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everyone hello we are live I'm Ari and this is cloudy hi everyone we're here in San Francisco thanks everyone for joining we already have a few people I see another Ariadne but you spell it differently yeah that's awesome Siobhan Christian Miriam Laura Daniela Sam hi everyone let us know where you're from and we'd love to see you join and say hello so Claudia is here from the UK yes from Manchester yes and she's visiting us how have you enjoyed Robyn I'm loving San Francisco I mean I've been around that us for the probably past month now been to Chicago Baltimore Washington I actually started to study here in the in the US when I was young so I went to visit my Maya American family in Virginia yeah and I'm here back in San Francisco which I'm hoping is such a cool place I'll definitely be back know we have people from all over the world here yeah let me know if there's anyone from e2 because I'm actually Italian so we have Florida Northern Ireland Guatemala German oh wow Texas Ghana Italy Saudi yeah yeah North Carolina Canada India that's great amazing it's great to hear where you're from almost one day UK as well yeah from UK Italy will will be really happy yeah really happy to hear but oh my sister and the other there is anyone four months if there is L didn't feel really cool yeah if you've ever seen cloudy walking on the street in Manchester usually there go massive curly hair so probably that you don't recognize me like that yeah so cloudy I want to hear more about you so we can introduce you to everyone I think you have a presentation yeah sure sure we can actually I'll prepare some some slide so yeah I Maya name is actually Claudia but if you wonder why I go by Claudia tis my nickname is just to make sure everyone smiles when you pronounce my name because if you notice when I pronounce my name Claudia in English actually becomes Claudia Claudia so it brings a throne in your face I don't really want that I want to make sure everyone keeps a smile on is if you're pronouncing my name in Italian so it's cloudy and Claudia and also like isn't making my mom made up so I resonate it's very much more familiar than someone calling me Claudia and I'll be like oh yeah yes I'm again as we said a few times already I'm from the south of Italy if I'm from a very very beautiful area of the south of Italy just in front of Greece it's a thing sound familiar yeah and yeah and I go up there and just to keep you smile a little bit more that's me was a baby and I was already in love with colours and I was already intent to show how to use colours and yeah so when I was in need to leave besides um you know getting my hands dirty with colours I was into sports a lot so I was a even the italian federation team for sailing that was like wow yeah I was into competitive sport that took the majority of my passion there but also on the side I used to do a little bit of this graffiti which that you might or might not be illegal and the reason my I might be wearing a mask unfortunately I don't do I don't do much more of that nobody's anymore cuz you know like a running business has anyone else done graffiti when they were young yeah I don't be great to know anyone wear a mask a crazy mask like that which is like a luchador mocks like a Mexican yeah so from that I went to actually start a career in um in PR and international communication which I found out is something background that we have in common and I said my background is completely different I didn't study design straightaway I was doing international relation my first job was at the UN so I was actually an assistant delegate of the Burundi the UN and from there started to management and international relation and look at that sec say I'm calling the cops you went from being an aggressive mask graffiti artist – you were like office yeah representative very diverse they're all backgrounds yeah absolutely and it's not just a one-way street no no absolutely well what happened is that I actually moved on to Australia to do PR and to follow up with my international communication and events career and my senior PR was like cloudy like I think you're spending way too much time to you know match up the colors of the press kit or making sure that the press release has got all the title in color with a brand and they didn't care about that the press release to go out fast so she told me like might be the case for you to enjoy with the creative team to creative I was too creative for my job so I you know and also you know if you think going back from something like that to an office job I needed to find a balance yeah and my bar yeah my balance was graphic design and that's that's me now that's my life everyday so this this is Maria de Georgie and margarita Baldy which are the two lovely ladies which are part of studio prove my soul so I I found a super muscle which is a graphic design practice in Manchester and now it's kind of outgrown me and it became like a freelance platform so I love and cooperate on project with these lovely ladies and also hey this is like international woman week so yeah there's old ladies and you know they yeah so you run an all-women studio yes yes we're all women and I like to keep it that way but yeah that's the studio and if you want to see what we do you can hit us up on any of the social media of course if you go on their behinds page you can see link to all the other social media but Easton Graham Twitter Facebook is all pretty my soul yeah usually I write the tweets with my Italian English and then Maria or Maggie will reply he's here in the chat oh yeah there are some awesome ladies so just to show you a little bit of what we do in our everyday life this is like actually project that I self-initiated and I really want to talk about you know keeping your passion they're always making sure that you always kind of follow up on what you do I'm actually dyslexic that's you know what I'm so hearty probably a different approach and what I did here I was actually studying my dyslexia and researching in my dyslexia and I actually came across some principle for perception one of them is proximity which explains you how shapes put together allow you to perceive letters so you can see in this typeface you just got different shapes but you can read them as letter so that was part of my studies hand here we go my graffiti background is still there so I won't be able to do like big walls but I try to find legal spots where you can still kind of use the world to create art and I create it I just use it as you know sketches and that was my sketch up there creating that's where the typeface came to life so you know that's big advice piece of advice that I would give to everyone no matter out you know diverse or out of the box your background is make sure that you follow your passion like as long as you're linked to connect it with your passion you'll be able to double up your project and that's that's what happened there and I also like transformed into an installation as well but moving forward to our like bread and butter every day is pretty much brand identity which is the topic that we're going to introduce today that's what we do so we work with a lot of small medium business artists and we help to bring their vision into life into into a visual identity you know like a funny story with my with my clients I see such a huge difference when you're gonna start to work with with clients you'll actually be able to see you know I'm just talking like when I when I started I had a few clients that came with their spreadsheets and they were running around trying to pull them pants up and you know there was so worried and concerned and you can tell that they were actually putting their life into their business but there were not they didn't feel refined they didn't feel professional so when they come and ask our help to develop a brand that would represent it about like four months down the line when everything is done when you know put a sign up and they got their logo and they've got their t-shirt with their new branding on they walk different so their shoulders are back their chin is up they're like super proud of who they are and and and the reason and they feel represented in a very professional way so they actually feel that all the artwork that they've put into their business is actually recognized and is refined so I think that's that's that's very rewarding as a nurse because you actually feel that you're empowering people to feel good about what they do and feel represented and and even if there are startups or small businesses they feel like they can compete in the market so I think that that what that's probably one of the reason why I started free my soul because I wanted to make professional graphic design available to everyone no only to big brands because I think there are so many small businesses they're actually you know deserve to be promoted and to communicate in a professional way talking about brands also like I want to make sure that you know you guys are aware the one we're gonna show a lot of stationery a lot of prints but you know nowadays is a lot about digital so I found a lot you know you need to be aware that your branding is gonna go everywhere so in this case we actually have to put it like on a hairdryer or you know no brush but also iPads and mobile so that's something to you know to bear in mind when you build a brand make sure that you remember that it can be shrinked it can be enlarged it can be used in a digital way or maybe like on a header on a website so you always need to bear in mind to keep different different elements into it so you can you know or also like on garments so it needs to be flexible and it needs to be ready to be used everywhere because you don't want like printers or other companies to tweak the logo because you will learn from experience that you gotta be ready we do have to say we were corrected it's women's history I mean International Women's Month oh we should just say it's all the time it was a day it's a week it's a month yes ladies right now for sure yes like we are all ladies on the chat I mean on the live streams so stay tuned the rest of the day we have two more streams it's all women all creative women and branding identity and graphic design so there's plenty more to stay tuned for and also for those of you that are just joining make sure that you tune in to the Photoshop daily challenge so we have a new challenge this week and Kathleen was just live right before us and she designed a game night flyer and that's your challenge for you wow I really look forward to see them yeah so everyone has the opportunity if you go on the challenge tab right above the chat here on be hands live you'll see all the information and we'll be looking at your challenge submissions so exciting I really look forward to see you guys starters meet your work because I really want ya I come up with that that's so pretty I'll be Thalia but I'm selling British turn away now we also have the chat and win so stay in the chat because in about 14 minutes 15 minutes we're going to have a little chat and win all you have to do is say anything in the chat and you'll be randomly selected and one of you will win for a 100 I was gonna say 14 you keep looking at the camera 100 stickers from sticker mule I was actually one of the winner here oh really yeah I think when necessary Mears was doing his life I was like where are you from Italy so yeah do write a lot of time there's a good show you have a real life winner here yeah anyone can win just stay active and I'm strip girl meal is skipping us this prize away and you can make your own custom stickers you got a hundred of them oh wow yeah it's really cool I'm still I'm think mine would be the Liebherr next week I really wish I died here but I'll probably like posted on them behind so they would like a little project so you guys can see what I came up for yeah yeah I was so exciting so it's a great opportunity just stay in the chat keep watching us oh yeah keep saying hello hi Joe go say hi to Annie sighs well nice to see her there yes Anissa was the one that said I think she was on it said it's woman's now okay I just see my hike lighting before us I'm like hi Melissa hi Ana Rosa Carrie kita huafei push Chris Dola it's good to see everyone here I think I'm seeing your chats if I don't have time to answer you it's just because we're too excited about what we're doing I'm glad you thought looks a lot behind you tell you later but keep asking questions are seeing where you're from and hopefully we'll be able to answer as soon as we can amazing Sedonas more if you've just been joining cloudy's been showing us her portfolio and the stuff she's been working on and she gave us a really cool history of her beginnings as a designer so you can watch the replay to see her yeah my adventure Judis routes to design my adventure actually my first email address when I was here in the US was misadventure makandal I yes that said the path for what my future was gonna be so just kind of bringing it back on the branding which is the topic that we're gonna look at again like we do work with a lot of restaurants so just bear in mind the experience that the brand you know how you're the brand that you design is gonna be experienced like in this case with build some menu this is a Turkish restaurant and I went down to find like logos that they used to be drawn into the Anatolian Turkish area so that the pattern then you actually see there it was from like a rug and I'm just gonna lift it from there redesigned it and then I want to engrave it in the back of the menu so just give it a light tactile feeling yourself so you know you is a way of making memorable make a unique mmm Antonio says hi cloudy I'm Italian too and I just moved to Liverpool oh hello we need to get something John Daniel no because I'll be back in the UK very soon I still not got a return ticket though my open ticket yeah there's another project yet again sticking on your you know on your self initiative project if you know that's something that I advise if you want to do something you better start doing it because otherwise if you keep doing stuff that you don't want to do your clients are gonna call you for the stuff that they see and if it's not what you want to do you know too bad and that's fine yeah that's why you really need to keep going finding a time I know that it's super hard is super orderly the progeny you need super hard keeping with deadlines but you got to find the time and that was me finding the time to come out as an illustrator which is now bringing me work in illustration as well so that that's my book there is currently it sold out at the moment on the website but I've actually applied to their creative residency so finger cross and I actually hope hope to be able to probably were gonna go like I'll show you maybe tomorrow my Mike my residency project my residency peach because I've actually printed it out and we can have a look at it if you're interested if you want some tips maybe or to approach that because applied to the creative residency program let us know yeah that'll be cool so let's just moving on on the brand again this is my brand this is my logo or I really like to keep things simple and I really like to use shapes and colors in order to communicate because I really believe in the fact that your customer and the audience will have to project themselves into into the design so I just like to give hints and that's a concept that I would like to you know to stress out so I don't know if you can actually see probably that's behind you so this is like a transposition of my great painting I think so which is this one Magritte was a surrealist and that's his painting this original painting which he says that this is not a pipe but is that a pipe so that's like a little bit of transposition with the logo we got the Nike swoosh but then this is not a brand yeah the logo is not a brand the logo is the representation of the brand and the way that you actually identify what a brand is and you transform into graphic the first step is actually the mood boards and that's what going to be doing today so we're just gonna jump in InDesign in in us in a moment and create some mood words the mood words are actually the moment in which you collect after you collect all the information from your clients and you start to get all the real core values on the brand that's when you start to translate it into visuals to make sure also that you they are the same reference with the client because you know in real life it did happen to me a client told me that they wanted something very elegant and for me elegance you know maybe my background is from Italy so it was like fashion or money something very clean but for Dan Madigan was like fur and details so mood boards really really helped to make sure that you got a visual reference and they will guide the the your branding process and your strategy making sure that you actually very coherent all the way through well so that's that's a little bit of what we're gonna be doing today we're just gonna learn how to create mood boards in InDesign okay we're gonna be using overall in this couple hours in design and then we're gonna have a look at a mobile app which is capture because I'll I strongly advise people to do research and to find images even outside they attack the computer environment but that doesn't mean that you don't have to be creative and that's you know that's what happen with apps like capture you can be creative anywhere because you just have your phone everyone's got a mobile with them all the time so you just use it yeah we will will capture is amazing it's just a very very exciting hop is actually addictive design logo cuz it's not real yeah what is what is not real that's it's not it's a different font oh yeah oh yeah so everybody watch out yes which are looking for you know brand assets and icons sometimes the difference is like you can hardly see but once you see the real one you'll see what I'm talking about yes we love a look at that a second actually let's jump it in design straight away anything that's so let me say hi to a few more people hi Dario from Macedonia Jessica jessica says mood boards are so funny reminds me of collages as a teenager oh yeah that's that's like that that's probably a first approach that I suggest like if you're in uni that's a mate that's when you got the time to experiment so I tear up newspaper or maybe photocopy but again I use I'm just gonna show you capture in a second you're gonna be amazed like it's a blast is a blast to use you can get color palette actually you don't have to ruin your pretty books because I collect I like a light design books and I'm always like oh my gosh I really want to grab the color or the font so how do you reference that you will have to like take a picture or tear a page and scanner now would capture you can get the font the color palette straightaway and in your library and in the design world I'm gonna show you I'm I'm so excited about capture is like a really really cool app nice so just to give you like a little bit of a preview or what we're gonna be doing today I'm just spend days away for a second okay so a lot of people are commenting on the icon and the only reason I know that it was wrong is because Adobe uses a typeface for all of our branding called Adobe clean and it's a proprietary typeface that it's just our corporate brand that no one else can use so I'm inundated with that all of our corporate presentations are in that font we use it for all of our websites brand okay you're a font expert and I am a font expert so and I know the guy who designed it so oh wow I was designed by Robert slim buck who's one of our type designers that's been in Adobe for many many years and he's designed some of the most famous Adobe fonts amazing so that we learned something about bonds yeah that's why I recognized it so good to see everyone who is joining anna says capture is an amazing tool it is I'm so glad I'll share my opinion yes so I just want to give an overview so that everyone who's here knows what's gonna happen in the next few days so we're all we're all we're doing everything that's related to branding yes so you know my goal for this for this segment that we're gonna do together here it's just to give you an idea on how to create a brand from scratch to finish today we're gonna be focusing on mood boards again the first step on translating the concept and the words that the client tells you into visual and make sure that you're on the same page with the client so that's gonna be today selecting palates and selecting funds tomorrow we're gonna approach another project which is really fun also by the way I'm just showing you real projects so those are like my clients project yeah so you're gonna you know I just thought it would be really cool to give you some real-life experience which is you know they were okay with showing yeah if they're actually very excited probably we're gonna see someone joining the child as well like I don't today we're gonna be talking about a yoni which is a international singer and songwriter and she told me that probably she's gonna come up if she's she fine time cuz she tours at the moment she's touring with a trailer life which is the official Michael Jackson musical she's the lead singer yeah it's really amazing she's amazing she's coming out with new album we'll have a look we love a look in a second so yeah so that was in the first day second day and the third day we're actually gonna be talking about deliverables and mock-ups so how to present to the client and actually one we're gonna be during the third day I'm probably gonna make available some templates for you guys so you're actually gonna be able to use a luckily the template that we use in InDesign to present to your client so once your logo is ready you're gonna be able to have these nice platform in which you can send the file and it's all nice clean and organized it's got the final color palette the font so it's actually very useful for the client that's our client will love you for that I'm very happy to share it on my behalf so you guys can download it but for now we're gonna start to build these mood boards I'm just gonna give you like a quick overlook or what the final product is gonna be like that just got real quick cool so that's that's we're gonna build building today oh nothing yawning that's her oh nice oh three minutes till chat and win so stay in the chat everyone and you'll have a chance to win a hundred stickers from sticker meal type fast and type of love because that was my night yeah you don't want to start typing but yeah say hi to left right so should we start setting up a new document in InDesign so ready for my InDesign open I hope you guys do too I usually just golf because we're already in InDesign I would just usually go with common and to bring up that new document windows as you can see here there are different tabs I'm most of the time I work with print designs so also print design resolution is 300 dpi which is much you know it's got a per inch much more refined that than web so images are bigger and better qualities and is usually much easier to translate the print design into web design rather than vice versa so I for safety because I do print a lot and sometimes I do bring my printer presentation to the client as well I do start with prints so just I'm gonna I'm just gonna show you again my process and I'm just gonna hit print and build presets and a-three is usually good size to have enough space to drive to write notes so make sure you name your file up here I'm just gonna be like Ione is the name of the client that we're gonna work work on today so hi everyone hi Louisa Heidi i amber I'm amber the templates aren't here yet so she'll be sharing them on the third yeah on the third Thursday yes if you want this mood board template that we're gonna create today like if you don't have time to follow the entire stream today you know just feel free to say it on the chart and I'll I'll be able to share that as well I've got a print designer there as well Millie amazing yeah so if you're a print designer you know like all obsessed gets with all the presets and when you when you when you open a new document so again we named our files something that print designers do is a lot worried about the bleed and if you don't know what a bleed is the bleed is of margin that goes outside your page margin so it's actually outside of your page and what it does is if you have a what I call full bleed images which are images that go from one edge to the other edge of the page allows you to stretch three millimeter that's what is usually used pretty much as a standard for for print it allows you to stretch three millimeters out of the page what that does allows the printer to makes mistake and if the pretty whenever the guillotine get trims the actual page you still gonna have your picture hand you're not gonna have the white page on it you're not gonna have a white border so I strongly recommend whenever you're working with print to use that lead interrupt you we've got the chat ready so everyone start chatting tell us where you're from and you have a chance to win stickers so let's go chat bill wins hey let's see let's see Wendy's from Canada Brian's from Chicago Toronto Denver Colorado so like it India we have a couple people from India Paul Anthony I like Morocco lemare hi Dario Claire stickers Christina my niece is here the chat still good to see everyone that's still here and although yeah looks good about Mexico that's amazing India again Turkey a sad signing Kansas City yeah tell us where you're from anyone for B&E no I haven't seen a lot of Italy where are the Italian Clare's from the UK okay so a winner will be randomly selected oh there we go it's oh that's not the right way we're waiting for the machine to work we go the humpstor like find the right one Paul saw my type of Cooper singer okay that's Christina congratulation Christina I also mentioned your name earlier so Christina tell us what kind of stickers you're gonna make I'm very interested to know yeah and thanks everyone for participating congratulation Christina yeah yeah that'd be amazing to know what you're doing with the stickers I've actually done one of my plans I think I saw something on your laptop oh there isn't they're not here yet it's unfortunate really wish I could have said of which one the cloudy one this one I pointing to oh the little one oh that story I was hidden is a little a little plant so that actually is a sticker that I used to seal my book so when I see my book I with everything again branded is all about consistencies or about repetition is all about showing the same thing over and over again so the point of contact with customer are always coherent so when people are gonna see the package come in and there is already a speaker with the plan now gonna be super excited and they're gonna open a stir because that's my plan book you know they're gonna know how much they sell makeup for and it's just yeah and then you're like bogie and M box and a box or sometimes you go like I was actually looking at one of my mom cream and he was so heavy and then I use it for two weeks and he finished I said it was like that much of a cream from the bottom because my wife is was born in Naples Oh JA let's say ciao to her Michaels is beautiful it's one of the most beautiful places neatly well each of these so diverse yeah anyway pose is definitely one of the place worth visiting in design so we bleed yes sir I said I won't bleed oh we go where did it go so I usually set my bleed at three millimeters make sure that you got this little link icon set so it allows you to make the setting all the same top bottom left and right margin and speaking about margin I usually go when we are working on it a3 I usually put like a 20 millimeter margin again die just that gives you a little bit of an edge so you can write notes if you print it down when during the meeting so I suggest to give a little bit of a breathing space around and we can hit create now if you make any mistake when you create your document setup don't worry about it because like for example I usually work on landscape if you've seen a little preview before we need to work on a landscape and also let's see what happens if we go and our pages over here well Daniel likes your nails oh thank you so much so black and white here and sorry about memoir a effect of my shirt I'm trying not to move I think it looks really cool like a really optical effect so yeah going back to the pages if we try to duplicate a page can you see what happens here on the on the actual panel we're gonna have facing pages and we don't want that so in order to edit this we're just gonna use a shortcut of out common P now we go back on our document setup so we can totally save without closing our middle and P yes or I'll control P if you are on a PC yes so in this case we're gonna uncheck facing pages which is this little checkbox that you'll find over here and you you're gonna see if we hit preview there we go we got one pages so it doesn't you know you will use it only if you create in a book so you'll have one page next to the other we don't need that now we just need single pages and also to change it into the landscape you see orientation here so at the moment is portray all you have to do is simply hit landscape and magic it turns your document and all you do is just press ok and that's done so all your setting again if you forgot to put a bleed if you forgot to put a margin that's something that you can do by jumping back on your on your document setup so again I I'm gonna share my experience which is being a freelance and running a studio the way that I start my mood boards is always having a cover again branding I want to make sure that every document that comes out from my laptop and goes to a client or to marketing director it's got my name on it and my name is my brand at the moment in InDesign so it's gonna be pre my soul so I'm just gonna jump on a cover they're already created which is on a separate file but I advise you guys to do the same to have like a standard cover so everything is consistent I created that on an InDesign file as you can see it's got a vector image of my logo and my website over here so what would you do you just save this image and then FS as a standard to use of course if you create mud-born a3 like i do you want to create an a3 one so we can use it and in order to import it on the document I would just push the common d press the common common key and the D key at the same time and will have a place window coming up so let's go to our folder cover and we go we go cover a3 this is our front cover well actually let me let me do something here so I'm just gonna come and see and erase what I've done if you can see there are lots of men the the beginning the origin of the bleed here the red line if you actually match your arrow into the very top left and you click the image is gonna be aligned straight away so you don't have to waste time yeah nice little really cool so you don't have to waste time aligning and playing around and look what up in here I'm actually put that on page two we don't want that there we go we're just gonna drag from the page panel and if you see what I've done here you see the little line there so you can actually draw click and drag the page and put it before anyone goes back on the first page awesome so just to keep him brand as well something that I like doing is to keep my little logo there on the page so making sure that each page is marked with my logo and what I will do there I'm just gonna copy from here and the image so this is the little logo that I created on illustrator and what we're gonna do we're gonna go on our document so I'm just gonna copy from here the elements we're gonna go on our yawning wood board new document and we're gonna hit the master page this one here on the left if you double-click on the master you're gonna have a new page showing up which is a page to a page in which you can put styles that then you can apply to any of your pages so even if you have like page numbers this is the place where you are just gonna put your reference and that will be repeated on each page in which the master is applied so a cool trick is to in this case I'm just gonna place into pasted it into place shift out comment and v/o didn't that was one page that actually didn't happen right we can do it manually I'm just gonna drag it on top of the margin over here so as you can see probably let's zoom in a little bit easier in the margin if we go back on our pages you can see that the logo is there and if we start and if we copy new pages it's gonna be there on every single new page that we're gonna create the logo is there but that's a little trick that I'm gonna give you if you're gonna put any image on top of your let's have a look let's just go and our model board just grab an image and drag it into our file if we place it if you see like if we zoom in it's actually gonna cover the logo and I don't want that because I want my logo always to be on top of everything so what I'm gonna do I'm just gonna go back on my master and I'm gonna select my logo and come and see it copy it and then I'm gonna go on my layers I'm gonna create a new layer and call him master it will automatically go on top of the other layer but if for whatever whatever reason doesn't make sure you put this as the first layer on top of everyone else and I'm just gonna call them master and press ok so then I'm gonna again with my item I'm gonna copy it and delete it and then make sure that I'm on the master layer and I'm gonna paste it into place again with the shortcut shift out common V and if you can see like a Jane you change color now is Brad because we are on the red master if you go back on the pages let's see well it was the image and now we put this image on top as magic here we go we have the image under the logo so now your logo is gonna stay on top of everything else I think that's a really cool tip to use master and to make sure that elements are always aligned on top of other of other images when you're using your logo do you ever need to use it in black and because you have colors in it yeah I do like a black-and-white version we're gonna see probably on day two or maybe in day through even we're gonna have a finalized logo we're gonna we're gonna design in different different options for the clients so again as I was saying before not only in terms of size but thank you for bringing it out that's actually like a very very important thing to remember we have to actually remember that for example for the t-shirt we can have a black t-shirt or a white t-shirt and we need to make sure that there is enough contrast so the logo is visible so we're definitely gonna do it our we're gonna once the logo is finished I always start designing in black and white and then do color version and then when the client approves it I'm just gonna give him as much option as possible remember the more you design in advance the less chance that someone else is gonna put a handle your logo so yeah just think you had all the option and what Ari mentioned like having a black black version as well it's something that is really important to keep in mind we're gonna select and delete this image at the moment because we don't need it straight away so here we are we got how we're front cover without a little logo and we got some some pages already with our logo standing there so assuming that we have already done a beautiful research and found a lot of images what I usually put in here is that core value of the client now just a save time here I've prepared that already and also this is also very personal to the client in this case for the brand that we're gonna look at it today switch it again is a international singer and songwriter after talking with her and asking a question about a vision well you know the waiter she wants to be displayed but also the kind of target and the audience that she's speaking with and she wants to speak weight and she want to approach those were the core value so those are the words the concept that we're going to translate into image the reason why I have them there and I'm gonna have it on my mood board is because it's always very important to keep in mind in order to be coherent and also and that's real-life trip he doesn't apply to this client but it did happen sometimes client forget what they say to you and sometimes they're not even you know they don't even mean it they're just not sure they're just you know they're busy making the business happen so is in your interest to write that because you know it makes eating I keeps in their mind as well that consistency because I had a client in the past saying like oh I didn't want a Class A and you know they actually that's what they asked so keeping that in the presentation kind of make sure that we have a base a solid base and it also like helps you again during the meetings when you present so I'm just gonna copy that and paste it into our again I use shortcuts a lot so even if you don't sit up in at the moment I'm just using shift out common V to paste it into place there's a question from inaros a– do you always use web images I'm afraid to do that because I don't know what is copyrighted and rather not take the risk so my personal opinion and that is that those are internal documents so mood board is reference I use image for the web we're gonna use image from Adobe stock which it comes with a watermark but again in the old purpose here used to create a general look and feel to ever got to have a visual guide of that kind of style that we're going for to have any constant inspiration that we are anchored to so it doesn't really matter yeah I will worry about using web images if you're publishing your work or if you're using it you know into your clients work then yeah definitely you gotta have to license it or you can buy it on a double sock and license it through through the Adobe stock library but otherwise if it's only for a private meeting is only as a is only a reference you know sometimes I even ask client to bring items something like personal even for you know someone like I only for the singer I wanted to see your stage costume you know and and it's just something that talks about the vision talks about the kind of work again he's old reference so at the moment you're you know you don't need to license it I mean I hope that you can correct him correct me if I'm wrong on that but in my experience I've always been able to use web images on mood boards this is like a prepping stage is not the real work it's not it's not going to be the logo if you're actually gonna use elements of the image exactly the same then yes I lost more information and definite license but for mood board purposes just go and research and again like using capture actually we can jump and capture real quick maybe like a a good time to show to have an idea because we'd capture you can actually avoid the internet research and you can actually see in real life yeah so let's see so I'll take this time to mention our challenge review so those of you who were here earlier on the stream saw Kathleen she was introducing today's Photoshop daily challenge and it was to create a game night invitation and it was really cool it was like a VR game night for those of you that didn't see it you can watch the replay and we are accepting your submissions we're going to be reviewing them and giving you our feedback so you can have cloudy look at your design all you have to do is submit it in the next 40 ish minutes and the instructions are in the challenge tab right above the chat here on V hands I really look forward to see your design I'm so exciting if I actually find it so inspiring even when I teach in college or like I I find it so inspiring to see what people experiment on because I I think that's you know that's your time to create something new I do follow a lot of dislike myself and probably Photoshop is one of the app that I use less and I was I was watching the other Photoshop week I think it was last month and I learned so much and actually you know one of my project that I've done which I submitted during alaya it actually got me like some kind works and he was just brand new experimentation it forces you to do something you wouldn't normally do and most of the challenges are really simple once you know what the steps are and Kathleen takes you through all the steps so it's a great way to get your skills up to par okay so now we have your mobile yes going so let's have a look so yeah we're gonna use capture again in a little bit but because of the question came up I thought it was relevant to jump into it and the moment of course I'm just gonna be using and what would I have in front of me which is my laptop at a moment so we're just gonna use the same image but this is all meant for you to be creative anywhere so again that's actually on my I'm a folder it's cold so oh my god are like create creativity anywhere because yeah like I travel a lot and I'm on my train and you know I I'm always around and my mobile is you know it's the easiest thing to use and I think that is amazing to be able to access that creative you know application when you're on the go I think is like very very important and also one thing that we're gonna see is that what you're gonna capture here cuz again yeah you can use your phone and take an image and have it on your photos but then you have to share it email it tweak here and then again use it in the mood board it takes used to take ages nowaday would capture you're gonna have your asset straight into the library which is really really amazing so let's go to enter the Adobe capture up which I believe is free if you have a an Adobe account it's a free app yeah so it again it's totally addictive and it's a blast to use easy you can see we have different way to use it oh I think I go like you can see my that's cool yeah so yeah we can you know you can use it to capture materials which is not what we're interested we're gonna do type in a little bit which is again super amazing to shapes which allows you to capture vector so we go that's not a sticker for my friends Deena Jones it's a really really amazing illustrator based in Manchester so you'll be able to actually capture this image and the outline that you see canvas training in design as a vector this is this is really amazing I'm not do do we have time to do a little demo the vector as well what do you think it's up to you so we have about an hour left yes let's have a look at this thing that is so awesome what do you can do that it's definitely worth having a look there are skinny feeds free yes capture is free go on your App Store or I guess Google Play on Android Adobe capture so it's materials for 3d design type for capturing and finding similar fonts shapes for what she's doing right now then we've got color colors patterns brushes you can make your own brushes so you get a life paulette making whatever you pointed at same idea industry and you see a billboard or maybe like an outfit do you see someone and their outfit is so amazing so you just want to capture the color excuse me and they think you're taking a picture of them and they're posing you're like no I just want the colors yeah I'm not even gonna show you a face he's really amazing can you see like the way that the app actually captures all the colors here is so cool and then again you can create patterns which is so so nifty inside these and these are just my keyboard yeah I'm seeing the middle just my keyboard it looks amazing yeah yes yes ooh yes Maria yeah we're multilingual here yes Spanish Italian how many languages do you speak for Wow I'm gonna go like I was really really wanted to integrate Arabic but then my my hard drive here is just like it's full no more space I wish I could have my CC libraries in my brain probably in the future there's gonna be the future from the up from the up environments into the bodies so let's have a look at these shapes cuz this is really amazing I think you guys need to it's hard because it's like a mirror I know he's reflective let's say say if you if you hold it right above and don't angle your phone maybe so this sticker were using is the reflective material so he's giving it a lot of them it's like changing a lot well we can use that I'd and as long as you get a bit of the outline or maybe we can move I'm going to D much easier that's probably easier so got the Adobe logo on my laptop so I'm gonna do I'm just gonna point I'm puttin oh I'm just gonna point my phone onto it and I'm just gonna press the the wrong bottom to take a picture of it there we go so once we take a picture we can actually refine it afterwards we got here on the left this is the eraser so once we click the eraser you can actually like erase all the part just by saying make it bigger yeah so we're just gonna erase the part oh we don't need we can have a bigger eraser so we're just gonna move faster look how easy it is and also cropped so it's faster if you yeah so I'm here I'm here you got the crop so you can just end any count rotators so I just kind of perfect we're ready to design don't use it for logos ya buddy in general for patterns that you like and all you gotta do is to save it yeah witness a thumbs up magically in your apps in your CC libraries yeah cool so if we went out if we just open an illustrator real quick well first of all I think we can oops let's see what happened on Murray says it is the best thing it is awesome really uses it for color mixes yeah that's so exciting it's exciting to find palette we're gonna use it for our mood boards as well so if we're gonna go on our CC libraries it should be on our honey here we go so it's already there so you can actually place it in your mood board or you can open it on in design I'm just gonna open document real quick just to show you David says I'm gonna lose so much time on that he's addictive downloading it right yeah you should all I use it all the time I did a workshop for hand lettering so I just did I used my brush pen and I did the whole alphabet then I used capture to capture each letter and then put it in InDesign and took down the opacity so someone else when you printed trace it that's an it was exactly what I had done because I sized it so that it when you print it out it's the same width as the pen amazed so it was so helpful for me what's so you sure you just take pictures and yes you don't have to like store it anywhere to your life and all you do is literally like drag it into your InDesign and you got a vector here that's so look at that so that's actually a vector if we go with a common Y to the skeleton of the image you get a wire and those are old dots of course it needs a little bit cleanup we've just done a really really quick example for you guys to see how it works we're gonna close that for now distressed Adobe look yeah very distress and again if you don't need that anymore you can just press ctrl or right click and then you can just delete it from your library and that's gone so going back to the question and I remember who asked the question regarding taking picture of mood boards again well you can do it just taking picture we'd capture and then they will just go on your library so that's that's very very useful so we're gonna go back into the app in a second cuz we're gonna use the type so let's go back on our mood board here alright so for those of you that didn't see the whole stream you can always watch the replay but we're talking about creating a mood board for a client yes your first point of contact when you're establishing what they yeah translating all this corporate objective and visual the division of your clients their their soul that's one business is called free myself but away it's all about capturing the soul and marking it in a visual in a in a visual way so this is the very starting point in which you start from this concept from these words and we're gonna translate it into images I usually split my mood boards in main different topics and that's how just for Good Housekeeping keep my folders in my mood board so here we go you can see here like you're so organized that would be don't like OCD final final two three no we don't like final one two three I usually actually that's probably like an advisor question that I get a lot from students how to avoid final one final two so I usually use dates and otherwise if he's within the same day I delete the old one and I jump on the new one so that's you know and or I create a different folder called work in progress with the date and then when you have a new final I just have a final with the date instead of one two three because that can be very confusing and it gives a good reference with clients as well because very mind like clients if you're not organized clients are not gonna be organized for you that's why I strongly promote starting to be OCD like you've asked if that capture image will get pixelated no because it's a vector so you you can size it any way you want it will scale that's the magic of it so amazing so yeah we're gonna we're gonna have different mood boards based on this theme a look and feel is usually the general feeling because remember like a brand the reason why I use the image of the Nikes wash before you can see it on the if you watch the stream for the beginning you'll be able to go back and see it the logger is not the brand the brand is the feeling that the customer have is that the audience have and the logo has to represent them feeling so that's why I start with a look in film wood boards because we're gonna research and we're gonna use images they give you that feeling you know that nowadays we're so bombarded by so many images and adverts that people are not bothered about reading they want to look at something and needs to evoke a sensation and a lot of perches are also made by instinct so you wanna make sure that you got that you triggered that emotions right by keeping things simple and making sure that you got the right feeling on your mood board and that's why the first images that we're gonna we're gonna select a lot about look and feel and again for these clients the main objective would be like to be vibrant because she's a singer or audience is young so she shouldn't you know portray all her energy and her bright energy but also timeless and classy because she's and also sharp she's a professional singer she's got a beautiful voice I wish we could play some music but I definitely put a link on her on her SoundCloud on my be hands page and she comes from gospel so her voice is so clean and sure I'm the UK yeah she's from Manchester she's she's she's she's from Manchester I think she live in London in LA at some point but she's yeah she's definitely from Manchester she's in Manchester at the moment of course she travels a lot she tours a lot around the world but yeah so she come from gospel she's got these beautiful sharp voice and we really want to make sure that we communicate that and we're gonna achieve that through the use of shapes and through use of font of course so we're gonna have to find a font then its classic that is clean that is also dramatic so something may be bold some a big nice display font we're gonna look at that towards the end of the of this dream today so let's go and start our mood boards so once we have our folder with all our look and feel shape a bit of typography images which you know again you can get that um capture you can get on your phone you can find it from the internet how do we bring those into our mood boards what I do use I use the frame tool which is this little rectangle with a X in the middle and you can also bring it up by simply typing key F D F key so what happened you can see the curse is now transformed into a cross I like to do the mood boards in the entire page so what I'm gonna do I'm just gonna go at the origin on my page and what I'll do I'll click and drag down to the page now for you remember the other one we had more than one picture in per page so I'm still I'm still holding on my trackpad so as you can see it's still active there and this is super cool trick if you use your arrows left and right you're gonna be able to split the frame into column which are already sitting in the page and if you use the top and bottom arrow you'll be able to split in multiple columns so cool okay so you keep your finger on the trackpad and then you use your arrow keys yes it's like you're playing an instrument yes so I'm still I'm still holding this you can see I'm still holding and you can still resize and look at the magic they're still gonna be featured within the main frame space now I'm still holding him because there is a further trick the further trick is to use comment and arrows again and remember left and right control death : and top and bottom control the rows what we're gonna do now if you old comment while you press your arrow you'll be able to change the space between the columns so if you want some margin between your image you're just gonna press comment and then is the arrow key to make a larger space or if you like to have your images seamlessly connected you just press it until you see that the line goes into one and it becomes black I'm gonna do the same for our column rows okay so command with left or right or command with top and bottom you're changing the margin when you're done with this you're just gonna like um drop the drop the track the trackpad or the mouse arm using truck but here and you're gonna have your mood board frames ready to go now I'm working on preview mode to ask and to actually see the page and all the frame the margin and the bleed all you gotta do is to hit the W key and here we go you can actually see the frame nicely done here so again there is no limit on the number of frames of course the more friends you're gonna put in a page the smaller the images I usually go with a 3×3 because I think is good enough to to show the images and to grab enough elements of the picture but that's that totally depends on the sort of topic that you're working so feel free to go with whatever works for you now what I usually do because I like to use the same per each page I'm just gonna copy and paste it into the next page as well probably in the next one as well so we're gonna have over and over again the same structure everyone loves your tip Eric is enlightened is awesome tip helmet great trick oh I'm glad I'm glad my last strong skill I just use it when I go to print yeah you can do a lot of cool things with InDesign so and I've seen a lot of people doing mood boards in illustrator and Photoshop which is super cool but again I'm a print designer so I'm just here to show you my practice so it's nice to learn new things as well so that's I think it's a really really cool cool trick and there's more coming so what I would do just to keep in mind again branding is all about portraying values so the values are the core of what we're doing here and they have to guide the visual and these mood boards are the first step all translating these core values into images so what I do I usually delete the first frame and I'll write again just to save time I'm just gonna copy it from here I create a title and a list of the same value that you see up here this is simply like the core value day you see a vibrant classic and I'll keep pasting them on our mood board just to make sure that all the images represent the concept and trust me when you put some images there the contrast with the concept having the key core words there will help you to see if you're doing the right things or so just good to remind yourself and it gets herself into the mood as well why are you using InDesign instead of illustrator or Photoshop Alexander s so the beauty of the Creative Cloud is that depending on your skills and depending on your experience pretty much every app is flexible enough to contain different projects I my back my background is in print design and of course print design is and publishing in general relies heavily on InDesign that's the app to use for print mostly so that's where my experience brings me to it brings me straightaway to work in InDesign also this cool stuff with a frame you're not gonna be able to do it in other apps so if you wanna do these cool tricks you want to be in InDesign and also that was Alexander Alexander Alexander Alexander I'm sorry fear distorting your name so something cool is gonna happen here I'm just gonna press that W key so we go into the frame yet again there is a new feature of this InDesign 2019 which she relies on Adobe sensei which is the artificial intelligence beyond the Adobe products which is amazing and again is a new feature of InDesign and that that's probably another good reason to use InDesign to do mood boards because mood board is all about showing images and putting a collage of images together so what we're gonna do is select command D to place the images and we're doing look and feel first so let's go back in our mood boards import and look and feel and we'll select all the images in our folder and press open so now you'll see we got all the images loaded you got a little parentheses which tell you the knob tells you the number of images it looks like I got 21 images and if we go on our pages I'm not sure if we have enough pages probably yes but if you don't feel like you have enough pages all you got to do even if image loaded here you can also click on the page from the page panels and just duplicate it by going new page and it's still gonna keep the same format so yeah I'll just make some more just to make sure that when we go and place them we have enough weight we have enough images so what I'm gonna do with the image selected I'm gonna click into the frame into the center of the flame and as magic we got the image right there so I'm just gonna go ahead and place the all of those real quick and as you if you can see even if the images are bigger or a different size from the actual frame Adobe sensei with this new feature called content-aware is already finding the interesting oops look what up in here I'm actually made a mistake I made it out of frame if that happened to you don't worry just hit common set and it'll go back in the loader so you can go back and click it again okay so it's finding the most relevant part of the picture you having it in that frame we're gonna see in a minute how to activate that option because you can actually make it by default I do use InDesign with a lot of images so that says means so much time in the past I had to put an image in and then after hours because you can see like in here we got let's get this JLo they're all different yeah can you see can you see like this is this Brown yeah around frame over here that's where the image is so in the past Sybil I probably have you know something not relevant which is like your shoes we don't really want to look at that we were looking at her face and her hair that's what we needed it's the interesting bits so you know would have been large oh by the way that's something really cool that you can do with your track pad you can use as if it is a screen so if you actually pinch in and out look what happened you did actually zoom into the picture like a da that's so nice but anyway other reason say well we're doing a lot with her legs yeah so Adobe sensei will automatically bring the content into the most interesting part let's see how can you can activate that to activate the content aware new to new feature of InDesign 2019 all you have to do is go to InDesign panel and then preferences I think that if you got a PC that's on the Edit menu don't quote me on that but that's maybe where you want to look for your preferences on your PC and then just hit general you can also do that by using the shortcut common K will bring your preferences panel up into your screen if you see the very bottom or general there is content aware fit if you tick it like I do they will make sure that that's happened by default every time that you place an image other business they will automatically find the most interesting part of the images and aligned into the center of your frame which is pretty amazing yes so that's why I gotta by default of course if you don't want it and if you want to you know feel free not to use it you just uncheck that and I'll take just when is relevant for you to use that feature so we have less than 20 minutes left to submit your Photoshop daily challenge for cloudy to see if you submit it after that timeline the next stream will review it so no worries if you don't have time that's fine gonna have all of that your own exploration and learning so we're not gonna say you have to you can submit them now and later so you can have like a little bit you know if you if you even want some advises now you can send what you've got done so far and then we can give you some tips and then you can submit the final later on as well yeah why not game the system yes submit something for us to see we have we only have a couple things so far so I would love to see more and if you want more information just go on the challenge tab above the chat on behance and you'll see all the info and it's about creating an invitation to game night using Photoshop we also have a discord group for photoshop for the photoshop challenges so you can join that it's a great way to chat with other people and yeah so here's the link and it'll it'll be an invite so you can join and you can chat and work with other people in real time about photoshop so so excited I really look forward to see your work guys so send it over even if it's not finished I really want to see what you're up to and I'll be very happy to give you some submitting yeah good amazing right so let's let's keep going with this mood bird because I got a few tricks to show you and again feel free to ask question on the chart and I'm really hope that the tips that I give you so far you'll find useful for when you're gonna create these mood boards so probably what I'm gonna do for time saving I'm just gonna import the other so we've done that so far but also we got other mood boards in terms of light typography I'm just gonna paste this in and now we can do some more so I'm just using the shortcut shift out common to paste into place this is exactly what we've done before so I created a main frame using the rectangle frame tool and then by holding and holding the the frame and using the arrows I'm divided in into perfectly fitting rows and columns so we got exactly the same shapes and the same proportion within the frame that was actually really really cool right here now we want mahjongg I want to jump in to capture real quick if that's okay with you guys and use the type tool I think that okay so we'll go back on the phone yes let's see if we got our gonna shine perfect so I'm just gonna heat the type panel and I'm just gonna use my screen just for reference here but if you can see like let's zoom in a bit we got this phone here which is one of the font in our fight typography mood board page I'm gonna do what I'm just gonna take a picture of it with the type making sure that the type panel over here is selected and I'm just gonna take a picture of it as you can see Adobe captured straight away recognize what is text and that's exactly the text that I want if you have a more text on the page it's gonna give you like outline rectangle and you can just click on the one that you want in this case we've only got this one so we're just going you should only select one line of text so if you have a paragraph just make sure only one line is selected yes and then we can hit the tick and what it's doing is actually looking for font from the Adobe font they actually match the font in my mood board isn't that super amazing yeah let's see what happens sometimes I'm surprised by the results I'm interested on the phone okay let's see what's gonna happen oh yeah that's a pretty good result yeah okay so it's staying with imperial Imperials a huge family so it's not a lot of them again if you want to use any of these phones anything that any of those is actually relevant for you all you gotta do is like select one of them yeah and then save and what that does you just put it on your library so if you're gonna jump back into our InDesign real quick and would go on our Windows CC libraries the magic should have already happened yeah so it saves it as a character style yeah you can there use that's amazing isn't I think it's loading yeah I think it's taking a second but in there is there right here we go is there ready to use yeah so that that's a really really other cool way to use capture and very mind light now down on the screen because that's that's what I got available but you can actually do it from everywhere I could sign on the road or I've used it with signs on the road I'm like oh I really like that even if it's not a typeface maybe it's like a hand-painted thing and you want to see if there's any fonts that are similar you can just take a picture and sometimes the results you get will be strange but sometimes they actually work in a weird way or they're exactly the same and you're like yeah I'm actually done with this image which is bodoni and I'm research for bodoni because it's one of the most classic sorry like face and he actually recognizes a Bodoni straight away yeah that's an easy one because especially if you have like black type on a white background caPSURE finds it much easier to do so that's a good tip if you can possibly get your image to be black on white that'll be a little accurate also if you don't have your mobile or by whatever reason you don't know because some people have too much not enough space for a new app now there is still a cool way in which you can do the same thing using your laptop so what you do you just go on your internet browser and go on font so it's still available on the browser even though there isn't like an interface on here since we've redesigned the website since October there used to be when it was type get calm there was a visual search tab it's not as apparent on this site but you got a little calmer though so like yeah any image that you drag on to your browser window oh really yeah just like that oh take a screenshot drag it on to your browser window if you're on Adobe fazing and it will do that so let's have a look let's try with this so it might Apocrypha folder of images that are research something that i like to do is also have correlate brands so I like to imagine my client as if they were product so if my singer was a perfume what kind of perfume will she be and although that's kind of like thoughts that I have and you know I came out with something like maybe the or or again that's where the Versace logo was and what you do you just literally upload the logo on and what it does he analyzed again its asked if if that's the right text to analyze and you press next and what you can do here which is even super awesome so I can actually try the name of my client on straightaway so I'm just gonna write Ione and hit next step and there we go we actually like already have a pretty nice preview it came up with another fun no yeah we got we got many additional ones which is nice so and all you gotta do is activate these fonts which is gonna bring them up into your cloud 9 yang fun menu that's something that is worth mentioning as well so let's say for example that this font over here is something that I want to change because it is not big enough for my mood board there is not enough contra with the mood board that's another amazing new feature of Adobe of InDesign 2019 I found that super super useful is a new font selector probably we're gonna have like a deeper look into it tomorrow when we're gonna actually work with a typeface but he's got so much amazing stuff going on you can actually like you know if you're blind like I you can actually make the sample text bigger or you can actually filter by classification so if you want to survey for non-serif this is so cool I'm just gonna show you that in depth tomorrow I don't want to take too much time for the mood board so we can finish these up yeah Vlad had a question that I just want to address so he's like this makes it easier to rip off people's ideas not at all so when you're when you're using capture or you're using the font similarity tool you're finding fonts that look similar and can give you the same kind of aesthetic but it's not finding the same font necessarily and it's not finding something that will like mimic the shapes it's just finding something in the same genre or look that you can then using your own design yeah and that of course that needs to be put together with other elements that's not what you're gonna be using so again remember like you need to stay faithful to what your core elements are and if you end up just copy and pasting something else you know you're not sticking to your clients and to your brief so you know make sure that as much and I think there is a quote from Pablo Picasso that says that nothing is created so everything's like a remix of pre-created so it's all about the way that you remix your elements and create and you come up with something new so don't be afraid to use something similar nobody uses nobody invents like let me say you use this same kind of lettering that you see in the Versace logo it doesn't mean you're also gonna use the same kind of icon yeah you'll have your own icon you'll have your own colors so it's just kind of distilling something that you find somewhere else putting it into your own potion yeah and if you want to recall someone else's brand this is part of actually you know infusing that elements into it but it doesn't have to be the same just using different letters completely changes again those letters can be completely different from the other within the same font family so I'm just gonna move real quick here into the actual color palette because I think that's another very cool features so you can see I'm just moving a bit faster because of time but those are the sort of image collection that I like to have competition is a really good one exactly for these reason because you don't want to be your client to look like something that is already out there so I include competition in my mood board because as much as important to have a guide on what to do it's very important to have a guide on what not to do and using competitive competitor looks it's something you don't want to do for your clients because you want to create something very bespoke for them so bearing in mind and having a look at what is already out there I think is very important in order for you to differentiate and create something unique do you ever have a client see a competitor's thing and say oh actually I want it to look like that yeah actually the probably the worst thing that happened you having for example I work with a lot of restaurants and one client wants one the other coins have so that's what you really really have to push but I think that as long as you give them enough options and you always make sure that you come with some exciting new new thing first of all you'll learn I learned so much by just pushing these boundaries because I'm gonna be doing something different and at the same time the client is gonna be mind-blowing cuz because he's gonna think we're gonna step ahead what is just something different so I automatically moved into something different without saying that is not the same it's just similar but it's different so I'm learning something and a client is happy and everyone is happy there's all about strategy and the way that you push yourself and always think that that's the most important thing just keep pushing yourself and don't be afraid of you know of nose or rejections or of limitation I think that's that's one of the most successful achievement is to you know find a solution within constriction within limitations yeah so don't stop keep your passion keep keep your passion drives and that's why again I integrate graffiti and all that I know we don't have much time so I think one of the very important things to cover is the color palette and the reason why I want to do that is because in the past in order to do color palette what I will do is for example let's go back to the look and feel palette what I will do I will just grab the rectangle tool create a rectangle and then all the old key and duplicate my rectangle over and over again now let's go back into the normal view by hitting the W key and then what I will do is have the selection tool select the rectangle and then have the eye drop and then I drop it and then do that over and over again and that would take ages and that's just to see okay you have to select the rectangle again and then the eye drop and that's how you used to pick color in the past and it's not even very precise unless you zoom in there is a new way to do that which again really really game-changer so let's say I want to grab a color palette for that all I do is do a screenshot on a Marquis shift come on four I don't know how to do it on a PC so I'm sorry for that and I just select my mood web page and take a screenshot my screenshot goes on my desktop as you can see and now to do it just go on my browser and go on colored and use import images so that's super amazing I'm gonna select my screenshot here of my mood board page and press open and it creates creating like a points you can move the point and look how precise it is can you see like the center of the circle it just hit the pixel so you can go very very detailed in that and you can just move it around and all the different colors so it's completely up to you and when you save the color scheme oh not to sing in mom not setting over here let's see if I can do that real fast yeah so it'll give you a theme that and then finding your yes there's the reason why I wanna I would like sign in that happens is because I want to show you that that palette here we go if you hit the three dots over here that palette I'm just gonna name it Ione and put in my eye on e folder and save it look what happens over here he's gonna be available straight away in our ears so is there so he's within your eLearning yeah and what I do and again like I'll be very happy to make this palette template available for you guys if you if you if you would like to all I'm gonna do now we simply select my palette and then go into the color scheme and select the color though you just click yes exactly and then usually in the past have to go back and check the color and double click well here if is simply all around the color you see there is like a little info table in which it gives you the extra code and RGB codes that Nicholas says my mind has completely exploded yeah that's my mother isn't it like such a game-changer yes it's and you can do it like as many time you want I've just done one for the fall so those are basically all the mood board that we created and those are the color picked through Adobe color and there's straightaway in your library so you can go really easy and create these mood board with the color which is amazing and then you send that to your clients and your clients will be able to comment it we got two minutes can I squeeze in on other tips so it's two minutes until the challenge deadline so for those of you that still haven't submitted you have two minutes to submit your Photoshop daily challenge and if you don't submit it for us no worries the next people are going to review it Julia masala is up next and Whitney Anderson as well today so we have a lot more and then once we review the challenges we can go back and talk about this a little bit okay so yes we have a few more minutes with you right there and there is something there is something that I would like to show real quick now and it's very easily true like a minute so I was just saying I created four pallets because I then will send this file to my clients and usually I save everything on a PDF by using common E and exporting the file and once I receive at the back with my clients my clients leaves comments now you can get the comments in your InDesign so in the past I had to have two windows take notes probably gonna miss something all you got to do now is hit window menu and then you go on PDF comments and oh it's already there but exactly what I want yeah so basically at the moment that comments are there but there is a bottom here let's see if we can here we go import PDF comments so all you do is import so this is like the document that the client sent me with all the comments is a PDF all you do is import the comments and you get the comments there and if you eat W and you go out from preview mode you actually be able to see where the comments are so and you can tick them you can delete them so that's again mind blowing I think it was really worth and we're showing that because you don't have to take notes you know you're not gonna miss any comments and you can see them straight and you can head it em straight like for example if there is something that she doesn't like oh my gosh she didn't even like that Versace so what can I do I can just hit my mood board thank you rid of it so that's so useful I think that that I hope that all these tips guys you'll find it useful and they're gonna help you with creating your mood boards and you've got a general idea on how to translate or your client concept and core values into images ready to build a brand which is what gonna do tomorrow perfect so ten more seconds for those of you that haven't joined an earlier and didn't see the Photoshop daily challenge you can watch the replay you can also watch the replay of our stream here I'm Ari this is cloudy I've been here since about an hour and a half now and there's so much more today so just stay tuned on adobe life so the challenge deadline has come and the next thing we're gonna do is just review those game night invitations that we got from you and I'm just gonna keep refreshing so I know that I've gotten everything because sometimes I miss the ones that guy last minute yeah I'm a last minute to meet there myself I really hope the people we all understand the last minute submission okay I think I have everything so here's the gallery you're on woo box we have a few to look at and oh cool this is the first one from Brian whoa I love how it's loading it's beautiful okay game night all pets welcome humans tolerated my fate that's so exciting I really love the color for that I think it's done a great job of integrating that what is called the control yeah the control zone yeah but he's also not overpowering so you get all the color bring in the fun of it and you've got a little bit of think of a outside aglow yes it's an even idea of the screen but I'd really really love that you know the two birds behind the console so it just gives you the idea that there is like the reality comes in off from the game I find it really exciting and I love the contrast like I'm a very big fan of colors against black background so I'm particularly big fan of that your own body's work she has a lot of this her plant work is this kind of color palette against a black background so you're totally tugging at her absolutely I love this it's beautiful like the moody blue and the bright paint very very beautiful yeah so well done with that one Brian the next one here is from Felix oh that's really interesting so he's actually used it's actually mocked it up into annum innum find it's a very interesting take on answer I really like when you actually use your design within an environment they actually communicate what the design is so we clearly have an idea that that's an invite because it comes in an envelope I think that's a very very very clever use a bit what I'm saying yeah it's so much easier for someone to visualize receiving this when they see it on hand and an envelope yeah the only thing I would say is that it looks like your text is well know the title is left-leaning so it looks a little stretched maybe maybe you want to make sure that you're keeping everything in proportion and not stretching your type out and probably to give an advice because you got such a like I think that's a card texture behind which is really clever I will probably don't use outline on the text just because because it kind of competes with the background yes I'm here with the yes yeah takes away a little bit of territory well you use yellow which is a really nice contrast I would just leave the yellow and as you see on the red I think that there is no outline there it looks much more neater yeah so I would just keep everything with no outline if that's something that you are yeah but I think that's such an amazing take to go with the invites it looks super professional the way you mocked it up which is great and there was someone that asked the question as soon as we started the stream like I want to make my designs look more finished and polished that's a great way like mocking it up and the way you've seen with Claudia's presentation at the beginning she showed how she mocks up things for clients and shows them all the material we're gonna do on day three yeah day three if you're looking for how to get that polish yeah all right I love I'm a big Super Nintendo fan as you can tell I grew up with that music like thank you my yeah yeah that's really really cool I love the fact that you actually shaped it into one of the games and I feel remember like actually I never I just thought that I was so hold that I remember as a child and ya know I started like I used to dismantle computers when I was young so yeah that's really really cool I really like now in VR now in VR so cool we don't really love that that was Vadim let's see well done madam of pinky oh that's a really nice approach as well he's so nice to see such before so dragon yeah Oh Dungeons & Dragons yeah and we got a cool graphic there with a gradient coming through again you know I'm sold when I see black background and beautiful color it's like I love it okay you just imagine this printed yeah absolutely it was printed what I will actually do in a real invite I will put some a spot UV finish which is like a transparent raised layer on where the gradient is so you can actually get the touch in between where the colors is and not of course in the black strokes and he actually like you can touch the diamond and you can give it a shine so they'll look actually a really cool print yeah yeah really well done I like that you use this typeface here yeah just to keep it into theme yeah it's like kind of pixelated so nice to see all different name yeah everyone's very different I love that so from Sarah pac-man game I – for a night packed full of fun I love it so she went very old-school and this one isn't a packet on and the cherries I love all that pixelated design I think that you know just having something like that with the pixelation and Parkman font this she did you import it a little bit I don't know if she's in the chat but did you imported the pokémon fun so you redraw it cuz that's so beautiful you see like that kind of 3d because it gives a little bit of the also like the the red and the blue as well yeah well it looks the same probably just Allah logos I didn't realize that it was that layered look yeah cool very fun I totally want to go to this game yeah well done Sarah yeah I mean the mood for games now we have Nicholas VI every first Saturday 5 p.m. so well done I love to see so many different takes on it this is completely different and again like he's using something that is you know very near which is these new technologies with the goggles which is really scary or my few tried it before I'm scared i I've tried it once and I it was like you were walking down stairs and I was like I can't walk really really cool I love the way you used the tint of red and probably is like a monotone or a do it on there cuz you got the black black and the red nice and Contra nice texture yeah it's really really well I love that the texture is only on the background so it allows the image to comes out and I love that the fat they use the white font all over so it's consistent it doesn't distract you got the background the words beautifully and then you got all the text coming out so it's actually very well constructed well done yes on it that is from Nicolas Nicolas well done it's really beautiful okay Diana waiting for you look at that oh wow this joints brings you straight away in a different reality isn't a you just time-traveling I think I really like the left side the text shows up easily but then on the right it's really hard to read so maybe make those make the text filled yeah Oh perhaps use like a color in contrast to sign that case again that pink the purple they use there is sticks out very much against the background so this zero a thirty ABS 930 oh here we go so yeah yeah it's the same color of the background so you cannot really read that but if you try to use that even if you wanna keep it as an outline but maybe use the purple you'll be you'll be able to see a much more or maybe white and even when you've done there with the PS cuz it's got like finger prints and there's really cool treatment but you want to bring it out more I mean you don't know the type lock itself up there it it looks beautiful you just need to be able to to give it more contrast or maybe what you can do is leave it as it is but drag your background a little bit more to the left corner so you're gonna have more negative space on the top right and against the black so without that beautiful dazzle day down there you'll be able just to read it better yeah those are great so just start tweaking it a little bit and see what is more readable this is from Tyrone game night no cell phone haha that's a really cool one it just brought me back to the UK sorry oh sorry that's like my I'm missing home probably so this gets the point across definitely yes so we're definitely like on a much more like old-school kind of game night so we got cards we're gonna play different kind of games and it's good to us some elements I will probably integrate the dates using the same color I think there is a little bit too much going on I will probably just simplified and have the date either at the top or at the bottom of game night maybe with the blue or the red what do you think yeah it's a little distracting that the date is in a box on the yeah what left though try to bring it in to the design maybe you don't need so much space like game and night can come closer together maybe can be a little smaller and then you'll have more space to put the date underneath as well what you want to bear in mind is that having everything so big it started create competition within the element and you don't want that you want to create a hierarchy so even when I start to design something I always pull like h1 h2 h3 so just kind of what is most relevant so game night you know the topic then it's probably the second most relevant is the date or the time so just create and use the size depending on the irt of the information what is more relevant there is someone say that I missed a deadline but they're you know they're gonna review it later on us design anything that was uploaded after that specific time that we have the deadline you will have it reviewed in the next stream so don't worry about that but I'll also refresh to make sure I've caught everything after we've done this game night beers on the house the katana is this like a pirate yeah pirate or zombie cuz like it's like the green color just give you like a little bit of yeah how game and night backgrounds that's called a really nice treatment and again like we were saying before look how beautiful is introduced that the hierarchy so we call game night which is a central theme and then on top you got the date which is readable but they're not competing so your eyes will land first on the topic which is game night and then you know we still can read when is there but they're not at the same level there is no competition within the elements so very very well down there and I loved again color bright colors against black background I'm there I love it just that green it looks beautiful against the black yeah it really stands out pirate zombie fresh okay so that was it so now the next host when they see this space white space icon they know that anything after that is for them so everyone who submitted after the deadline you will be reviewed in the next stream so stay tuned but thanks everyone who submitted you did such an amazing and I love seeing how different everything else yeah that's that's that's the beauty of it and I found inspiring myself cuz you know thank you look how many different takes yes part is that none of you did the same thing that Kathleen did cuz I saw her finished product and yeah they took their own thing yeah and the mocha knob amazing really well done guys because you don't have much time so you know amazing thank you so much for sending over it was really a pleasure tour so we have another 10 or so minutes to look at our mood board and how we can go back do some finishing amazing absolutely so perhaps what we're doing here with the last thing that we were doing where the PDF comments so just to show for whoever didn't see it before if you actually hit W and you make sure that you're not in preview mode because that happened you know to me as well like sometimes when you're in preview mode this little icon does signal you where the comments are is not there anymore look just from hitting W how going preview the comments disappear which is great if you show into a client but it's not really great if you're looking for the government yeah I love the W shortcut yes it's so good for previewing your work and also there is another way of using the EE which is the shift key which actually brings everything in a full-screen mode so we can actually have a look at that so if you hit shift and W we're gonna have the mood board fill in the entire screen that's what I do when I present to the client because I don't want to have the environment of the InDesign application distract me because the kind they don't really care about what is there that's for more technical years so just by simply eating that she W you go in and out of the app so you have these different preview modes otherwise for yourself just to see you know get rid of the bleeds and to see how the page is gonna look like you just hit the preview mode and something that I would like to show you as well is the pasteboard because it's really rare that I keep the pace for this color because I use a lot of white text again I love concern again again against dark background and that's actually are usually my page is set so if you go and in design preferences and you go to interface you can actually select the pasteboard to match the color of your theme so in this case I like to keep it like as dark as possible so if you can see here on the screen is dark otherwise if you are happy having a white pasteboard but you like the darker interface all you have to do go into your preferences interface and antique make space boards so you see you still gonna have a dark interface by your paste board which is the space around your art board around your page he stays white so this is totally up to you yeah that's a really cool way of setting up because you know some people really like different interface but they still probably like their their pace board to be white I'm the opposite case but that's totally up to you the way you use it so do we have a few more minutes to talk about something that one more minute ten more minutes yeah let's go plenty of time so something that I like to do just to kind of finish off and to make sure that we got all the elements that we will need tomorrow I like to select some typography so we already done our color palettes over here again please let me know if you're interested in having this little template I'll be very happy to share it with you so I'm just gonna I'm just gonna upload these are my Behance profile after the stream so okay so you'll be able to use it and it's just a vector file but I just find it very useful because I always seen especially with Adobe color the father you have this mind-blowing way of selecting palette from your mood board all you got to do is again select your rectangle and then click in the color and that's you know it's just mind-blowing the way that he changes and you got your palette they're ready to be reviewed for a client so another page that I like to include in my mood boards is their typography so you could you could either find a typography with a phone to know be calm like we did or by using capture with a text panel or simply by looking on your font book you select the font that are always relevant with your core values so in this case we were looking for something bold something classic something vibrant so again I went for serif for the majority of it but mainly display fonts so something there is very feminine there is refined that actually represent what the image of the singer is and some of the elements of the font are usually very fun because we will see how we can actually break the font apart and we can use the font into the design as well so tomorrow we're actually going to look into build a logo using Adobe Illustrator so we're actually going to design a vector and we're gonna work on another project we're gonna leave Ione we're going to work on a different project on to see how you create different version of a logo and that's probably why I would like to show you what's the final or this project is let's see so when you present to the client do you like when you present it to Ione did you show her all these options yes yes I'm a big believer into working in this most transparent manner with your directors or with your team and with your clients as well because I'm a big believer in working with they are the soul I'm the one marks that and transform into graphic elements so they're a review of course I'm gonna select only what is relevant do not put anything there that you not intention to use if you don't want to use it as much as you could be partially irrelevant if you don't think it's a good choice don't bring it there just save yourself headache because trust me the client is gonna choose the one that you don't right that's like scientifically proved exactly so were you happy with because she chose the third one she chose the third one she chose down we had a little bit of tweaking because it wasn't bold enough and you know because you know if we go back to the main values we wanted something to be dramatic and that wasn't dramatic enough as much as it was classy and remember it kind of like a reminded us of like Bulgari or some like you know some rings so you got the square and you know like it could be like made out of gold yes and that's all that's what we want something like bold shiny classic and again if you see on our shapes and pattern or image selection I really really enjoyed these squares over of this fashion show so I kind of brought all these elements together and design some shapes and pattern in Illustrator and brought it back on my mood board because as much as you want to know what your kind like you really want to know where your client doesn't like and that's why I integrate the shapes that I intend to use on my mood board because if your client like in my case you didn't like the stripe there was no point for me to spend the next two weeks I'm designing a beautiful stripy design that she would have just ticked off in a second so again mood board are very useful to guide in terms of to find the objective where we're going building that path into built in which you will build your visual strategy in creating the logo but also it's very important to know what to stay away of what your client doesn't like where your competition is like you know those are very important things to remember of course I have a back cover as well with my logo and my telephone number and email because I don't want the client to spend time and you know just go back I like to keep all the information together nobody has too much time so we want to make sure that they get in touch with me straight so those are elements of the final logo which are actually integrating the photo shoot in a website and that's something that is probably like a signature of what my studio does let's go and provide preview mode we shipped EE so we can look at this final piece that's great she currently has yeah that's a current branding this behind me is actually a new album and that's like probably a worldwide preview because she's gonna launch this month yeah this is a this is a new a new one of our new album called the tidies change and that's our final artwork so again as I was saying probably one signature of the way that we work in the studio is to create composite composite brand as you can see on a very top that main brand which is this one over here it's got all the elements and then what you can do you can deconstruct it and you can actually make it relevant on different elements or stationery of the website you can use it by itself you can use it on a square you can use it all together if you got you know big enough space in which you can have a lot of details or you can just have one element of the brand which is just the ring which is almost worked like a crown for her that's her while she's doing you know you see the energy and the vibes and you know she's she's always there entertaining public so you need a brand to make sure that represents that statement that she makes when she performs I'm also I'm just probably going to show you that real quick do we have a second I'm gonna add three minutes perfect so let's go oh no until the next stream for you in the chat yeah you can stay we have to go so if we go back in our folders and we go into extra I actually put a little bit of that forward stage so the actual second stage after the mood board will that's what we're gonna do tomorrow so tomorrow we're gonna see how to create logos and not to put it into presentation for your clients and we're gonna create different variation as you can see all the elements we still have our values here so we're gonna carry that out all the way through the end until they disappear and the logo will be the one projecting them because that that's that's the whole idea of creating a brand and that's why we started from the mood board because we need to translate the words into images then we translate it into science color shapes typography now we put it together into a logo and then the logo has to speak by itself so the logo is not the brand the logo represents the brand and the values so those again this is pretty much our date tomorrow and then we're gonna have to define them which is the guideline so those are so when you have done this work this is the final one do you think you get the guideline away is that the end of your work with them or does the client come back to you for specific thankfully I like to make my client as independent as possible so I actually create I got down to the creating files for them in which they have the funds they have the colors they about they say you file with all the color palettes because I like to make them enable them to be as independent as possible and that's probably the reason why they come back to me they feel so much taken care of and of their need and they feel like I don't force them to come back like I used to work with developer and they you know they keep the password and they keep like you know you always need to run after them and I'm busy I'm not always available to straightaway jump you want to set them up with the tools that they need yeah for so on day three we're gonna see that we're gonna see all the deliverables out to save file which side which file to deliver or to create a folder for your clients and now to give them the guidelines on the design as well awesome so we're wrapping up now so thank you everyone for joining and you should stay on because next we also have another livestream and another one after the ladies so Julia massage guys up next and you'll be able to see her project so stay tuned thanks everyone for joining we have some Turkish in the chat from alum Sue's oh man says Marhaba muhabba thank you thank you for everyone who asked their questions and will be here tomorrow so we're gonna be where North eats more tips coming you guys are very I can see someone say thank you for the tapes you're very welcome really hope that will be helpful and again again feel free to keep asking questions even tomorrow I'm very very happy to show more tapes and thank you so much Hari of course we'll see you tomorrow bye

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