with you some other word this is for a friend of mine Andrew hung who's an electronic musician nice he's one half of a band they're called F buttons okay but kind of really like heavy electronics on it yeah and I kind of work with those guys for four years various thing I've enjoyed them around on tour Burano yeah for a few months you know that was quite fun but he started doing his solo project and the idea behind this campaign it was – he was going to release three three EPs with you know sort of four or five songs on each and they were all influenced by video games perfect yes very good design inspiration yeah I think that I think there's on was chiptune as we found out chiptune music tune yeah oh yeah yeah like a bit like um again by the chip tunes exactly yeah I love it and the music was all created by like Gameboy and you know D me later yeah yeah disco music hmm so the idea behind this one was to I mean kind of create him a bit of a brand creating a brand market for so that's why you are going with stripes here I love it exactly yeah typography are key so that all stayed the same for all three P's so there was that a little bit of a little like steroids with the moving blocks into space and awesome exactly yeah and it was it was just one of those things where because it was such a kind of high concept of music ya ye Zi so you took the universe and yeah make it visual I love it yeah so I kind of built in this sort of digital chiptune world I now love also the bedroom here under vinyl yeah and that's that's that circle kind of state is his brand mark okay that's his brain yeah because I wanted something I mean it was all going to be mostly a social campaign yeah more online so you know I wanted to you know kind of simple graphics that you could take apart and use throughout the whole camp I mean we have Laura K and English ads we recognize your work from computer arts and didn't know about the animation oh thank you yeah well animate it you're the one thanks Lori yes Moni I guess it's done with After Effects it's the it looks like after effects work again it's very much after effects work yeah this guy is asking questions again what app do you use for animating okay that's exactly right yes a rave cave was the first one okay and that's the second EP okay yeah repetition versus time and that was the cover for the second one so the idea was this day there would kind of like end of level bosses I suppose oh yeah yeah you know what I mean so this was kind of the spaceship yeah so of inspired by like what was that game Star Fox I left on the N 16 in the snow yeah and Star Fox with the kind of the first fake 3d game on the super Nets you know like because they were faking with the polygons yeah it was pretty art oh that's why you have the grid here okay yeah and then kind of the little elegans in there as well and then this was kind of meant to be almost like an end of level kind of car so like I sort of married yeah jumping around and you know we're messing about with us oh that's why it's level 2 level okay yes exactly different levels for each one and this was kind of the final well I know one staff Star Ferry dub that's very strong identities good thanks man yes all right it was quite fun I think we've got a breakdown of sketches on my behalf I'm be handsome oh nice so yeah let's have a look no you know oh no we don't know you know yeah yeah yeah so this is someone where I mean there's some old old stuff on here yeah but that's cool that's cool as well well that's what you'd say okay album art yeah and get it yeah so it's a pretty simple simple kind of website like this well then this is the other half of the the band event yeah yeah very different yeah very – yeah this was a type treatment that we worked with for his second album and Nagari is asking how do you choose your color palettes for each project oh yeah gene or do you know to be honest it's whatever feels right okay it's whatever feels right for the project so it's Mario that's your eyes our trend you know we do yeah the more you practice the more you get so yeah I mean I think like you know with my work it's always been kind of the use of color that has been kind of as strong as it could be you know so I've always tried to kind of play about with that play that with you know positive and negative space and just kind of really vibrant colors if I can get away with it so yeah so what guided you to do I mean to this choice of saying okay I will work on this very classy but also modern typography that typeface whether than going for illustration uh well basically he just wanted a load no and okay yeah just working the identity and we came to cover exactly well actually didn't become the co we didn't use it in the end this is one newspaper yeah the way he wanted in the end he want well long story as they always yeah yeah yeah don't work in the music industry designers don't do it it's not working they don't get it they don't you so we had to do this was this was more what was used in the end because it was kind of like sore tongue in cheek played this is very heavy epic music definitely wanted a black metal it's black metal yeah that was kind of the joke behind it this sort of stuff's being used now for that campaign okay yeah oh it's too bad eh yeah it's a shame when these things don't go but you know I still really enjoy the work and you know it's why I want to talk about that sort of stuff so your color but it's are unique thank you thank you I don't know is that a compliment or is that like a way of saying yeah that's a special yeah yeah that's special we've got I love this oh the life finds a way let me see how much we've got on here actually oh we've got a lot ok this brilliant brilliant I can talk all day about this stuff so this was a piece for a show in London oh yeah yeah fushion yeah yeah yeah there was a little white lies magazine kind of film magazine okay and there's this beautiful that really good quality copy in the magazine and amazing graphics and illustration and in there based in old Street and they've got like a gallery underneath the studio and they had this exhibition where they were printing all sorts of artwork what the kind of Commission people like myself to create a piece of work that was kind of inspired by a film that we loved so this was Bill and Ted the excellent to each other and they printed all the artwork on old video cases okay so the show was it was kind of like going into like a video rent like a blockbuster that's a good idea but the thing is the idea VHS like yeah yeah yeah that's good and the thing took off quite well and it was a very popular piece of work for myself and I realized because there was that sort of emotional response yeah to the fact that people kind of knew the quote from a fair and they like the artwork as well of you yeah that makes a good connection I get it yeah so I then took the piss on the roads and I got to shows I got a show in New York and LA nice yeah I'm sure they loved it yeah I can tell yeah it was awesome so I did a whole lot of these so all of these are from different scene in LA with the movie industry oh man way it was really funny because like New York was people kind of just turned up took photos and you know I took business cards didn't really buy work but LA people turned up and just bought stuff yeah and I'm sure there's a very different sort of vibe which I wasn't too sure about whether the guy is the thing it was a compliment okay for the unique oh thank you thank you very much when he was asking what kind of music do you listen when you work to be central I'm glad you listen to Italian opera that's yeah that's that's unique that is unique in himself man yeah yeah tell you I'll tell you that I listen to all sorts really I guess again it like depends on the project you know what I mean okay what I'm a listening to at the moment and you feel that the energy of the music influences your work yeah yeah definitely yeah like it's all I don't know yeah I guess if I'm on a tight deadline oh I'll have like a yeah yeah heavy electronic stuff or like you know just anything that's just like yeah keeps me going and if I've got a bit of time you know to kind of explore the concepts or or something like that around the piece then it might be a bit more kind of chilled I don't know Brian Eno or someone like that who knows no me however broad that is yeah so the idea behind the the shows were on the generator a flux capacitor it's really nerdy stuff I'm glad you got that oh yeah glad you got but it's yeah that I mean the whole concept behind the shows were to take quotes that you kind of wouldn't really recognize yeah so it's not like you know but then you have some clues and in the design Torino and life finds a way that was a good one because that was obviously young Goldblum said it in Jurassic Park yeah and in LA he plays a like a jazz night every so water in town I dunno yeah so I ended up giving Goldblum one of those prints Wow which is quite cool yeah where does he play he plays piano he's really good Wow yeah I love disco a very strange man yeah he's weird I love it yeah even when he acts it's weird yeah we are neurotic kind of yeah can I buy an S obviously Robocop but yeah I mean I wanted to just play about with kind of tight treatments and type experiments like this experiment yeah because we're good playing with our minds you know with our memories yeah the emotional the emotion for my mentalism you're a Mentalist Mentalist yeah I'm a Mentalist thanks for your answer that is quite all right so that's quite all right anytime oh this is for the brand yeah yeah this is good I mean ish yeah so how did they contact you like is it before because they saw the the work of computer art first actually yes before I think in fact I think Computer Arts came on off of the back of this piece okay so you had the universe already in mind yeah when you worked for them yeah this dish took quite a while to do because it was I guess was a brand that could I could iron yeah yeah you are working for a search he said here the thing you know what I was yeah I just started there so I I kind of had this whole time in my career where it was like had an agent in the UK oh yeah and they they were pushing me to kind of I'm new to this dream what's going on hey Brendan arrived from up in Barcelona which is the biggest design conference in Europe and now we are we are with the middle boop live and she's showcasing his work I like Brandon and in about two minutes we will welcome a designer who is showcased his portfolio someone who is off attendee so Colin is a speaker what when did you talk about Thursday Thursday oh they won the best yeah get exactly my case – I was like oh okay okay oh did you speak this weekend yeah I met a new tradition with a Kelly Anderson booking yeah yeah yeah and I had a 15 minutes she had 32 so it was more about talking about what what I was doing with the creative community SoCo how did it go no it was fun does good enjoy yourself yeah it's a nice grow doing their good ear aren't they yeah they know they're they know the score yeah but with coke it was with this was for their anniversary or no they sort of coke at 100 exhibition area by I think so it's for a show so we kind of have free rein to do it do over I say we me had free rein to do whatever I wanted in I mean it's you know it's the three colours for code which is really cool because oh yeah but then you play with drives better and say yeah exactly yeah just so built up this world of things that I like that represent coca-cola to me awesome you know with the the the liquids from music yeah and the music just try to get kind of whole I'd like a lot of energy going you know place so how did they use it was it a poster like a printer yeah just a print in there for their show okay just quite cool but yeah it was it was just when I started at Saatchi and had an agent at the time and I left them I basically left my agent and got a lawyer instead it was like the best thing I've ever done the best which honestly yeah it was the best thing and and I started working at Saatchi so it was kind of started to work with some awesome campaigns and brand one of the biggest customer yeah hey we work with uncook I call that okay yeah thanks that's what happens we said she said she you have a lot of big brands yeah yeah we ought to I mean I did some awesome stuff with them you know like yeah Olympics and Asda all sorts of all sorts of fun stuff it's the magazine or this is this is for a band actually so Wow yeah they're called alpha male tea party just like a small kind of heavy bands in the UK they're friends of mine and I just sort of dead for their promo campaign for their new album they wanted to release a limited edition screen print I think to release for maybe like a thousand fans or how however many people and and kind of gave me a very loose brief I think the album cover was called droids so they wanted it to be very very technocratic yeah and no yeah yeah so I started kind of building up this world again using that focal point kind of building out from there like the first generation of computers yeah yeah yeah yeah because there are some reference is that graphic like almost from the sixties yeah yeah yeah one of the things I've started using is the burn tools and things like oh yeah I really like them yeah in dodging burn and it's but really really simple stuff but I never really thought my friend uses him quite a lot gives it a bit of texture and a bit of depth you know and you are like they programs something like that yeah are just really simple just a good money to build up yeah exactly build up this little world and yeah it's taken from there's a few ideas in there that were taken I did a book cover for Elon Musk oh yeah yeah it's a little name named Rock for you yeah and we should have a good card with hail and the messengers I was for favor and favor in Elon Musk and it didn't it didn't run in the arch ultimately yeah because you know yeah so but that whole idea was kind of similar to this sort of building up a world around Tesla that would have been yeah so yeah that was quite cool how some thanks for sharing your work in your universe my pleasure my friends my pleasure and now we will welcome someone from Earth to review the portfolio so maybe you can switch to full screen and play the video okay what's this okay cuz I need you to find URL nice work Thank You Gabi thank you okay let's bring this guy in yeah from Buffalo now yeah nice to meet you how you doing Oh add a VM you want to introduce yourself yeah yeah I'm Maggie Moran I'm from Barcelona and I'm doing motion design oh nice and character animation usually yeah yeah super complicated so this is yo yo yeah I'll have to share two or three projects that you really like okay first of all I'm going to show this one it was a music video that I did for a band in in us okay they will get the they will get the audio on the stream we won't talk about we are very crazy we can sing here to where we can say we know okay so they contact me because they saw one video that I will show later that they did like a typography kinetic typography and they wanted the same thing but I listen this song and I said okay I can create a story with this okay then I did I write the story and I create the storyboard there we go I create the storyboard I create all the design characters environment was everything behind it huh what's the kind of concept okay it's like one guy that doesn't fit in the society and but he's trying to fit okay he realized that he's like it's not like the rest of the people and he is trying to fit with the rest and okay I will go it for a graphical or something yeah I will put it and we can explain it well so yeah he is alone in the forest the magic forest and he realized that yeah is the start and you can see him walking alone in the forest and then he rise to a tree and seek at the river there is floating like corpse okay he's like all the rest of the people in society and he wants to go inside and blend with the same be like the rest Oh like this Oh consensual and when was your process like you working you straighter and then you move to a great day yeah I first I did the drawers and everything in just a notebook okay and then I went to illustrator I create the character the environments I put some textures on them and then I went to After Effects oh that's yeah this is a particular yeah I work with After Effects like five years okay right yeah so everything is created in in After Effects no I think we D or all right no 3d Wow no just After Effects and here's when he realized that all the people is floating and it's blood like all the rest and he wants to also do the same be come join them yeah so nice yeah yeah I wanted to try to play with what did you come up with the ideas for the for the characters and things like that I I always liked this type of Tiki characters and I thought that will speed really good with the magic forest and all this purple style yeah and here's like this is going to absorb him like to be he's going to become like the rest most their own personality yeah good story I love this character Lamaze yeah it's cooler and it's not 3d at all this is not fitting else so you trick with the animation this is yeah I split the mask into wow I just like something like this I put a Knoll in the behind to rotate it in 3d yeah yeah and put the horns and leaves and then we just wait and all you can just turn in 3d like face okay awesome so yeah I mean good job here is a bit more like he's going inside of the way under the water and then he realized that he can fight against this I knew there was a toy he escapes yeah he escapes like oh I just get food yeah yeah I think it's here but that's a happy end yeah it's a happy end he's just drunk himself again oh it's very himself and it's running again to the forest a mahavidya in the chat lot of work we've got a comment from Andrew H that looks great yeah I think that might be andrew hung no i did the artwork for dono oh maybe thank you and if it was so here's an example you can see that the face is done in 3d but inside of After Effects oh there we go okay it's possible to see here nice the horns and everything is attached and everything is controlled by annual good job really nice really elegant in the way the kind of what is that is that fur is that what would that be there kind of fits around the outside leaves leaves yeah I put like a leaves and then I just pop it to I can I do the wiggle on it I'm controlling it by by slider nice so it's like a wind that looks really good man yeah thank you so yeah and you have feels steel frames here and that's a personal project I know they contact me yeah to do this like I told you like something like a typography and then you felt that you could yeah and now you send them the idea and really loved it and I did all the video of course I love it yeah so yeah yeah yeah yeah oh thank is from here what's right primer ah this was a campaign for Facebook I made like eight videos I didn't do the illustrations on this one the previous one I did it by myself sure I was gonna say the styles are very very different yeah so it's something like this is too but so fast with one day of work oh my god when the video has sounds about right yeah haha it's just funny the idea of everything related with my yeah oh yeah she kind of looks mad yeah yeah ninja grin it's always you know anything she always want to put more food in your plate that sounds about right it's like the Ninja Turtles yeah but we finding the paella instead of pizza yeah oh yeah you can't see that at Dobby I've got some friends waving at me yeah yeah you jump around man yeah yeah that's where you can say hi have a party yeah join us you can you can come see now she was on that if you dive with with us you know hey there we go Tommy come on come on they're all coming around how we do it how you doing yeah we're just good tricking the critiquing this man yeah so you can critique to you don't be too harsh everyone don't be too hard here we go now stay here this is good yeah yeah hold up some stickers Seiko yeah yeah yeah brilliant so you had a very short amount of things like this yeah like four or five hours Wow to create all the reek and animation well yeah good job and here just just pointing that you have to press on yeah you have to appreciate and I like to make like gifs I do this you like illustrations and just like something so this is really nice man my god what could get is this a gift yeah I did they gave is just like something simple I had this illustration that they did in the past and I said okay let's animate it yeah that's really nice and for example this one too oh I know this one do you know I know this one okay oh yeah I send it when you were doing the yeah that's well sir I remember this one yeah he shared it on that to be life yeah oh yeah what was their purpose behind this car look I think I was working in that advertising company yeah and I know they wanted to create like illustration for the blog about compressing images and I did this illustration and then after I left the work I quit and everything I just like okay maybe I can do something nice with these like I don't know I love it man yes they did really nice animation yeah and everything is done in After Effects but this one for example is in cinema 4d mm-hm yeah what's this all about this one was a website to create videos advertising company again yeah so they they came with idea like always going to be like a cocktail so you have the ingredients you mix it and then you can serve and you have your own video okay how does something like this do you work with like lots of different agencies you freelance or and this was I was working for a company but now I'm freelancing cool man yeah how's the how's the freelance going it's nice really good but they want to focus more in this character animation than this kind of things there's a nice style developing with this stuff yeah like I think I think there's something that's you know something's going here you know really simple kind of cell shading and things like that you know yeah I love the flat 2d animation with a bit of texture to him yeah and I like to send a message to create a story okay that's why I create the video music video yeah so on this one I did at that University like you like it yeah and a lot of people contact me because of this video so June died in a museum of design because of the kinetic typography okay I was crazy a loveable kinetic toy yeah what was this for sorry I was at university was an exercise for university okay like this one I do have like four five days to do it because it's for the next week and you have to push yourself to try to do it faster I'm good it'll be like your project with the movie quotes yeah yeah yeah exactly that I was for a Fight Club and you did something similar yeah well I did a whole exhibition on kind of profound quotes for retro films okay and then toured America with it nice just quite fun and you got and did you animate that at the end as well yes cool but I didn't make the illustrators oh yes okay who did the illustrations either no you found it yeah this one the last one I found it there the rest I didn't apply myself but this one and I didn't found who did it oh right a crazy animation – oh nice did you do that logo yeah that's cool I wanted to create a brand for create like a t-shirts and everything I created a logo and I create some t-shirts but I never did anything with it Oh a very limited edition yeah they're exquisite so I don't have anything more in diversity Hanes great work I was working just a unite to put few more things because I wanted Amish again so I really like this I think this is great I'm sure Adobe all the viewers won't appreciate this that's a really nice really nice brand Mahalo that a lot you should do that you should go get some t-shirts and things you know I had fun I designed them I had they are designed already but I never did anything get him yeah like some gifts with animation and like wallpaper nice yeah you have anything else here that's very silly work yeah especially this one I mean the first one yeah I love this one I mean I was really with the music creating for weeks everything since the script design design everything animation for weeks super eighty four weeks I guess my that's and this what like three four minute video as well yeah yeah forty minutes something good work man when we think in it yeah yeah yeah yeah crazy so what are you gonna do next what uh what projects have you got everyone's gone I disappear I mean you know I I II I love this kind of explainer video like with characters I great few of them but I had no time to put them here but yeah and I want to focus on this like mainly like 2d animation with this style video animation with this textures like I don't know to make it more interesting like yes something like this I mean that's a great way to focus yeah I think that's really good you know it is there's obviously quite a strong style that's developing yeah you can see that yeah oh man it's sort of work in progress you know but that's that's great I mean what I think is a resolution to it being yeah very impressive there we go what else we got yeah they were like great work you need say you need more views and positions on behind so hopefully yeah we'll give it give him an appreciation yeah I'm just gonna appreciate it saw the guy pointing to there yeah yeah give him that thing yeah give him a like a girl like there you go yeah where was the guy you're here here's a guy look like this there oh yeah dun-dun-dun-dun awesome thanks a dream thank you job and yeah thank you thanks man yeah it makes here would be as often you would show us your new animations yeah i screen on stage yep maybe in the future like yeah yeah thank you so much yeah good rice thank you oh yeah okay come on that's refreshing let's go and there is just one more tool to review maybe someone that you know will see or someone from London actually don't know I know in nine studio I don't know how to pronounce it yeah this stuff is do you see something that you would like to eat well yeah I mean yeah I was that I went through this yeah okay yesterday yeah Natalie from office in a minute I mean I just think it's oh I haven't seen the video yeah this is beautiful oh yeah yeah we delight yeah anything it works very well yeah yeah really subtle you know like they've not overdone it after these fantastic I love this I love the transitions here wonder if 36 days that they're here this weekend 36 days is life actually yeah well awesome beautiful beautiful stuff so this is a studio Fuji music I guess yeah maybe we have more description here design inspiration firm we create compose your world yeah it's hard to tell if it's a small shop or a big one but oh look at them and they have been featured several times on behind today you've done very well yeah done better than me they should be critiquing my work man misses and the glyphs bigger yeah identity oh nice mr. Fox Wow Wow exactly well yeah this stuff's good this stuff's really really good okay so we got some branding going on yeah take face the typeface Wow very people goes on I've just used that exact same mock-up yeah yeah well acquainted with them ignite the shadows yeah and some photo always important photo is a beautiful city as well my favorite cities I love this one yeah this one and pull here I mean fortunately yeah this is lovely Wow yeah I like the spirits like a fir with the marine blue and what's the name sail blue no soul oh yeah yeah yeah yeah so of navy blue navy blue navy i blooming it's quite its classic isn't it yeah and the pattern work yeah tradition mixed it with the very modern font yeah yeah yeah they've cut it up yeah contemporary with the kind of class alliteration yeah now this I feel like I've seen this somewhere I don't know what this is hmm Wow interesting cool in spite of a Japanese character the set of flattened numbers Oh okay one two three four five six seven eight nine nice that's a good idea yeah I love it another closer you look the more you see yeah it's a bit of animation in there as well yeah like blinking neon Oh awesome okay we follow them also follow now that's if they've got enough follows don't giving me okay I don't give you everybody thank you these guys are good I guess they're not on online or anything now yeah awesome oh this is beautiful these – wow he's – well exhibition this is really nice yeah okay that yeah the stripes Wow your labels different projects okay these guys are these guys are doing very well this is awesome awesome stuff and don't lean on them I mean you could meet them look at me yeah we'll hang out yeah we'll hang out if you want to I don't know what is this now Oh suck littering on top of beautiful typography okay I get it okay it's merch and this is a oh yeah on the letterpress oh yeah no I'm knowing yeah I am actually Hey so visit one guy's amazing is it just you or is it is it look we have someone here there's someone working here couldn't put my finger on it but just connected it you sound like Jenson Button Gordon oh thanks who's Jenson Button but oh is the eraser right oh yeah you're right there for me no1 yeah thank you eugenie I've never heard that before now seriously two great studio yeah you shouldn't meet yeah a great collaboration let's hang out in London man I absolutely love this stuff really really good Wow how much time we got what are we doing we have one minute we got one minute goodbye oh okay so this was this was actually at the same gallery that I had the be excellent to each other piece okay yeah that's kind of nice yeah you have a radio connection there we go yeah yeah mate brilliant work really really love it yeah fantastic yeah thanks for sharing your work I mean so really impressive okay it's time to say goodbye to our friends and thanks for sharing further awesome my pleasure thanks for having me that I've been everyone and thanks everyone it's off we had a great week thank you man good job and see you soon under the be live we will be back here in a few weeks to talk about graphic design from San Francisco so make sure to check out to be live and off I Pro okay bye everyone bye guys thank you we go

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