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[Applause] hello everyone my name is Amelia thank you for joining us today we're joined by Christina Cox visual designer extraordinaire at Adobe who's gonna be walking us through how she creates fun typefaces and Illustrated elements this week for some travel postcards yeah yeah so Tenten yeah do you want to tell us like what you're doing one on earth I guess and then yeah to what you do at Adobe yeah and maybe three what you're gonna be walking us through this week sure thing alright um so on earth I was brought here by Tom and Carolyn Cox my parents I'm from Australia I grew up there went to fashion school and went to art school and actually studied to be a jewelry designer and maker before discovering graphic design and how awesome it is to work in a digital way and also incredibly less expensive than working with gold this is a good point so I then went to work at williams-sonoma on their web and email team and moved to packaging design I've jumped around a very talented guy I like learning new skills then I went to an awesome little startup called propeller health and did a bunch of visual design there before landing at Adobe and now I'm here working on spark which is an awesome tool to help everyone be creative in the world so I am an expression designer I help our users by researching and designing new ways for people to be creative music very cool very very cool so quickly before we jump into exactly what we're gonna be working on the week I wanted to start the group off with some general announcements if you're if you're joining us on chat feel free to type into the chat and let us know where you're tuning and from and know that this is a global community so you want to shout out to all the places in the world that you guys are tuning in from yeah hey back hey hi cozy Eric Emery very cool good to see you guys back yeah and a couple introductory items just to get us started for today so as some of you know this is the first week of our Photoshop daily creative challenge that we've been hosting we're going to be hosting from 8:30 to 9:30 Pacific Standard Time this week so if you want to learn how to refine your photoshop skills this is definitely a really good opportunity for you to test them out and also yeah we're gonna be asking you guys to share your designs with us for virtual feedback in high fives so I think it'll be a really productive time for those of you who are still learning and as always thirty minutes into our segment today we're going to be sharing with you the ease and joys of chat and when it's really simple all you do is chat and then you can win everyone loves free stuff no it's true and it's this beautiful moon notebook day right love it yes and it's a very soft fabric cover so do be sure to join us in those thirty minutes and I believe that's all that we have to do oh if you want to learn about the daily challenge just click on the challenge tab in the chat box um so yeah those are introductory items yeah listen um and oh also last piece pardon toward the end of this segment we're also going to be reviewing those those portfolios yeah very cool so exciting we're all right going today on a brothel journey all right tell us okay let me just run you through some basic family history my uncle aren't watching this I'm sure they would love this so this is my uncle Jeremiah shell and they come from all adela Abdallah yep fella that's gonna read my first our first stop on this journey it's just a place that's really special to me I'm excited about doing these travel postcards because every time I go somewhere new I'm really inspired by the place and people and architecture and colors and all the awesome stuff that traveling brings and I want to share that with people so yeah get those creative juices flowing and make some postcards and send them out I love that I love it yeah that's so touching you get to really like stay in touch with your people and share your experience with them and for you your creative skills as well would you sure your people appreciate it yeah my my grandmother is always excited to get a postcard and there are some great apps out there that let you just like upload photos or upload your digital artwork and send it so it makes it really really fast and easy so al adela is on the south coast of New South Wales here's I'm from Sydney which is here and all the dollar is down the coast here this is I've got a gorgeous hand-drawn maps that I'm pretty sure my aunty drew so you got all the way down past km an hour all the way down to where my uncle used to have a flower farm a protea and word her farm can we just pause really quick not everybody gets to grow up with the flower farm in their family okay so let's just yeah take notice he's pretty won a bunch of awards for the best burger in town his real talent yep so these are just some inspirational pictures to show you the vibe of whatever excited about to design now let's talk about inspiration on here I see a koala yeah so one of the things I really yes this is a enid blyton illustration one of the things I really love and miss about home is the wildlife the birds some of them are really loud and annoying but some of them are very beautiful what's your favorite bird oh I think the Gullah Gullah yeah this one here hey dude yeah super cute pink and grey two very good color oh yeah you know so birds and and great flowers and you know you collect certain stuff like very botanical designs so this is what I'm using as my inspiration and another thing I want to talk about inspiration which is kind of different kind of the same they like to call on about sorry yeah nice one alright yeah so there are a couple of places that I draw a lot of inspiration from generally when I'm thinking about color palettes and patents and stuff like that one is this really also design a fashion design clothing company in Australia called Gorman they always have really amazing prints these are some of their prints here and they use a lot of native animals and flowers and stuff in their designs they partner with a lot of with a lot of artists in Australia as well soot immigrants so I really like the color combos and patterns they're great there's another awesome store that I like called cos skele cos gamma yeah they do home wares mmm but a lot of like modern Australian and indigenous artists they stalk a lot of like very cool prints and then the one on the right down here is Mara Hoffman I really love all of her I mean color combos she's not a scallion but I really very talented she's very talented very talented so these are some another like aspect of that that I I like – I like your vibe you know super right in like red bright and inviting and fun yeah really yeah really love bright I'm in the third aspect going back to this same botanical thing as a couple of weeks ago when I was home over Christmas I was going through my grandfather's kitchen and he had a bunch of these vintage these aren't exactly his but I found these online but a bunch of vintage kitchen towels no all right okay – my uncle – different you but I think it's just it was like a very common Australian thing to collect all these like botanical and bird kitchen towels Australian Australian oh yeah so I came across a bunch of them when I was home last and they were really nostalgic and beautiful and I really like keeping that in mind as well yeah so let's go up to here let's look this will stop designing man yeah let's jump right in yeah okay so I've got these on a locked layer these are just some some illustrations I've got a bunch of illustrations that I've already done just like you know back in my back pocket that I'll show you later but I wanted to show you the process of how I do them it's like I didn't go to design school for Illustrator like I didn't take illustrator classes services stuff I taught myself self tight high and YouTube and like B hands and Adobe Adobe lie and thank you including some yeah we if you have a look at this a bit but I'm just gonna get myself a little bit here yeah this is this is the jewelry I used to make some like cityscapes so I've always been really interested in travel is I guess their way of saying this is I'm stuck on this one topic it's not a bad topic to be stuck on it seems like it that's a lot of it's a lot of material there okay so that's we can go back and forth between some inspiration but let's get started on this oh okay so this is a kookaburra oh there's a song about it today can you sing it wow I will not say it damn it I really thought it was fine okay so what I do is I'm thinking about it in layers and it's like very quick sketchy kind of building of colors so if I go up and get my blog tool I like my blog paintbrush tool and I'm gonna actually first sample this it's the gray that we can change later but we'll start with that and I just like I've got my Wacom tablet Wacom Wakeham we come Waco makam I say wake on them weird in America yes so I just take it and I do know I'm gonna undo that just do some painting over the top so like sketchy doesn't does not have to be perfect none of these edges you could go and do it really perfectly and like trace all the edges but but the tick on and it's also a different style right you're loser absolute sorry Lucy you know I think like I just decide for different projects to to challenge myself in different ways so if I want to do like I did a bunch of the the cityscapes you had to have been super detailed and precise yet so the first semester I did that kind of project I did it by hand and everything was like definitely felt handmade and I really wanted to do it very precise and much more architectural II mm-hmm so I learned to use the 3d program LNG's right now and I modeled them and then had them 3d printed and cast because that's just what the design requires some blue wings here we're gonna build it so you don't you don't have to have the edges be perfect either because we can go over and make our there so you're just borrowing kind of from the general color yeah it's just sample those colors are so not great at drawing by eye my mom is an incredible artist and she can draw anything but that isn't a skill I possess yet but probably lives you can learn anything that's true but for now for doing this I'm just gonna be I want to actually now that I have you end up covering up some of the details so I just oh go out the way a little bit and keep going and then you'll connect them later yeah it'll bring them back and lay them over the top of each other later very cool and we're just so we're getting the general colors and then we're gonna add some some sketchy elements over the top to add in some of that detail yes looks like we have some chat combos going on here yeah Anita has given us some feedback on how to pronounce wake up wake up my back room I know when she says I say wacom exit even though I think it's Wacom I just can't I think it's lock-on based on very large I'm resigned now to just never saying anything right in this country I pronounce things very differently I just lean into it oh man how long have you been here I've been in the States for seven years yeah most of the time on the west coast visit I'm in Berkeley Oakland got it hang on to the accent for as long as you can yeah Rush's it helps that my husband is Australian so we keep each other in the yeah in the honest honest with your accident got a little bird head going I'm just sending it to the back yeah so we've got some shape happening you still wouldn't want a bit more everyone says Wacom okay fine we've reached consensus wake up yeah nailing it left and right yeah just doing a bit of baked work we can tidy all of them up after effect if it's looking a bit messy but we just get a general feel looks pretty neat to me you got a little point there yeah we got some I happening but now I can't see the next layer so just shove this out of the way okay I like that you're working on it like kind of piece by piece yes by component because you block it up and then you can't see it and they mean like oh no I'm getting it wrong but luckily because of the way layers work everything all the Newton's that I'm doing I'm just like working from back to front I see so they'll be I mean you could rearrange the layers very easily oh he looks funny right now but he's got an eye on his nose so I'm and okay little broken we're just gonna move this right over the sides let's get a little bit of sketching in oh no actually let's do a little bit of this the spiky hair spiky hair sweet I want to see what you do with that you so you're using like a smaller well I was going to but I think what I'll want to actually do is just have that all as lines and so I'm just gonna use a fat brush and – Ryan not like take it all the area you're like picking the major areas you don't need to be too detailed about it sure alright peasy that'll do Oh No lost my eye can see it's quiet it's quite messy or just arrangements time as well things like life guys cuz I used to be a lot further back and I always just hold down the shift key as I'm spacing because you know it's ten pixels so at some point you're gonna hit the correct amount of ten pixels that you got it went across and the one thing everything here is this little cute little white it's like keep thing on the end dipped in snow except there's no snow not all kookaburras have blue on them this is a I picked the prettiest to go oh really and just like that possible I see yeah okay so now we have this general shape I'm gonna move it off a bit more and I'm gonna go in with my pencil tool and just do a bit of sketching in the shape so you don't have to outline I don't outline the whole thing it's more like some this is one of the things I actually learn fashion school which I'm sure people out there know but like when you you I wouldn't do this whole thing in feathers like tracing every feather you just need to do a couple of them for the like the general patent highlight what the general pattern looks like all right you could go I mean I suppose if you're drawing a really detailed drawing you would go in and draw every single one that seems to really time-consuming right yeah that was the word I was doing this fast oh the bird does look kind of Angry in the chart yeah is it a pleasant bird doesn't sing a pleasant inviting song I won't do it wow it laughs there's a song about it sitting on a wire and laughing it's loud it's a loud bird it's a loud deep class like or is it like it's like oh I like my natural laugh okay yeah like an evil master no are there any stray leaves on the chat that want to try and describe it how do you chat broken and what do you win okay so at 1:30 roughly we're gonna start the chat and win it and then you can win this really cold moon oppa beautiful simply by chatting so talk to us tell us things what do you think about this bird what do you think about the sound it makes what do you think about Australia Oh tell us your very kind thoughts about Australia and how great all of the people are I've never been personally so I direct flight from San Francisco everyone UK and from LA and from Dallas wins on top of it so yeah never I tried to try and convince a lot of Americans to go visit how often do you go back once or twice a year depending on how many people decide to get married there yep that is my vacation life so as you see I'm not doing a perfect job of tracing but you can go back in and use your direct selection tool and fiddle with the point the forbids and make them a bit pretty yeah hmm and if you still have it selected it will continue so let's check in in a minute with this to see how it's looking on color Wow put a bit of I always see what you're doing you're trying to giving him some of those those wrinkle flex so it's usually actually all like put this on a different layer because you want to be able to play with them and select them easily oh dang Oh may comes so I'm just gonna move this to a sketch layer and we can call it sketch we can call this color ah label the layers label your layers oh I don't always but I am in front of people right now so it could possibly be helpful right process notes you add more layers yeah remind yourself now I can see that I've missed a bunch of gray area ice now that I put it in front of where the tracing is so I can go back and just look that bat layer and select this I think his eye is looking weird I think some bits just haven't interested back to the right spot I say just gonna do some maybe that's it shifting shifting but we're hearing that byron bay is really cool yes but eautiful mmm Queensland to San Francisco long journey yes 14 hours but I tell you what direct flights make everything so much easier and you take some sleeping tablets with you ah melatonin it's a melatonin somes equal and some melatonin like that you're on your way to a happy easy flight fair enough I do it often seem like you know what you're talking about what tablet are we using miss dolls yeah Wacom is what we've decided I have been using one for a long time and I mean you I couldn't I don't know how I would sketch without it has anybody used another kind of tablet that they really like or like I've never used an iPad but I have heard they're getting way way better yeah I've seen I've seen that Nathaniel loves the way come as well Danielle said yeah and yeah so I'm just moving these little points around to be a little bit more perfect you could also just go in if you select usually if you select the color you're on a little edge I don't know if this is gonna happen no usually I don't know what my settings are a bit wrong but it'll add to the color that you have selected but I'm just gonna do this and then send it to the back how merge these interacting with your layers is so important yes standing how you laid things I think I remember um we've heard we heard we're hearing about the iPad pro the iPad pro is baingan says Zacks oh yeah this is Mickey what's your favorite app to draw with oh yeah I use Huyen I do I've never heard of that Wooyoung have you heard of it no but I need to look up some some great ones I think Joey probably has really awesome ones that I should know about and be using yes I should everybody good I'm so smooth you are Cristina multi-talented so we're hearing about Cintiq a ton pressure considerations yeah I'm just I'm can't wait for project Gemini I can't wait for project Gemini either it looks so amazing and the water color feature looks incredible I'm really excited about that that I would buy an iPad pro 4 you heard it here yeah Lian is an alternative brand to wake up noted so what do you care okay let's let's show what time we and we are how we are coming up on two minutes until our chat and win so keep up the chat so I'm gonna select while we're here I'm just gonna select all of the select same stroke color something I do a lot shirt color Oh stroke weight hmm sorry you still have these are some of the ones that I drew earlier into a little more time on this is a yeah cockatoo and I go ah and a little parakeet the native Australian birds as well so I've just selected it and like made the color the same I don't look I don't love him tell us how you really feel yeah I think he died I think he made some tweaking but I think we'll like you're noting some finessing I think his weirded out by his head I think he looks like he's wearing a bike helmet he looks like he's wearing a bike helmet I think we just probably maybe just make it a bit more a little less strokey nice okay little more filled in and then I think this weird thing on the back here is waiting me out a little bit as well yeah that's nice misbehavior yeah it looks like it's shot win time keep it coming tell us things toss your fellas the favorite your favorite design that you saw on this screen there's a little video we're about to play and then you can chat away and we'll select a lucky winner of the beautiful celebrated Moo nope look I really love this pink and I see now what percent oh I don't think you can see it is the center look at that you got some pink pages in the middle of that okay real hot colors right welcome back okay it looks like we are going to be choosing a winner in one minute keep it up keep it up cha cha cha doing this until a winner is announced go fine shut yo Bobby cha cha Chat Chat Chat Chat Chat your body check your buttock oh my god blasting so long we're so awkward I don't know you're I'm amazing I'm so awkward thanks Christine we're killing this I'm definitely not gonna look back on this later okay I think yeah that does a lot to make it look better as like moving that Devil horn everyone saying that he looks like a main bird and to be fair they're not known for being kind okay don't I know they're not like Magpies Magpies will swoop you and like if you've got anything shiny on though like they have no personal space no I know I take your eye out like a monkey but in bad form Hey like a bird monkey uh-huh and I'm just gonna add a couple of we still haven't chosen a winner guys yes it's coming it's coming yeah good up you're all doing really well no I've had a name and it's disappeared but it's coming back he needs little fate I'm just gonna do that all like so many folks Stacey Jerry Carol Oh fine okay Larissa Ventura Montero is our winner congratulations Larissa you can read special mu notebook with the pink Center that's about a pages to John on very exciting stuff you will be getting an e mitt Adobe lab Adobe live we reach out to you sway thank you keep you chats coming yeah I mean to tell you I'm coming we're really into this so I've just added some weird-looking tones don't worry you guys it's they're gonna be like small you're not gonna say oh like the details this is why we're being really fun and loosen sketchy I should be using my tablet for this yes so what I want to do over the next three days is just do a few different styles of illustrations as well so this is like this one it's a bit loose and gestural painterly paint like great words did you go to art school – no I just I just get another stuff okay yeah and I just have this one look and I'm gonna grab I love this new feature where you can just grab and drag to make corners Oh lovely soft row so they don't look like such weird talons I had a chat question earlier I wanna get back to you don't tell us a bit more about project Gemini since we talked about it earlier oh I know about it is what I saw at the Adobe on adobe snake which is at Adobe MAX this year they like talk about the new projects and cool tech that people are working on and one of the one of them is project Jana Meyer which is an awesome illustration tool app and that's as bad as much design there's a water color feature anyone on that Jim and I team that wants me to play with myself you can find me over at Spock yeah so look you guys so J he's cute he fits in will size him down and he'll fit in with the uppers body hairy guys I think I think size-wise he's small okay that's a cocktail good today yeah yep and what stroke do I have these at 0.6 m5 so I'm just gonna match all of the stroke weights for these so that okay actually maybe I'll do it later on see I'll just do it later I'm gonna group that so that I have all of the layers together we can always separate them out later but that's fine so a few things that I have here are some these are some illustrations of some pro tears which I've got this is a version of a protege this is the Gulag creek web site but some pro tears and they do mortos beautiful so these are native to Australia these are native to Australia I'm fairly certain that Pro tears are also native to South Africa or like our version of Pro tears but very cool yeah beautiful so we've got our little bird family we've got a few of these illustrations we might want to do quickly oh what's that some eucalyptus these are eucalyptus trees and they have flowers some of them very different you all do now okay guys everybody eucalyptus leaves have flower oh and apparently South Africa's natural national flower is the Proteas so they do have famous flower you really need to read up on my apologies yes gotta get on top of that button II um so again I just do oh it's the sake of time let's just do some quick quick little ones I just sound poached the color again I'm gonna paint some shapes do some different color samplings because you just get a little some different shapes in there and different layers of colors mm-hmm Jimmy I think um I think they're really giant pretty flower that smells really bad is called a corpse flower or I just named the corpse well yeah I've heard of that not heard of that um and it's supposed to smell like a dead body is it an Australian one or is it oh no I remember it being on display at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden oh cool I've not heard of that but I smell that smells that smells it smells terrible do you I'm sure that these flowers smell really nice so biee oh my gosh here in San Francisco there's a lot of eucalyptus trees because apparently they were imported to Berkeley fun fair fun fact a long time ago don't ask me any more questions okay like that you shared that yeah but it means that there's lots of places around San Francisco that smell yes that already here Watson there's a lot of birdlife here I feel yeah the abundance of nature yeah somebody was asking if the if the birds and the botanical illustrations that you had on that previous page we're all using the same technique gonna be yeah they were I just took a little more time doing okay no that's why they were more successful but yeah just found photos of of those birds and I can I'll try and find one of my earlier I have a messy earlier file that I'll pull up at some point to show the progress of those ones yeah just doing some I like you're just you're blocking those out yes like they're serious stringiness and then you'll go back and refine yeah we'll just add the texture like like something that I really liked that Enid Blyton does and her illustrations is like adding these little these are little waddles little brushes are the thin ones anyway little waddles this and you're adding a bit of texture just with some like quick wines yes in a circular fashion so it looks like it it's getting the balls mm-hmm bye bye Jimmy later bye Jimmy thanks for joining where are we at where should I be right now you're just designing way I know but should I be talking about type should we like to move on to a staff we can move on to that portion of the project yeah let's I'll come back to this but yeah since you've seen a bit of this let's let's talk about time then the next day yeah so what I did here they just screenshot it back to what I was talking about my in duration coming from these kitchen towels these details oh yes um found a bunch of them online and screenshotted some of the type and looks like dissecting the type a little bit so you can see that there's a lot of some like outline serif fonts being used and some film in serif fonts being used mixed with some script fonts as a script fun happening here script and serif happening mm-hmm ah Lisa let me tell you about how I feel I feel very passionately about script funds but not about all of them about the right ones you know they're not all good I actually could tell you you have an affinity for the scripted font from checking out your oh yeah some of those wedding invites yeah Wow wedding invites seem like the right occasion to be using a spray too but it's important like not all of them you can make one but they all have their own personalities like a brush punch has a much more like rustic feel thanks Lisa as a rustic feel more touch now where you could have what we're looking at we're gonna go over here I just went through Typekit basically scrolling through Typekit having my my inspiration up next to me and looking clawed papyrus is not your favorite my team is now trolling you our love that's happening here Oh Comic Sans yes where it's uh you know it's a classic it's a design I think and it's making a combat you'll see it on spock more often apparently apparently so yeah different feels so we've got up the top here we've got something like I was keeping these ones kind of clean thin pin and like yeah then we've got some that feel but a bit more like 760 70s Hawaii for some yeah like a beach yeah Comic Sans and wedding fact equal sequinned nice on women please send me a photo of anyone's wedding invites oh think that should be a home blog and this last one is like a more of a distressed blocky one I think most of these from Typekit and then the serif fonts on the side I felt like the face is kind of like a cool generation of that outline Sara there's a couple outline ones they say there's some that like I'm thinking about matching weights because I I like harmonious weight combinations achieve a harmonious weight combination so this okay thanks for joining that not necessarily a harmonious weight combination you also want to be looking at it at the right size that's a good point because that changes things as well that if we said it you said it so perfectly before oh yeah you do I would do that I saw the you and then just me hello alla Bella yeah that one seems like it'd be like they get deeper as you go down so you guys this is a great place where I would love to hear what you think which of these if we're saying one to you whenever you want to sit next to each of them let's throw another a little voting situation yeah yeah yeah yeah and I'm not like combos I have a I have a personal fave of combo but let's let's see what you think I love this why what am I doing here let's crowdsource this business yeah okay so that's people be thinking while I'm working so yes I'm just gonna there you go oh dear okay oh there's some opinions can you be can you be also coordinating which Oh call me okay so you're gonna name them like I'm gonna do you want to do letters for this oh that's probably a good idea yeah yeah you've done this before crab sauce before but that's happened it's true okay oh sure okay yeah okay me too nice time sorry second from the bottom this one yeah it's kind of mess analogy really gorgeous Claud really likes number one down next number two got someone back this is number ones Beck's fav Beck we're in Australia are you from back tell us tell us epic Nelson where are you from Ryan likes to plus D yeah yeah I say that yeah I look and Adobe live saying this is too complex Oh fair enough okay okay no let's uh I think one thing that'll help us feel the vibe for this or like get an idea of how to marry them is something that I've been thinking about made someone as dimensions here we go of what we're working with here it's very bad people are all over the place we have all kinds of a pin varying opinions so I'm just gonna hit 1 1 a 5 a 1 a 4 5 a yeah cool 1 in 5 in 2 is the most legible and fluid I like the you I do like the you on this that's also a good tip is I always like especially with serifs like to find if they've got glyphs so I'm going into my little glyph here because it could be usually alternate for current selection so I like that you but I'm not gonna like it nothing you better who know so many to click through and and I think this is when you start marrying the two when you start locking up the two types together it's good to just like play with a couple of different versions of this so let's take it back to the OG but well let's start doing forcing a lot of people who like in this a yeah that is getting a lot of traction I also saw a lot of d-day support okay yeah yeah I'm like geez alright let's set up okay let's pause let's set up the like shape of it so right what I've been thinking of is like using these little elements as a pattern or as a frame for the text okay so so we're gonna just like shove a color in the background here let's go with that Shevek Arabic Allah I don't know we should talk about your color choices itself Oh color choices what if you want to pop in on that topic around fine thing is I this might be a Gorman print that is talking about the destruction of the prepare a roof maybe but I pulled that and then like sampled some swatches from that because I really liked how all of those colors went together yeah Beck's from the Gold Coast everyone beautiful thank you for sharing that have my husband's family are up north I have a real affinity for it okay and so the bottom the bottom swatches what I did was like after I drew these illustrations sampling from the photos I went through and like sampled some of the colors to get a kind of spectrum an idea of what kind of colors are being used and it's really a rainbow of colors as it were as it were because birds in Australia are really colorful yeah so I thought what I do is pull all of these over will just duplicate them over yeah and let's make a little frame out of these oh so a little pattern happening pattern action how are you gonna do that well we want to I want to distribute the birds because it's not just about it being a flock of birds so let's move them around I also really want to broken these up into this is kangaroo for this this kangaroo paw yeah when you have it here in California it's just native to Australian obviously Australia obviously but it's very drought resistant plant oh so like its name since I know what those look like so Wow amazing then yeah I think I'm gonna size everything off the bench not the postcards but in relation to this hmm scale is important I'm gonna maybe size the bird down I really like he can hug a corner really nicely with and I want to like have a bit of mix of illustration so right now this is feeling to say me say me next to each other so how about we pull some of this over here see mixing that up miss Linda this actually could be a good corner piece as well ah how'd the corner I do like a frame that hugs and we can duplicate these and scale them a bit will will go through at the end and make sure all the line weights are the same and that'll make sense so that we don't have like one one drawing with a really thick black line and another with really thin ones so is this blue color your chosen color for your background or Oh wouldn't say I wouldn't say yes okay I think what makes the colors pop but what I'd like to do is add all of the flowers in add the shapes and stuff add the text and then think about texture so we could mute that background a bit more by adding some distressed texture or some like something that feels like reminiscent of the tea towel of a kitchen towel you guys don't call them tea towels do you kitchen kitchen tap tea towel I feel like you know it's guilty or no you get it yeah you guys get it yeah and so what are you what's the messaging on the car what are we gonna be writing well I think greetings from la jolla claude had a really good idea of how to tie excuse me tie all of them together across the three days we can call them hand towels reduces it's very global everybody has it yeah so across the all of them that I'll make I think what we could do is have like usually its greetings from but maybe we have region specific hello from sure yeah so I personally never say good a good day but people do people day like oh we could have like she apostrophe apostrophe da why yeah do you think it is necessary to get a degree in graphic design in order to make a car you just as well being self-taught you can do just as well being self to it is what I have learned yeah mostly I'm self-taught and I get to work at Adobe so that's pretty cool I think a lot of what you learn is by doing projects even creating your own brief something that you think you want to work on if you've got a skill that you want to improve set yourself a brief and try and test those skills out everything that I all all the stuff I learnt in Photoshop and illustrator I had one class that I took my first year out of high school when I studying fashion design and apart from that everything else I taught myself or learned on the job dawn and Shana my friends at William Sonoma on packaging they taught me a lot yeah so I think it's most important to just keep learning and keep developing your style and school in the States is really I don't know if you're in the States but such a good question Elizabeth thanks for asking so I'm just creating signed off France sorry sorry your answer yeah yeah so you just created a frame so I've just created a bit of a frame we can tweak this light up got like a mix of birds and flowers and stuff this is a bit say me say me but it's fine so let's bring some of our type down man good day and copy and paste it all down gonna day all the way good amen mate mate we don't say you man I say do you do you guys see me is that made a lot yeah yeah yeah yeah that's real it's real you guys we speak the same language and kind of say there was a level of for – let's try out – we can always change it you guys don't be too locked in and then let's do it New South Wales NSW means New South Wales by the boys if I haven't mentioned that before and let's sample code really loved this one and I feel like this is really vintage and feels very familiar to me like a like actually I was thinking about this the other day time aramis like a sailor surf lifesaving Club for some reason it's not for some reason I had it in my mind that it was a similar type style to this but it really isn't so doesn't matter but I like locking stuff up so it feels like it fits in a frame you know like it's pretty cohesive yeah so we can play around with this type this now is feeling similar but this is fairly maybe a bit thin let's keep that off to the side the same way they're very similar yeah and I think what we could do is is like bring this you down to make it hug a bit more or or find a different glyph for the a to make it like frame pinnacle frame the New South Wales sure um or we could drop the you completely down a bit to make it take up you can't see me touching my screen but to make it take up a bit more of this space yes so it feels like it they don't feel disjointed from each other and they feel like they belong together like puzzle pieces you like that cozy cozy I think this one was also a good one maybe I don't like the roughness of it anymore this is a great conversation in the chat I just he says society makes you believe you needed to pull my but you can actually learn by yourself and show talent through your work and not through a degree that's so true yeah it is I concede that I think it's there are biases still towards people with higher education degrees but I don't think that they're valid but they're like I couldn't get my visa to come work in the states without interesting bachelor's degree very so there's still some someone wing that's out obstacles up suppose but but nothing is insurmountable with a hard work and dedication guys truth truth mom right here I don't know about what what do people sit feel about what are we feeling about this Lockhart versus this combination mmm can we see the other one again so outlines text versus and all filled in okay outline are filled in we'll take what are we feeling we'll take opinions for the next 20 seconds they don't care about this I'll make my wine maybe maybe we'll just leave it up let's uh what about let's stick with no let's stick with this I'll tell you why okay I'm just gonna play with the you a bit and then if we feel like we want a different oh it hurt outline twice outline three times Oh people like in the outline all right let's three go down guys you and now Blanca Jerry your vote counts Smita glance ooh Roman like spilled in alright I can't I can't we've got it i I think I'm gonna fix this a little bit by um good good practice copy and drag your text off I think I heard the hoods baa women saying this before but it's always good to have a backup of your same text otherwise you forget which font you've used and then you have to go back and like type it out again and make sure you've got it right so I'm going to give it a little stroke and corner the edges a bit so that there's nothing pointy but I just think that it will get just like slightly closer to the same weight and I'll enjoy that mmm enjoyable yeah I think that looks nice I think you can't have different weights don't get me wrong sure but and then what if we oh I see what you're talking about earlier if we hook it down a little bit there's a lot of funny angles you have to deal with when you move type maybe that's not actually necessary long tail it might be too long might be too long maybe just having it tucked in here's enough to make it feel like us together and we've still got to do our g'day from good day yeah so let's move de barros I really like I also really like sing kookaburra it might be an indigenous word probably an Aboriginal word okay so I want to let's say but maybe we'll either keep it all lowercase or uppercase so we can go through there's one that I had found before that I really liked that was a really simple sans-serif and I don't think that you owe comics s coming yeah did everyone really liked Comic Sans oh I am usually not for mixing like so many tucked faces having one from each sample but I think if my packaging experience taught me anything it's like small accent words and pieces to like fill out the design couldn't be done in other things and it's not others not distress it's not too distracting looks like we have some more Aussies oh yes mine does I play Mills good day from the land down under thanks back very cool got my people it must be late like 7 a.m. or something it's not 9 new south well okay that was wrong apologies Eric your your sarcasm I feel it from here we we do do sarcasm quite well yeah I'll take that as a compliment for you sir thanks for joining find a good you know actually I have it on a different layer you guys just close your eyes for a moment well I Oh Lawrence from Melbourne ye some alternate behind this one you didn't see anything nope I was just some examples that I can try elderly distracted okay I really like this love that it's a Chippewa Falls is that what's good it's a good trip Chippewa Falls black holes I think it's the I think it's from type kids but it might be too slanted how we feeling everyone is that okay I guess it goes with the slanty of the but I want to figure out a way to make it be part of it but maybe have it be within a shape so and we do them of the next three days to our other ones we can have this like repeat element that is done in in some different fun new ways so maybe we have it be within a different banner that it's a different style for each place I'm just copying and pasting in front and then moving it over to the side and maybe out of bed I'm gonna add a this is a shape like kind of outlining about all of our text rather creating a little yeah but I think these can be together like this and we can make a little the banner easy-peasy nailed it seriously that was so pop I'm out half of us the visionary know where you were you know it's like for Australians who remember mr. squiggle it was a TV show where they would draw shapes and then turn it upside down and suddenly it would be it a photo or like a picture of something mr. squiggle yeah I'm totally looking that up on YouTube when I get home so we're gonna reflect it and make a copy and then just drag it across I'm dragging the wrong thing don't worry everyone let me see I'm on top of it what about having the text curve on a circle yeah good one Claud we could do that so let's bring our shape in talk about some Czech liqueurs never mind this looks perfect so far he's very supportive but I do think we should try some other things clods the one that suggested having this repeat element so we're gonna do whatever he tells us let's just follow its clods day oh I mean sometimes I find it hard I don't know if everybody else struggles with this but to get it on here we go I'm holding the Alt key down while I'm pressing on the outline and then what I want to do is grab these handles and make sure that it's centered these handles control who sent it on the circle so just bring them by just shift it over it right where you want it did something funny there good just go back okay okay bananas in pyjamas I do remember Jana the patellas because it's just such a catchy title hailey good call yeah I want to make oh yeah I heard that curve really does and we can make it fit a bit more it doesn't have to be circular let's see if it's a bit more like arched but not I'd like it to feel like it fits somehow within the text although we could also just have like some little illustration here to fill that spot as well a little mini flower I think maybe when Ida formed the circle it made it look weird there we good so let's bring it back to its former glory and pull these elements down we could oh I know what we could do I'll lift all the tickets Adobe live really really good suggestion what what we all need to book tickets to all the dollar guys yes chicken salad Ella go say hello to my auntie shell and uncle gasps and just you know big good tourists don't answer dopey Jack's so be fair there are you know a lot of Australians that are terrible while they travel as well I apologize for all of my people when kind at true I met some of that variety rose and folly over the break but many were very kind that makes me be wrong sensation no look at you being awesome tell us about Vegemite Lisa says Lisa Vegemite is a really important part of growing up in Australia and it's salty right it's very salty and delicious and if you don't like it we have trouble this is where my threat stuff no she buzzed and really considered if you don't like Vegemite Christina's got a problem with Jen I Skippy the bush kangaroo it's ten from Australia or did Dan just really like Skippy growing up Skippy the bush kangaroo oh gosh what's Tim Tams Tim tans are great chocolate Vicky it's good I'm Vicky Vicky you guys call biscuit Vicky's um yes yes we do but it doesn't have this but you shorten everything you don't need this I heard about brekkie bingo breccia tremendous importance as for just your well-being this is just a PSA about how everyone should eat breakfast let's report this livestream more about breakfast importance I'm trying to send to this and get but you know what I should have done I'm gonna take it back a step you know what I should this is a great way to get even spacing without deleting out all of your lines if I copy and command B paste it back and sample this blue and if I just add a bunch of strokes you can also offset it so that it ah you know what I've pasted it too much to the back once these two their pines and these in front and basically adding a color stroke frame to to my Oh a dollar so that it blocks out ye but or evenly so you can figure out where you need to evenly trim that outline about line Oh Oh Hayley dipping your Tim Tams which is a chocolate treat in salty salty of Vegemite in bed you might she's just made a suggestion I just hope we're just combining I'm sorry Austrian food sure I'm sure any other try that something blasphemy mention in your Australian cuisine oh if you haven't tried making lamingtons they're one of my favorite things to make graham intense you are really the purveyor of your culture right now I know this is very dangerous I'm just gonna make some sweeping generalizations and all the other strands are gonna be like what do you mean that's not a thing this is my opinion I'm just making some different we're playing around with these lines how to fill in some shapes just giving it a go who knows how it will turn out yeah ah yes well if you are just joining you can learn more about our design challenges by clicking in the challenge tab in the chat and we're going to be reviews reviewing some designs in about 20 minutes so stay tuned I'm gonna give some live feedback some virtual high-fives so many high fives you guys looking kind of like a rainbow I think I think the black might be too heavy I think what we need to do is switch it to why Oh just start feeling a bit better about it Oh stick with me sample like an off-white so it's not too harsh I know I just blew your mind no you're taking that light yellow that you have in the belly is there I'm taking this like off-white for a bit more vintage glow it's looking a bit too much like a rainbow for me there's something that I that is and it's the distances are I'm not I don't know about these outlines how do what do you guys think any and I really don't need them maybe we just need that curve factor on we could also do a curve in a different way that might do it better let's have a look okay so hey Marcin make with warp so we could do a Owen bit of a horizontal Bend so we make it like this and it's all a bit wackadoo right now but let's pull it out a little bit just bit squishy squishy down make the stroke lie or ditch the stroke think make this ditch the strike yeah I reckon ditch the strike yeah sorry just keep picking up on your little weird choices now that's not working either I wonder if part of it is cuz it's a slanted punch and I don't actually like that let's try what feels good Christina I'm just gonna try some new things you guys just kind of mix it up when it doesn't feel right the process be kind to yourself when it doesn't work out I'm liking that a lot better just that's funny change not having it on a slant voodoo doll says it might look nice if the lines were white or you could try making them all go all the way around in a circle yeah we could try a full circle I'm feeling a bit better about it just being like this should we try doing a it's really good to stress over the top and and see how like some texture feels yes I just downloaded a bunch of stock textures for this thanks Hayley I appreciate it and Ryan says can you adjust the shear of the font and fake it less slanted I hadn't I'd never thought of that yes and Cohen says shrink the New South Wales a bit all right I'll try that shrinkage toward the upper left yeah and how about like these texture packs are pretty good texture packs here looking through a bit let's try this one because it feels like a tea towel texture to me yeah yeah it definitely has that towel text so I'm gonna I'm gonna try out what everyone's been saying just switch it up a little bit smaller I'll shrink it yeah okay shrink it yeah maybe I gotta make sure that these are in line at that point yeah all right let's stick with that then I'm good and I opened my stock already so let's coffee in this texture and so we're hoping that the texture kind of solves the rainbow problem that you'd mentioned the rainbow yeah just a problem I never thought I had yeah like maybe the texture like tie it all together yeah give it a more cohesive look dude are you guys Roman says sounds like someone's Mac is about to take off is that does it sound very loud for you guys I think it's working have these textures are quite large right 10 minutes until the challenge deadline thank you boo do it is Val and you know what at this point everyone what I shouldn't I should remember and encourage everyone to do is always save your work especially when you add very complicated large stock files so that's right in my rent what we say yes let's do that yeah let's not click around do much good on us okay so Rambo really needs to be included now all right that seems like a challenge I'm willing to this looks kind of me just off the bat though I'd imagine you're doing well I'm not gonna leave us analyze but what we could it's just test out a few different like what happens if we make it white and down the opacity a bunch all the versions it's really it's just got a real large piece of artwork in here okay so what's good about transparency layers mm away with so much has to be here I don't I'm wondering if we should put the texture over the whole thing or just over the background I was I was gonna like just maybe trying to see what so have the all of the other elements Bree the bitch if you will bring them all a bit for it yeah they'll pop a bit more a pop a bit more like like so popped pops and I'm kind of liking this outline that separates the oh yeah the pattern from the text yeah so welcome is coffee this I think what I did was add you can offset this instead of adding like a point stroke but an easy way to keep it still editable is I think adding a point stroke so that's 35 nope that's yeah 35 it's cool kind of works kind of like a shadow and yeah and just keeps it separated so we're going to add a 35 stroke to both of these and then just paste in front we've created our little backdrop and also kind of reminds me of like an offset printing situation you could do it like I like that they're peeking through in the corner like oh it's offset yeah let's not do that right now imagine okay it's cool trick though let's go check you could also group everything and offset it the same size let's see is anybody asking estate great good we got just the background oh no agrees just on the background yeah and now I reckon also we can move it now we've seen like we could bring this size up a bit the type Lockhart cuz that's feeling a bit a little wee bit small ah that's a grand fervent good day what a lot of let's do a border I usually do these look you guys I usually do these in better layers so it's easier to pick up little places although different elements but front of time schedule here Claude said he would buy that card any day choice wait I'll print one for you and put on your desk a friend so we're gonna pick up this one of the colors and let's make a frame so I'm sure there are many many ways you could do this you could just create a stroke and have that be a frame but I will just create two shapes one two three four I'm gonna say it's 40 80 pixels tap it for to tap it eight times one two three four five six seven eight and then drag this out to meet it and then we're going to yep then we're going to send rich center line and then remove that and then we've got our little border wow it looks really good I'm sure there's lots of simple ways to do that everybody you all probably have awesome ways that can't be the mix chat challenge that's very sweet Rome very sweet Roman five minutes till the challenge I believe it's happening so soon get your challenges around and we're just reviewing do a little bit of moving around now that we've got this kind of shape and it's cutting off our Kookaburra here we don't want it to no still just not really feeling the cook about as much how do we how does everyone else feel about the car it's okay we'll keep him in just is that we had to be up sighs okay fine oh maybe maybe what I don't like is that he's facing yeah I think you switched him out with that with that parrot and then you'll be real stoked okay yeah all right solution except here's everything hello and then you have to make him small or if we had time we could integrate the you into the parrot a bit what about the turkey in the corner thank you borrow we're pinky was pinky's or pinky up top pair it down I don't know does it really make a difference it does I mean it yes it does does it make a difference pre-fight wonders if the cuckoo bar can sit on the you of the ala dolla yo yo yo talk about integrating your design with your topic that's when his funny little claws coming with the good grip with the good good grip oh he's so cute perched up on that we get potentially maybe if we decide to go that route but what I find it's weird a fun thing to do is this is like the quick very quick hacky way of doing this have this selected get your eraser tool and just erase out a bit the bit so like having some in the foreground and some in the background right he's really wrapped around that brand new hue branch put a bird on it says curling funny very appropriate Owen feels strongly about the fact that he's a bird therefore he should be kept in additional feedback right we'll keep him oh okay he could sit thank you I think what we need is something to fill this space and I'm feeling like this is where having that extra bit of eucalyptus that we were working on earlier might be good maybe without the flowers that might be a bit too much color but just the color and we could do some sketch something like 50 on top let's just quickly try and finish this before before we get to our freshest challenge how long to the challenge we are going to be starting to review our submissions at around 2:35 so we have about six five to six minutes until we start doing that so get your submissions and gonna man okay so this is fun I liked that bird on that you good job good job executing that so cool thanks meeting and see from far away it's fine yeah it's like that quote from clueless the Mona Lisa from far away it's okay up close it works thank you that was my brilliant American accent you're welcome everybody good job can you thank you can you talk in your American accent until we do it's quite offensive because what I could do is a very Southern Californian I don't like the word ditz but that's a valley like a valley girl yeah yeah and not just the easy accent – yes happened too quickly yeah it's the only one I can do Oh Kerwin with his jokes he like one of his friends had to leave so he told him I'll see you later like birds cute funny row cute we're very into it ah challenge deadline bunny reached we're gonna be reviewing our submissions shortly no you guys where's my tolerance gone Oh whoo we've got some submissions to walk through oh let's do a little bit we'll do a little bit more design air I'll start reviewing them in a few minutes okay we'll just add some of these sketches to it those leaf detail gathers leaf DTOs I'm not particular about them being perfect although I would like them to me slightly closer so I can like this can I distract you with a fun joke while you were late because Adobe life just dropped a real real valuable one yeah what do you get when you cross a pair it with the centipede a nature nature theme no clearly hey walkie-talkie okay go go on this is a very bad chat today okay I'll see you later walkie-talkie very very punny honey that was really good too I need to I didn't make it out no but still you had it you just it yeah we're all entertained by it are you are you gonna oh okay a couple more minutes okay oh no I still have two more days okay but we gotta hit up some other places on this different day oh it's true we're saying goodbye to La Bella everyone oh not quite yet though yeah no quite yeah I reckon it's all our friends which destinations were visiting tomorrow yeah I'm gonna take this to ourselves now we can tell you you want to tell them the continent but not the place or the country yeah I got a can with their appetite yeah I'm not like to evolve all the informations I'm forward to well something's something okay where did that come from what is this oh I turned it red the flip turned him upside down don't worry about and turned him red I'm on top of it Medical tweet minute what do you give a sick bird medical treatment okay keep them coming I yeah I beg you all to please reach deep down into your joke pockets and keep delivering the goods I'm cracking up inside right now this looks yes I think it's a point that eucalyptus leave your intuition is so on my way Thank You algebra Al's favorite subject in school algebra did you just make that up something he had so do you have the intimus Oh duh no no they made it up they made it up I just really want to believe that all right are we had a good pause point for this design review yes we are excellent oh yeah all right so might we take a peek oh sure ah okay so uh start we have 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 submissions to check out so we have Marcus's submission and the dad the challenge today was working with the blend tool the modes in Photoshop in Photoshop yes that's awesome I really liked did you make a bitmap out of that photo and then applied like a some color to it I really like that layering also how there's like different size patterns layering on top of each other creating that debt sure not very cool I like that the colors are all kind of unified those blues with that with that hit a pink oh yeah hit a pink pink really pops out that yeah that date it's important information seems to be the objective there very cool work here we have wow this is clutter shapes like that's awesome it's rotated multiple times as that's what is that what's up yeah I see the photo the negative of the photo is like it's like a record yeah that way really drawing your eye to the center with that pop of white in the middle yeah cuz this is like all the off Wyatt for the mountain young you have your framed by these trees it was kind of like nighttime and creepy yeah compression blue and light no fresh very quick we're summit next oh this one's rad oh the gradient others yeah the gradient love that great multiple gradients I've got that the summit Peaks with a gradient on them as well and then those strokes behind you see this blue effect down here yeah yeah loving it very cool I like that I like this I like I like pink and that pink and mint kind of color combo yeah it's a good one good one okay where are we we're here giving you another gradient awesome whoa I know is that a screen which blending mode is that that's awesome it's because it feels like a negative yeah it is I'm feels colder but he's hiking in the snow yeah it does the whole the whole thing feels pretty cold but again that great like purple and blue combo today yeah very cool some of it lots of cool shapes happening placement oh look at this action shot Wow I like that right son Mike loves that love there like if you move I want to see the bottom but there the rest I'm at the logo yeah it's awesome I really like the shapes this is really yeah it's actually very nineties yeah mm 90s yeah yeah oh it's very impactful yeah really pulls them into the action feel all the movement going on yeah like that Lance it's true they are all looking dope and everyone did do very well holy moly what is going on here man on the minnow what's going on here different patterns and textures and color palette it's a bit more muted but with those still with those pops of colors I'm not cool yeah what is this I like this cool shape something it's like a music festival on the moon yeah there's so much there's so much moon special on here inspiration welcome what do we got here Justyna oh like that purple I like that she kept the color selection like limited the palette limited here and it's like she's like brush erased out of the color and like revealed barrel seen below it yeah she really highlighted put those pieces at the forefront super cool oh wow orange in palette and ultramarine blue great I I gotta tell you I am a sucker for these circles I just love a good circle good psycho I also really like something it's like a shell like mother-of-pearl texture or something that's happening behind oh yeah that's so true it's like it looks like I'm a shiny pearlescent it looks like what like the surface of liquid body of water like looking straight down I miss from this one I love it yeah that's a cool shadow here what's this oh it's a bear summit but it's a little bit like screening out the same text I like it super neat technique and now so she's very inspired today me too no oh this is very cool I love seeing everybody's work awesome this one's muted great graves reach the point you know I have a gray kitchen and a gray cat and a gray wardrobe I really like great you're wearing the race is better somebody's really found their way to Kristy the art thriller design nah-nah-nah rista awesome good job way to use restraint Wow what is this grain what is this topographical map looking situation with a bunch of illustration is that a sketch I see some eyes and then oh there's all kinds of stuff so much happening so many lay is cool and it's like an explosion of illustration I apologize everyone that was my back button wow this is really it is like an explosion it's like sketchy sketchy fun and happening yeah I'm enjoying it super fun ooh all those circles you got that that mountain detail in the background some of these trees over here really conveying the scene mm-hmm that mountain happening all the circles about the circles love it yeah are you saying hi to us are you saying hi to people in chat I'm saying hi to you hello oh gosh pardon my apologies okay and our next one by Roland Oh minimalist and beautiful huh yeah great really clear communication in this one and we've got you know the signs you little dude I've got by mountain it's all super neat Sara Michelle's got us hooked up with some serious colors on this one it's your last name della Buffy Buffy such an important part of my childhood hmm most of ours beautiful Sara yeah I like this a lot I paid repeating of that is it no is it the same pattern that just looks different because it's got a black yeah I think different with the different this is very neat cool cool colors yeah very punchy Oh looks like that was our last one you guys you guys did an awesome job might we clap louder oh yeah the proper applause keep submitting keep keep them come in no not for delay tomorrow tomorrow come back we sad without you yeah share your work um and it looks like it is 2:45 you have just a little bit more time until we need wrap wrap wrap you guys were just gonna quick quick quick quick quick it a little wet some gentle waiting um just want to fill in some of these spaces we could go on for a real long time tweaking and tweaking and tweaking but I think it's fine we're just I just want this one bit of difference and I might repeat this same I'm I oh dear I'm just grabbing these points and rejiggering them now you do the initial sketch however you might enjoy doing that initial sketch and I might come in here and pick another green there are many different greens yeah but our dimension also with such like blobby illustrations that color contrast is kind of is I am yeah that makes sense but maybe we just send this one to the back since it's kind of messy Lance asks what if you're really anxious or don't feel like your work is good enough to post what would you say to someone who's posed shy don't worry post but everyone's learning it's alright totally and you know hopefully you have supported a supportive community like this one where you get to post and post without fear of judgment and with just support and I'd say like that's the only way the only way you get better is getting feedback and ripping that band-aid off so it's a like post and just keep getting feedback and keep tweaking and have fun with it yeah don't be too worried about what people say online yeah maybe this is a hugely this is a safe space this is and that that you're trying and that you're pushing yourself to learn a new skill you're finding it one or anything like that is so there's so much respect there's yeah you know I'm I'm always learning that's one of my it's a life thing life yeah way I like to live my life and I'm never great at something when I started no no do I feel like I'm great at anything now I look at you here I'm here I thought this was gonna be terrifying but Claude made me do it he's cheering Gil along every step of the way that cogs and now loves your style human man and I just think like yeah you just have to try different different skills and and eventually you get good at that skill mmm this is looking so good okay I'm liking the framing a bit more it feels like there's space but it's bit evenly spaced and everything's got a bit of room to breathe I'm even liking our little cooker bar a bit all right Irwin just a picture will ya I hope it I hope it's not too but klutzes approach their mindset Claire please approach the work with the beginners mindset so gotta stay humble in everything you do totally and I would say like so I I don't in any way I think that I am a illustrator but there's I wanted to do say like this is just a project that I worked on in that on the weekend because I was like I want to make drawings of my best friends and so I just looked at some different people's illustration styles and thought about how I might build off that or how might do my own and then again similar to what I've been showing you now like traced but then I'd go through and I'd be like why is far as face looking weird I'd call my mom like what's wrong virus face and she'd say send me the picture and be like ah this is what's weird about it you're like the noises are for there's some like shadowing that's wrong so being able to start pause like take a step back think about what the what the things are that's making it look different and just like do versions of that iterations on that trick and then you got Chitty farinelli I was like happy with its like you know probably in a few years I'll look back at it and be like oh that's terrible but for now you know I was like yeah man I didn't know how to do that before that moment similarly I'll show you one more thing this was the first like I was saying earlier in the day I made a bunch of handmade cityscapes when I was in college when I did Joey sign and I did these handmade ones and I was frustrated with them not being like super accurate and perfect right and so I just said that for my next semester's project I just said okay the only way I'm gonna get it that perfect is by learning a 3d modeling program and so I did a I load a 3d modeling program just like taught myself a lot of like working having everything crash losing everything crying rebuilding it again I like that you included crying in the Palio but there's you know I feel like ups and down totally and and I will say the things that I the things that I felt have felt like skills that I've learned and really internalized the most have been the ones that have been so hard and I've like worked like when I first started learning how to build websites back when there wasn't a Squarespace and you would like everything would crash and you'd lose everything and you'd cry and then you'd rebuild it and then the second time it would be so much faster yeah quickly and you'd be like oh I remember all of these pain points that I had last time blah blah blah so stick with it man and you can always learn new skills so good this looks so awesome yeah love how do we feel about this place got it yeah what do you guys think how it how's it look in would you want to visit all addala after looking at this postcard I must certainly walk yeah I'd like I said Mac you guys take yourselves there it's just past Jarvis Bay we're all gonna go do a field trip together across the globe I'll be down Oh late everyone oh so now that we've how much have we got like we have eight minutes left eight minutes left so I was gonna say three minutes left apology gift three you could also think about we can just like take these elements and use something like spark adobe spark lets you yeah I thought your import your own pngs and photos and we can just like if you want to send a postcard actually I'm just say you're when you do all visit yes like you will reality true reality say you go okay I don't maybe we'll leave the backgrounds because obviously you're gonna go to a low dollar and you're gonna take this exact photo exactly like Claude said I didn't need to do this but I'm doing it anyway cuz we've got three minutes left but say you want to create your own Instagram story beautiful oh my dog you have your photo you imported into spark and then you import your PNG into spark your well a LaBella New South Wales where is this oh I see what I'm doing good oh I know it feels like she knows the birds in your in your postcard bet your buddies now everybody's friends now everybody's friends my friends with the flowers friends with the birdies all about to go visit all a dolla you create this in spark I mean I didn't show you how to do it in stuff but you can you just export your export your little logo or your little sticker add it add it on top of your post in in spa that's a PNG you lay that on and then you post it and just spot oh my gosh my accent its arc adobe bark bark it's oh my god okay all this time okay but we're Barney on and we can tell you more about spark dokdo be calm and other travel postcard winds from Christina Cox tomorrow thank you guys so much for joining us come back come back join us tomorrow somewhere else

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