Graphic Design with Andrew Hochradel – 3 of 3

February's son now I am this is extender time from here on in I shoot without a script see if anything comes of it first shot Andrew opening Photoshop hey guys welcome to the stream we're here we're here for the musical theater references we're here to sing today and we're here to do textures today a little bit yeah those are all things that you can usually find in any one video it's true yes normal that's yeah it's super on brain for me like a little bit of show tunes a lot of bit of texture huge brand systems and just everything's black yeah so this is three we've been live for two days so far and if you haven't caught those broadcasts you can definitely go on the replays they're all in youtube so you can definitely watch everything and even if you're just joining today it's gonna be totally worth your while yeah it's gonna be super fun today a couple things real quick that we want to jump into from yesterday someone in chat yesterday asked me when working a lot with this gold foil texture that we made the first day and a silver foil texture is a part of our brand system we've been building out those are free they're on my Instagram now in the link in the bio someone asked for them yesterday and I have thusly delivered you can use them if you want or you could watch the replay and you can learn to build them yourself learn to fish I'll teach you guys you can make your own and then you can make like silver foil textures or green foil textures or rainbow foil textures whatever you want the future is out there guys I'm all scared jump into it grasp it and let us know where you're from when you're joining good to see some familiar faces Carmen Munir Jimmy Julia David Morrell Thomas from Germany oh hello guten tag hi hi Lou so where are you from Lou Angelo Angelo I'm below that sounds I would definitely write a story about someone who has your name it's very interesting name I like it huh hey ray what's up oh so many people from Germany hello I was just there this summer hanging out in Munich I had a breakfast in Munich it was fantastic just I just flew through and we were there for like five hours and so I had a breakfast and I was like yeah you stand for your breakfast in Munich – I've also had other meals Vietnam Sri Lanka Helens Chile Oh Kathleen hello is that Oh as in like Oh or is that OHS in Ohio Wow there's songs about everything guys so this week we're on day three do you know what that means portfolio reviews its portfolio time yes I want you to make sure that you submit your portfolio we're gonna pick two to review today and we'll look at them in depth we'll give you some feedback you have Andrew here who has very valuable feedback to give so it's very exciting yeah it's gonna be fun we're gonna be looking through the portfolios and we've talked the last few days if you missed any of the streams a lot about the why behind building out a brand system we talked a lot about visual communication we've talked a lot about how to tell a story using images and so as they look through those portfolios there's gonna be a little bit of like I like it or maybe I don't like it or whatever it is but most of all we're gonna help you guys communicate and kind of look through those and see what stories you are telling three or portfolios and I'm so excited to look at those portfolios I love seeing other people's work and being able to speak into it yeah cool hi Simon from Bristol I went to university and Bristol good to see you yes unday I had a bit of coffee this morning and I also ate an apple so I'm feeling healthy oh and I'm feeling fit and I'm feeling excited planes I was wondering why you're talking it was it was a golden apple which segue into our project that we're working on oh yeah gold we are here give me all the gold that was one of my favorite segways that's ever had a pulse gold foil makes sense it works yeah so we've been working the last couple days on this brand identity system for the credit awards if you want to look over our creative brief we'll be talking about it a bit at the end of the stream but if you want to look over again it's in my Instagram in that link in the bio you can scroll through check it out but the main idea is that we're building out a brand identity system for an award show for those that exist kind of behind the spotlight so I'll read the brief just the kind of key messaging copy real quick we've done this at beginning of each day just to get everyone on the same page and then today we're going into textures we're gonna start playing around some awesome textures so what we're working on is this the credit awards are a night of recognition for those who are only seen as names on a screen you won't find a list Stars or gold rate tables they're the X Y & Z list of Hollywood the behind the scenes behind all those seams from best cater to best best boy we're here to celebrate those shining behind the spotlight so that's the idea that we've been working on and putting things together so just a quick recap this is kind of what we've been working on the last few days exploring visual communication by using these different elements putting them together trying to come up with a mark but more so a system that works together that contributes and tells this story that we wanted to so as we look here we see that we've kind of landed on this idea and these elements that are like credits right rolling on a screen and so we've talked through kind of how we do that and build out a system we started to see that this system works with some of our other key copy which is always great once you have those elements and start putting them together in other ways it continues to work and we've talked a little bit of this idea that a bad idea with a good application is still a bad idea but a good idea with an OK application still a good idea so we wanted to spend a lot of time coming up with that good idea yeah and then mess around with the applications and I think that we're in the ok zone of applications and today we won't turn it up to let's turn up to 14 that feels nice and we are going to elevate this to great ideas with great applications and so what I want to do is I'm going to show you guys some texturing techniques when we look at our inspiration for this project we looked at a lot of inspiration like this let's see if we can zoom here there we go a lot of inspiration like this kind of old film titles a lot of this kind of stuff of credits coming in and today we're gonna work on creating something for the credit awards that exist within the system but has like a little twist on it right so I like to do a little once we build out the brand do like a little variant um no you cannot handle 14 Jimmy it's true we were working our way up guys it's gonna be crazy so what we're gonna be doing today is we're gonna be actually taking a lot of what we talked about yesterday and building on top of it in the challenge yesterday that we looked at it was all about layers you guys did an amazing job working with layers and today we're gonna move out of Illustrator which we've been in the last two days and into Photoshop and we are going to go layer crazy we're gonna keep building and building and try to achieve a look that's similar to this stuff that we're seeing in the inspirations yeah okay Sara hey Amy make sure you stay tuned after our stream for the hood sisters so Amy's in the chat she's getting ready and they've been doing an amazing job building a brand identity system so if you haven't checked out their whole segment the last two days you can also watch their replays yes definitely stick around I've been watching them each night or live after and they are absolutely incredible all right so we're gonna start out we're in Photoshop and we're just going to make an artboard 1920 by 1080 it's a standard screen size I to work on that just if we're doing something to explore a little bit and as we build this out we talked yesterday about the idea of building this creative pantry right that we want to take elements and those kind of become layers that are our ingredients that we're using to make our visual dish so let's back at some of this inspiration real quick and here when we look at this inspiration this is how I'd love for you guys as you look at projects as you're trying to learn try to dissect it so we look at this and the elements that I see that are communicating to me is we have this nice black and white image that's back here that might be a back layer it looks like some of the edges right up in here are kind of fading in right how's that kind of vignette on it and so that might be another layer on top of that then we have this type the type is probably at the front right but it's got that glow on it so it feels like maybe it's you know stacking up with that glow and then if you can see there's this little shadow here that might be sitting right behind that type so it helps me when I look at something like this in my brain to almost take it and try to pull it this way and then turn it to the side and almost like a chef who's tasting something and then they have to find the ingredients yes yes it's That moment when you taste it and you like the weird like thing we're like yeah like that but you're doing it in your brain and with your eyes I don't know that I equivalent of that is but oh it's got a lot of blinking yes a lot of blinking all right so what we're gonna do is we're gonna try to recreate this same look by using layers and using a whole bunch of tips and tricks in Photoshop that I'm going to show you right now so let's start out and we want the background again we want the background to kind of be something for this that fades in that feels like it's kind of that old vintage film title and we did this with our gold texture but we're gonna do the same thing that we did with the gold texture and we're gonna start with some clouds clouds are a great way to kind of just create a background texture it seems like you always start with the clothes I do always start with class we started today with clouds the shirt yeah there's clouds yeah Kathleen is wearing a cloud shirt if you want to re-watch the Photoshop daily challenge it's true and we're talking about Adobe Creative Cloud today is sponsored by clouds right Adobe has multiple clouds so we talked about clouds all the time at Adobe it's a little confusing okay all right so clouds got it so we are going to render out clouds here and we're just gonna use a dark color and a little bit lighter color now the thing that you need to keep in mind here is we're gonna be working especially because we're working black and white the colors don't really matter we're gonna be dropping an adjustment layer on top of everything that we'll get out into black and white and so I really want to work with values here and so a lot of times I'll pull colors that feel right so I'm not just working in grayscale and then I'll drop something on top of it to kind of level it out this is also what they did with the Munsters when they're shooting the Munsters back in the day it's an old show in black and white it was all in color and it was very vibrant but then they changed the black and white all right so we're gonna render out clouds and you can see here this gives us right that nice kind of textured effect like a background that would be on some kind of vintage film title and what I like to do with this is always blur stuff especially if we're wanting it to look old we don't want it to be crisp and like it's on a modern screen and so we're just gonna go in here and I wanna make a copy of that and we're gonna go in here and we are going to blur and just add a slight gout got Gaussian blur I have been designing for 11 years and still pronounce that differently every time I say Gaussian Gaussian blur so you'll see as we do this it's real subtle but it's kind of giving us this nice feathered out effect right that's great you know oh my god I don't I don't uh so the next thing we're gonna do is we're gonna add a gradient map this is gonna be the thing that just lays on top of everything that keeps it black and white that allows us to work with these values and keeps everything kind of locked into where we want it yes you can't add very realistic green on camera Kathleen says Ryan Gosling blur all right so we're gonna go in here and we're gonna use a gradient map on top of everything and just change these to black and white there we go and we're gonna play around until this is at a point where we kind of want our blocks to be maybe a little bit gray so let's pull out up to a little bit more of a gray there we go and then this background we really want it to be a little bit darker but we'll get there so we're just starting at the base and we're gonna build and build and build until we get to a place that we are comfortable with so the next thing I'm going to do is I'm gonna grab our little identifiers that we've been using for the credit awards hi Helmut welcome so this is the identifier we've kind of been using for the credit awards and we're gonna bring that over into Photoshop just go ahead and paste that as a smart object and that feels just about right alright so the next thing that I'm gonna do and I'm kind of building these layers as we go kind of just thinking of the elements one of the elements that we picked out was that vignette around the edges and so we're gonna add that vignette next just to give a little bit of zing so yes zing what I'll do here is I'm gonna grab the lasso tool and instead of doing vignettes using a feature or kind of painting the edges I like to do the lasso tool and I'll set the feather to be very high so I'll set the feather at 200 pixels and all kind of just outline and make it a little bit wobbly and this way your vignette doesn't look computer-generated again we're trying to make it look like it's on an old TV and so it gets these weird kind of oblong shapes to create a cool vignette and then we're just gonna make a new layer command shift n boom boom and we're gonna grab our brush now we're going to be brushing in black around the edges again a very soft brush for this and yet oh that is definitely white there we go there she is alright we'll deal with that in a second so we I just flipped the gradient map so that our colors worked right so we're gonna go in here we're just gonna brush out these edges a little bit's create a little bit of the fat than yet and already you can see that it's starting to communicate and feel a little older right it feels like the the beginning of I Love Lucy a little bit that texture background and what is this missing for me it's missing that noise not like old film noise so again thinking in layers we're just building and building and building so we're gonna add a noise layer on top of all of this so what I'll do is I will just make a new layer and I'm gonna fill this with a medium gray that's the gray sound effect and we're gonna go ahead and add noise filter noise add noise add a good bit of noise one hundred and forty one percent and I did that monochromatic so that again we're trying to keep that color out to keep it just black and white and we're adding in this noise and I'm gonna change the blending mode to overlay what that'll do is it'll kind of pop out the whites the blacks will stay consistent and then we're gonna play around with the opacity and again working with those layers I'm gonna take this opacity down just so much that we're getting a little bit of this kind of roughness on these edges and again we talked about it we want it to look old we want it to kind of fit the TV and these feel like little squares so you can see the pixels here oh we want to get rid of that we don't want it to look digital so again we're gonna go in filter blur and we're just gonna do a little Gaussian blur on this that feels right it feels like it was it was sharp at one point but we're looking through it through an old screen texturize my angle of thunder – yes thank you I will be the angel of Photoshop that is fine I've seen a lot of people joining in the last few minutes so welcome welcome everyone hello we are texturising creating a old kind of vintage film title card for our brand experience our brand identity that we were building out for the credit awards that are an award show we're working on so so we got our little texture and for me it's missing a little bit of dimension and the thing that I love about old kind of the wrong noir is the way that they do the lighting right there's always harsh lighting and you'll see like the light across their eyes and so we're gonna play around with that again just adding in another layer and this time we're going to use an adjustment layer let's go in here and let's grab the lasso tool again and again whenever I'm working with creating kind of lighting or darkness I'm always using this lasso tool very very feathered and we're gonna do that classic like across the eye zone so we're just gonna pull this here and grab kind of that harsh diagonal and now that we have this selected I'm gonna come over here and grab the curves and what this is gonna do is it's gonna set on top of everything and curse help adjust the brightness or darkness of your image and so we're just gonna pull this up a little bit and you'll see now we're getting this really nice contrast right yes Tim yes the the raw the raw nose does look better but we're gonna be kind of creating this light texture so now you see that we're starting to get a little bit more of that vintage film we're starting to get a little bit more dimension and we're gonna keep playing with this and so the curves as you pull this curve up it will get brighter as you curve it down it will get darker so we want it right there so there's some contrast and I'm actually gonna pull down here this is gonna make the shadows a little more intense so we're gonna keep that contrast going but still have that element of light what's the curve do you really know what's happening or like when you first started using it did you just experiment with it yes so the the thing that I did once I got into any Adobe program is I literally went through here and went through every single one of these everything that's a layer everything that's type everything that's a filter and saw what they did because it's just like a tasting lab you said when you're cooking you need to taste the ingredients before you know what to do with them and so yes going don't be afraid that like I'm doing it wrong literally just going and try to break everything mess it up make it super weird because then you know what it is yeah I like to use the analogy that I have a lot of students that will say you know I'm proficient in Photoshop or I have five stars in InDesign and to me that's like a carpenter saying like I am proficient in hammer I have five stars and saw like these are the tools that we use and the tools that you will use to express your creativity and create things and so take time get proficient in these programs Adobe's created an amazing platform amazing things for us to showcase our creativity so learn to use them so you're not trying to build a birdhouse with like a piece of paper yes let me just remind everyone we have a chat and wind it's been going on for two days and it's with our friends at move we are giving away this beautiful hardcover notebook and it comes in different colors it has lay-flat technology I love saying that mystery that has been is exciting every time we talk about it so this can be yours and I'll prompt you but you can keep your eye out for the chat and win countdown when it gets to zero I'll be like okay let's go and all you have to do is write something in the chat maybe we can all say our favorite black-and-white movie in the chat oh yes let's talk about black and white movies yes so think about your favorite black and white movie and say it in the chat once that countdown goes yes all right so the next thing looking at this that's obviously standing out to me is right this logo that we have here when we look at our inspiration the inspiration all these are white they have that glow to them they are white with that little drop shadow and this is obviously wrong it's not so we are going to go in here and we're going to find our layer which I'm going to actually name and we are going to right-click on this and we're going to add some blending options now this is something that once you do these you can save them you can you're out kind of write it down make a note of how to do some of these layer styles because it's really easy to achieve some of those glows at glowing effects using combinations of layer styles so what we're gonna do first is we're novice ly gonna do a color overlay and we're going to set this not a pure white we're gonna set it kind of at a mid gray so if you can see what's happening is because it's on a mid gray instead of white we still are capturing some of these layers that are happening above it so if we did appear Y it would knock everything out would just be white but doing that gray we still get this little vignette that's coming over here and it starts to pick up some of those subtle tones so going back into our blending modes we also are going to put a little bit of a glow on it right so we see this glow that's happening here we want to achieve that so we're gonna go and find outer glow it's right here we're gonna go ahead and check that on and we're gonna set it to white because we want that white outer glow and let's go crazy just to see what it does so if we turn it all the way up it is it is glowing this is our logo fully glowed up as they say this is glowing so we're gonna change this and bring it back down quite a bit the noise is a little out of control so we'll bring that down just for now I'll bring it so there's just this kind of subtle glow happening to our design we're gonna go and take the opacity down so it's just got a little bit of that globe alright we're starting to get somewhere it's starting to feel a little older a little more glowy re aria says I see what's happening here yes it's happening so something else that we want is we want to add in some of this noise we've been having noise on a lot of the other areas and we want to keep incorporating that because again things that are old aren't usually sharp or crisp so I feel alright with how this is looking so we're gonna go ahead and hit OK on that and now we have if we zoom in here you'll see that we have kind of this nice glow we've got kind of these edges going and the next thing that we're going to do to me it's blending into the background a little bit and so we want to create this dimension that we've seen here and so we're gonna go in and we are going to add this drop shadow the same kind of thing that we're seeing here a little bit seeing here but I do this in my personal way and probably the most roundabout least effective way possible but it works which is what's great about these programs and we're gonna go in here and we're just gonna hold command and we're gonna select the thumbnail of this logo layer here you'll see we'll get the marching ants ants around our shapes and then I'm going to make a new layer under this I'm using command shift and for that as the hotkey to make a new layer and we're going to set our background to black about just have send it to a darker gray and then this is where the roundabout backwards Andrew secret style comes in we're gonna select that lasso tool and what I'm gonna do is if you hit command + delete it's going to fill with the background color and so we want this shadow to go at a 45 degree angle and so instead of doing a blend in Photoshop or a saree blend in Illustrator I'm literally just going to go one to the right one down and then hit command delete and it will fill it with matte black and so it's very tedious but if you get it and you go fast you can create drop shadows very quickly and very easily and you'll see I'm literally just doing down right down right down right command delete down right command delete doing this yes oh yeah here let's get GoPro cam can you get the GoPro over yes I'll show you guys the hotkeys that we are using for this extreme close-up all right there we go so we are literally going command delete and then command delete left down command delete left down it's crazy so that is how I will create these kind of drop shadow did everyone get that yeah everyone's got it right that is not the right way to do it but it's yeah it's like playing a piano very much like playing piano and I just mess it up right there so we're gonna go ahead and do this real quick so I've got a nice drop shadow serices man I got distracted for a second and it looks amazing it's all layer styles it's very very easy if you yeah I missed it got distracted for a second watch back that replay get up on it it's very very easy to learn and to kind of set so now you'll see as we get this kind of drop shadow going it's giving us that dimension right we really like that it has that dimension it's starting to match this look again that we were kind of working with and the thing that I'm seeing all around is that it's very crisp still and so we want to again go in and we're just going to grab these effects we're going to right click copy layer style and we're going to paste it onto this shadow we're going to need to go in and change the color so it's not glowing white but we want those same values so I'll go in here gonna change it to that dark black and same with the outer glow we were going to set to that darker black there we go I am going to make this a little more gray of course we're getting some alternatives in the chat oh yes please alternative Alt alt command T and then command alt shift T is that doing transform again chef alright we're going somewhere it's it's happening guys the thing is happening I'll be about 30 seconds seconds till chattin win so we're gonna hop back in right after chat and win and really give this a long shadow add some more texture give it that real grit in depth but we have about 20 seconds Chatwin alt hitting command T do the movement once then do and it's like community know each other oh my goodness magic thank you sorry oh sorry I was just surreal yeah let us know for pronouncing your name right surreal yes he actually last night hit me up on Instagram he's been watching the stream and he did an animation for our brand identity and so it's in the pitch that we're gonna be showing at the end of the stream I put it at the end its mocked up on the phone it's really really amazing so we'll check that out later okay thanks for doing that okay it's time to start chatting so tell us your favorite black and white film mine is probably Maltese Falcon like I'm a fan of like just old school old school and I'll tell you mine oh I like that time for you guys to start yes any any great st Logan the norcut these are good answers guys honeymooners Sabrina dancing in the rain Oh City oh that's my favorite answer the beginning part of The Wizard of Oz I love that yes the artist that's a great one the artist is a great one I cried a lot in that movie I was gonna say aroma because I just watched it two days ago and it was really awesome psycho oh yeah old-school Mickey Mouse yeah some Steamboat Willie I don't know how it goes I can't believe I don't know how it goes our city is getting a lot of love Congrats you get this notebook you did it guys well you did it Jackie sorry you did it Jackie and for everyone else you actually get a 15% discount on muqaam oh my god so even if you didn't win this notebook we do have a code for MU and once all this chatting has done Tim can put it in the chat for you guys to click on yep and if you didn't win you're all winners because we have our free gold and silver foil textures for you guys yeah yeah it's winners for winners for everyone let's just repeat that Andrew put a link in his bio on Instagram where he has some assets that you can get for free including this silver and gold texture and his pitch day great yep you have the pitch text in there links to our black roses podcast the bran bar talking about branding links to the black roses website if you'd like to check out some of the other partners but yeah we these are up there and yesterday we talked about this a little bit that gold foil is just our silver foil is just golden black and white and so did that yes you get a free texture you get a free texture I am like design over texture all right cool so back to this we are on our way somewhere we're not quite there yet so let's start let's keep adding to me the contrast isn't quite enough and so I'm gonna actually add another curves layer to this and make just the outside a little bit more dark so again super feathered lasso brush we're just going around here making a very rough selection and I'm going to come back up here to the top and we're gonna right click and then select inverse so instead of having the inside selected we want the outside and we're going to add another curves layer and I like to encourage instead of brightness and contrast because you can really pull a specific points of the highlights of the lowlights really mess around with it and I like this interface a lot when working in black and white so we want these edges to be a little more contrasting there we go that's feeling a little bit better for me and then we're gonna go in and adjust this one that we have coming across the middle to be a little bit brighter so you can just double click here on this little circle with a slash and we're just gonna grab this and pull it up so it's a little bit brighter get that load up yes says this reminds me of the Three Stooges credit yes we are we are going for that era so we are definitely moving in the right direction which I'm super excited about all right so next I actually want to add some banding lines Oh Sarah we are working on texturing our logo from yesterday plugging it back into the brand identity system so we're gonna add some banding lines and what I'm gonna do is come back into Illustrator and the only reason I do this is it's personal preference it's easier for me to kind of just use the command D in here and make some banding lines yes the edges are more edgy we're just gonna make some little banding lines here make them black and again we're gonna use that option drag to just add a little bit and give us another copy and then command D all the way down to make this nice vibrating oh my goodness it's really hard to look at it's it's doing a lot my goodness and we're just kind of pace that here on top of our design all right so that's there that obviously is ruining it right now but again if we're thinking about using these kind of elements right they were picking out these elements this is like putting in a full clove of garlic we may just need sprinkling so what we're gonna do is this is way too much right now we're going to like it is yeah this is we're gonna take this opacity down we're gonna take it down to like 20 and then again it's super super crisp and so we're gonna do that same thing blur Gaussian blur your opponent seen seen again and I'm actually going to set this one at like five there we go and so now you can see that we're getting these little banding lines right so the reason that it's all starting to work together is because of these layers you'll see that the layers the noise is interacting with the lines the lines are interacting with the text the text is interacting with the shadow it's all kind of building on each other to keep this to keep this kind of style going and asked I'd love to know what your own brand persona is for black roses yes so you can actually if you go to black roses comm we actually have our manifesto up there that talks a little bit about who we are what we do kind of our approach to brand experience and who you are kind of as a brand experienced agency so yeah black roses calm and has all that on there and our brand identity for black roses we're a little bit secretive we're a little bit edgy and if you look our logo is just the stem and the thorn because we want to be a little bit unexpected and sometimes when you have something beautiful and it's got a little thing with it oh yeah the rest is not exciting yeah you don't want someone that's just like I am nice yeah yeah the petals are overrated sometimes you need a little bit of edge reverb Mike I have been watching everything you're saying and I loved it but I haven't been able to call you out so hey reverb my all right so again we've said this a few times this is to crisp so even though we have this kind of fuzzy edge it still feels a little bit too clean and don't be afraid of pushing things too far so because these are smart objects here what I want to do is I'm gonna actually group these and right here this is just our logo now so you'll see because we're working with layers we can very easily turn that layer off turn it back on and all that stuff that's stacked on top of it is interacting with it using our layer styles using our opacities everything's interacting with each other so we're gonna make a copy of this just so that I have one down here I'm gonna name this our reserved logo there we go and then I'm gonna make this into a smart object got it and then again we're just gonna add that blur to this so that it fills in a little bit more and what it's doing is it's gonna take all those things that we've added to it and blur it out just a little bit five is way too much but setting it at two gives us a little bit of that softer edge it's starting to glow up a little bit and going more in the direction that I think we want thankful for the glow up glow up and the last thing we're gonna do two more things to this before we call it did we are going to go ahead and use our command click and we're going to want to select both the shadow that we have on it and the letters yes bold decision yes we we love making bold decisions I personally do and we also do at block resins we like to kind of flip some tables as I like to call it so we've got our reserved logo we're gonna go ahead and grab I've got some weird things selected there we go we're gonna go ahead and grab both our letters and our shadow and again I'm gonna do that same technique which is wrong and I still need to learn the new one you guys are talking about but we're gonna go the opposite direction and what this is doing is we're thinking if the light is coming sorry from this direction down that way it stops oh my goodness down that that way got it oh my goodness got it there we go coming down that way we want to create a long shadow that's coming out that way as well and so we're going to do that same thing and we're filling it in except this time we're going down into the left and I actually won't do as much on this one because we're gonna use another blur sort of filling less I know what we want everything to be blurry we want it to look like that old TV and so now we're starting to get a little bit more of that dimension but it's too harsh so we're gonna take the opacity down here it's like a chili pepper yep and now you're seeing right then we're starting to get a little bit of that dimension to it and what I like to do here is do that super long shadow so we're gonna grab this shadow layer that we're doing here and just go to filter and we're gonna do a blur and we're gonna do a motion blur this time I want it to pull out at that 45 degree angle so we're gonna motion blur there we go and you'll see if we just said it a little bit you'll see that it starts to glow and starts to have a little bit more of that dimension now it's also pushing the shadow to this upper side but it doesn't become as noticeable because of the extra shadow that's under here so now we've got write this title card it's looking pretty good to me I'm gonna get into it and the last thing that we're gonna do is we are going to glow it up even more and then we can use this as maybe an intro to the credit Awards maybe it's something that we use as a special like Lifetime Achievement maybe we give it to Charlie Chaplin's stunt doubles younger son or something is like a Legacy Award and yes Kevin it is so simple so again it's just been years of breaking things through and really just experimenting to try to come up with how we can do this so the last thing we're gonna do is we are gonna glow it up I was going say the images that are your inspiration the text does look a lot brighter it does doesn't have a lot of noise on the text yes it does and so that's what we're gonna do right now is we're noticing that if we look in here especially in the details here and in here as well there's a little bit of that but not much and it looks like they're emanating a little bit of a glow right and so we want to try to do that and so what we're gonna do here is we're literally just going to paint in a glow I'm gonna make a new layer and I want to make it under the noise and under these banding lines again we're thinking that noise is on top then the banding lines that we want to add a little bit more of this glow so I'm gonna add a new layer and we're gonna change the blend mode of this to dissolve and what dissolve does is as we paint in oh this is gonna murder my computer for a second we're gonna go ahead and bring this brush way down you'll see that dissolve gives this nice grain and that's gonna interact very nicely with what we have been working with on the other side exactly so if we look here and set this to normal it's painting in a clean line but you can see that because of that noise the way it's interacting it's still picking up a little bit of that noise and we actually want that so this might work better so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna leave that on normal because it looks so great and we're gonna come in here not expecting yeah we're gonna come in here and kind of just dab in some of these parts that we want to glow and it's nice because you can see as we play with this opacity and bring it up we can adjust what the glow is on this this is really fun we make it into today we may not but in Photoshop you can actually animate these and if you're an animator out there this is really great to have a layer like this that you can literally take the opacity and you can play with it so that it animates in and it creates kind of this glowing effect by just changing the opacity so we're gonna leave this we're at 75 and again we're just coming in here and getting rid of some of these banding lines tossing in little areas that we think should glow a little bit more and this isn't about being perfect this is really about just kind of creating a little more texture a little more depth see that's too much and we look at Matt so we're gonna come over here and maybe we'll just drop it on the bottom part of the our give little elements that are kind of glowing to really create that so much over here and let's do the side of that see there we go so we've got a little bit some weird things happening over here we're gonna take this opacity down just a little bit there we go we'll see that we've got that glow and we feel like this is kind of looking older it's got the vibe that we really want and achieving that all with layer styles and stacking layers and the great thing again if you're an animator or you're looking to try to mess around in Photoshop try to break things I'm not going to show you how but I'll show you where and then it's up to you to explore you're gonna go to window and click on timeline here you can do a frame animation you can do a video animation and you can play around with all kinds of things like what would happen if we took all of these layers that we've created right that's just a logo I grabbed the vignette in there we want to take that out there we go if we grab all these layers that are just a logo we can turn it on and off right and all those effects are going away coming together and because it's built in layers and everything's on its a separate layer we can drag this around we can animate this so that imagine this is animating as our opening title to the conference right or to the award show then it Scrolls in and then locks down so this is something that these are just different layer styles again there's a million ways to create this kind of look this is the kind that I like to go with and I think that it works well for kind of that old vintage film that we're looking for so we're going to save this out I'm matching it that's true loving it yes we're gonna head and save this out and then we're gonna hop over into Illustrator and keep building out this brand system a little bit and we're gonna show you how to achieve some of these textures and kind of the grittiness and illustrator as well because it's great in Photoshop but we definitely want to explore it in Illustrator as well if we need a vector application so I'm just gonna save this hey Muhammad hi I'm Massimiliano hiya fridge' David thanks everyone for joining if you are just joining don't forget to submit your portfolio we have another about 40 minutes left for you to submit your portfolio and we can review it and this will be happening all day so you can submit it later and it will be reviewed by the next hosts and designers coming up yep I'm really excited to see you guys in portfolios so it's gonna be great so we're gonna start one of the things that we saw in our creative brief is they wanted to kind of explore a little bit of texture and so we are again we are all about texture today in about 15-20 minutes or so we're gonna jump ahead today's gonna be a little bit of a baking show I did a ton of work last night building out so the kind of full brand identity so I wanted to show you guys some practical hands-on tips that you can take home instead of just working on adding mock-ups and stuff we did that I did that all last night so we're gonna do the here's what we're presenting and then I'm gonna open the oven and pull out and I'm actually going to pitch you guys the chat and the viewers if you're watching this later as the client to give you a little bit of idea about how we present a brand system about how we talk to the client about how this brand system works and really show I think that a little bit of the difference of how black roses approaches projects and solutions instead of delivering assets cool so let's hop into Illustrator and show some kind of texturing techniques let's do this one is fairly easy so we'll start here we're gonna grab a texture what a great way to start a texturing technique and where we grab that wrong Dobies Adobe stock today sponsored by clouds and Adobe's we're gonna hop over to Adobe stock and like we have looked in Photoshop we aren't necessarily looking for a certain type of texture I like to think of everything in black and white and look at values so as we go through here I want something that is maybe a little bit grungy but we don't want quite grungy we want it to look a little more almost paper ink rolled so let's look here grainy abstract texture that's looking a little too simple yeah a little too digital little too kind of splotchy for me let's use this one so this definitely feels grungy and very intense but I'm going to show you guys how one one texture can really turn into a bunch of different textures by augmenting it by tossing a weird stuff in there hi Carmen and Jamie hello Tina hello yes reverb Mike After Effects is incredible so we're gonna go ahead and grab this off of dobie stock oh I must be signed in to access oh I am you are signed in I might be signed in alright let's try this one more time and if not guys we're making our own textures all right so let's grab and see where is the one oh this feels right all right let's see if we can license this hooray our download is beginning shortly and by shortly it means right now so Mariam if you want to submit your portfolio check the portfolio review tab above the chat and it will have a link to a sheet where you can fill in your information yep there's the one all right so this is opening right now in Illustrator it looks like it is an EPS which is totally fine we're actually going to save this out as a PNG just to show you guys if you were taking a picture of concretes with your phone if you were liked a wall that you saw you really create textures with anything so we're gonna head and open this in Illustrator alright so it's already looks like yep it's got a lot of anger points here actually you know what let's grab let's grab a pavement so let's use an image so I can show you guys if you were out and about and you grab a photo I want you to be able to create your own textures and texturize in your own way should now asked if there are textures you tend to use more than others um as far as like a stock texture or something that like I have images ready no I'll build a lot of my own textures I tend to use things that are gritty I like things that look inky that kind of stuff and yes taking photographs of textures isn't much easier so I actually really like this one here it's a JPEG so we can use that I like that it has that nice grittiness but to me I'll see the values that we can invert this we can a boost the contrast we can change it to white we can really play around with a lot of layers and depth of texture here so we're gonna go ahead and grab this one Roger said I should probably say hello well I should probably respond alright so let's go ahead and open this in Photoshop reverbs mike says I like to visit the parking lot at work and make my own textures yep okay wow this is great I am super into this I love it so much uh and you know what we're actually gonna do I like this so much I'm gonna copy this and I'm gonna paste it onto the background of what we were working with here so I like the depth of texture and again because we worked with layers I can just drop this into the background oh my goodness and it got real crazy yep so it's got a little bit more that texture so again because you're working with layers you can add things take things away so we're gonna grab this and let's do this all in Illustrator for now goodbye we're gonna drag our texture in here and we're gonna be using something called an opacity mask in Illustrator opacity masks are really fun really great super easy to use we're just going to take this image and we're gonna drop it over whatever we want to mask and select both of them so you'll see here that they're both selected if you want to see what values are there you can hit command Y it'll bring up just the outlines and then we're gonna go over to transparency this little tab here and what we're gonna do is hit make masks and now you'll see what it's doing is it's taking all of the blacks all of the shadows and knocking them out it's taking all the highlights and keeping them bring in to the front and so since this doesn't have a lot of highlights it's going to knock out a lot of our image which is fine oh let's go ahead and select the whole thing there we go so now we see it's turned to white because there is a lot that has been knocked out and what we're gonna do here is I'm gonna go ahead and invert the mask and what that does it's it's doing the opposite it's keeping the darks taking out the lights yeah and so what's nice about its pasady mask because it's already got this nice texture it's giving us this nice texture and if we need to drop something behind it let's say that we need to drop a color or something or it's going on a photo opacity masks are going to keep God opacity so now you can see that it's taking that texture and basically taking it and pushed it on to what we were using as our logo Kirwan says no one cared who I was until I put on the map yes yes this is our this is our phantom of the opera' moment and so what I'll do a lot of times with texture is I think this is great but again it still feels too clean for me I love to do things that are rough that are rugged then have kind of that hard edge that feel a little more hand done so what we're gonna do is we're just gonna make a copy of this and we're gonna start playing around with some effects in Illustrator again illustrator works in vector but we're gonna be using some raster effects to really mess it up and then pull it back into the vector using live trace so it's going to be a lately off the rails so we're just gonna select this and go to effect and we're gonna add in a blur so these are photoshop effects down here which means that they are raster which means that it won't be eternally scalable but that's fine we'll get back to that we're going to turn our preview and we're gonna play around with how this blur looks so again we're looking to kind of get rid of some of the detail on some of these letters and if you've ever seen a design that has kind of a nice rounded edge on everything a lot of times designers will do that so make it super clean they'll blur it and then what we're gonna do is we are going to select it and we are going to rasterize it rasterize so now that it's rasterized what that does is it basically makes it just an image so now we have the blur on it we have a little bit of that texture on it that we've pulled from Photoshop and then we're gonna come in here to image trace image trace is something that automatically will go in it will kind of guess at what he wanted to be it's basically punching out and making it vector again and what I like to think of it as doing is it's keeping all the blacks and punching out all the whites and so doing something like this that is blurry that has all this texture almost I feel like will confuse it into something cool like it makes it just messed up enough to feel like it's been custom done so I'll go ahead and go in here then I have a preset that's just halftone I'll show you guys the setting for that in a second and we're gonna go ahead and run that alright so we'll look at the settings here if you guys want to do it these settings that I use I've got my threshold here at 110 my paths are at 98 so it's picking up almost all the paths my corners at zero I want them to be super super crisp and then our noise at 2 we wanted to pick up as many little things as we can so what's nice yes my computer is going to absolutely explode doing this technique which is fine it's pulling a lot of anchor points in here we're gonna keep it raster until we need to but what it's doing is it's pulling at all these and we can really play around with taking this threshold down and if you take the threshold down it's gonna think about it for a hot second and then it's going to basically make it lighter so the lower the lower the threshold the lighter it will be right now we're missing a whole bunch or if we take it all the way up it's gonna make it super dark so here it's nice because we got this kind of hard edge but I still want a little more of that ink roll kind of texture on it and the little pieces that we're missing in here there we go that's cool right and so that's feeling just about right let's take it down a little bit more and see where it goes a little too much so that's fine so you guys can play around with it yes this is a great effect to do the hoods also have a technique that they'll use with this on the edges here that create that kind of rough in but I like to bring in a texture and mask it out and then play around with Auto trace if you guys are looking to learn more about texture I've learned another technique like this that's absolutely incredible that's taught by Ben Stafford look him up follow on instagram ben b NS ta f f ORD he's absolutely incredible he teaches a class about texturing and it's awesome so I've learned some techniques from him on this and for those of you that didn't catch yesterday in the day before there's a replays tab right above where you're watching on B hands live so you can look at this video again because you want to see all the steps that and resisted or yesterday's or the day before and we have a few people that just joined hi from my station welcome oh hi göran göran is loving everything that we're doing is so seen here that blurr just makes these have these rounded edges and I'm sorry it's it like kind of ruins a text but I think it like brings it to a new level I like to kind of mess things up a little bit to see what we can get as we experiment with these textures yes go follow Ben choppers here hello Ben hello yes guys go follow Ben Stafford he uses a similar technique that I'm not going to show you on stream because it's his and he teaches a class on it which is awesome but it does he works a lot with colors works a lot with gradients and it's incredible so let's do one more texture and then I'm going to show you guys the full brand identity system that we've built out so hi Jimmy alright so let's do one more texture and let's see what do we want to do here I know um let's make our own texture guys so we've been using textures that are pre-made but you know what we are strong and independent and I am going to show you guys the same way yes I I believe in me as well the same way that we have been building out a lot of the effects we've been using by just using clouds so when you're thinking textures we're literally just thinking about positive and negative values black and white the black is gonna punch out the whites gonna stay and so let's do black and white and we are just going to render out some clouds there we go so we've got some nice clouds Wow texture and what we can do here is we can either out effects in Photoshop or we can kind of play around with different ways to make this a little more interactive but I'm going to show you guys what happens if we literally just render out our own clouds and then do that same technique that we just did we're going to toss the clouds on top we're gonna make a mask and then I'm just going to come in here and we are going to give it a little bit of a blur and then again we're gonna go in and just Auto trace it and once you have these settings you can save them for the future and this is just gonna show you how easy it is to use your own textures so it got a little bit weird a little bit too much we're gonna bring this up again bringing the threshold higher makes it a little bit more intense and so I love just these little little details that it's kind of guessing on creates these really dynamic letters this way you're not having to you're not having to go in and change little anchor points or make it softer using that blur and auto trace is absolutely incredible to create this kind of texture Sheree I'm working full-time for focus lab now and hope to have my vector texture class available soon through sight yes yeah definitely take his vector texture class it's absolutely incredible so good he goes into 40 different techniques that we haven't talked about today he's super influenced my work in the way that I work but yeah he's absolutely amazing go follow him hey Dahlia okay arleigh from Mexico I saw you earlier chiming in and Everton good to see all of you great to see new people joining throughout the stream hello room and portfolio submission deadline 20 minutes 28 minutes guys cool so we have looked at some texture techniques again we've looked at kind of this rough edge using opacity masks we've looked at this kind of blurred out version working with clouds we've gone into Photoshop and worked a lot with texture and Photoshop to create things like this and something else that we did in Photoshop is I brought in this credit awards and we're gonna start transitioning out of teaching you guys things and I want to go back to what we've been working on the last two days so last two days we've been talking a lot about the why behind design and I wanted to take a little bit of time today to show you guys how and show some techniques and stuff but we're gonna jump back and we're gonna go through the full brand build outs that working on that we worked on together that I've kind of expanded this is the baking show part of the show where I say oh yeah we're gonna work on some mock-ups and then I open them I go the great Adobe Live bake-off yes it's a good bake yes oh my goodness I'm so happy that that just happened so something that I something that I would like to do and present into clients is we have we have this logo here and we worked yesterday and created a bunch of different versions of this logo right we had a silver version we played around with it having cutouts having it you know different elements that are kind of in those as a brain element something that's a full cutout of photos and I really liked this idea and so what I did is I wanted to create a gif so what we did is we went to a window timeline and in Photoshop it's really really easy let me move this song over it there we go it's really really easy to create a timeline with an animated gif so basically what you do is you're gonna click on new here and each one that you click you can designate what it looks like and so we're just changing and cycling through each of these and this is something that I'll use a lot when presenting to clients to show the variations of what a logo could be to go through secondary marks and it's just an easy way to add a quick little animation without having to get into After Effects without having to get too crazy as you're just stacking layers on top of each other what if your shapes are different if your shapes are different probably not a good solution this is something that I'll usually only use if it's a punch-out if it's a similar shape if I'm gonna try to scroll through things very quickly I'll use these frame animations cool hair mondo nation all right so let's resister we got 25 minutes so we're gonna walk through this full of brand identity system just to recap I'm going to go over the creative brief then I'm gonna look at the illustrator file that we have been working on together and then I'm gonna treat you guys as the clients I'm going to pitch you and show you the the way to that we like to present a system and some of the things that build out into something broader than anything we've worked on individually here so let's just walk real quick through this creative brief so we are working on something for the credit Awards and again we read this at the beginning of the stream it's another recognition for all the people that work behind the scenes and usually we'll go back through this with a client just to make sure that we're all on the same page the goal is the biggest one just was to create a scalable system which we'll see I think that we've done by by picking out those brand elements and then kind of remix it and remix in them into something new the voice classic organic energetic relaxed funny we wanted to encompass this character of wedding who's above us and who's actually a real person she's one of my friends she's awesome yes she is awesome I try to base client pitches off of my actual friends because it helps me kind of develop the character to say well any would say this she wouldn't say that but most of the clients don't know that I get our inspiration we looked at a lot today film titles a lot of this kind of printed texture and then a lot of geometry this is something that we really really worked off in this brand identity system is playing with that geometry oh david says I used to work in making movie trailers and never got my name in anything so this is for you this is for you David David you are the winner of our first-ever credit award come on up to the stage David yes all right so we're gonna hop over and kind of start walking through the full build-out let's look at our illustrator document real quick so this is what we've been working on the last few days and I'm sure that at some point you guys may have tuned in and you're like oh man this is kind of slow going or you know there's a lot of pieces that are kind of just out there like how does it all come together that's the glory of building a brand identity system that really is elements that work together to create something new so we played around yesterday and came up with this kind of mark we liked the idea of the vertical alignment being a big thing the large shapes the credit blocks being used punchouts and starting to play around even with this the kind of repeating pattern and instead of presenting a logo to the client I like to present here's the system here's how it works and then kind of facilitate them to reinvent it to reimagine it if they're working with other designers to kind of figure it out so let's go right into this this pitch and I am going to treat you guys like our clients so you guys in chat will be the credit Awards hello credit voice chat so do you want the chat to ask you questions uh yeah yeah if you guys have questions yeah if you guys have questions as we go go ahead and ask those questions and we'll get to them at the end and all hopefully this will be good for you guys to see the difference that I think black roses has to presenting a brand identity system as opposed to logos or building out like a full deck with you know all these comps and stuff good bye software design all right so let's hop in hello hello chats hello credit warts so today we're gonna be presenting to you the brand identity system for the credit Awards we wanted to create something that was scalable and versatile that would work for you that you guys could scale on your own and really not only celebrate the 18th year but become a system that will continue on for years to come so just to recap the credit awards are a night of recognition for those who are only seen as names on a screen you won't find the a-list stars or gold draped tables then the X Y & Z of Hollywood and they're behind the scenes behind all the scenes so just as a side note we build all these pitch decks custom to the client in their brand identity system so that they can start to see how it works and they can start to experience their own voice of their own organization instead of it looking like black roses yes and again Gorgon we are integrating different elements of the logo into different pieces that's the glory of building out a brand system is you can kind of break things out and it becomes a visual language so the first thing we always do is we start working on inspiration we look at inspiration and as we talked with the client we loved all film we loved a lot of this geometry we got super into kind of cutouts playing with photos showing through and kind of going through all this inspiration so we'll go through this with a client and you'll see here this is a little side note the way there we go down there you'll see that we're starting to tease that voice we've played a lot around with this scroll of type and the scroll of the credits in this brand identity system and so I like to put little nods to that system to help informing the viewer about what they're seeing and start telling the client how their organization speaks so from inspiration we're moving on to voice and again it's like we're scrolling through credits so the voice here is that we are classic not dated organic not grungy energetic but not chaotic relaxed not casual and we are sassy but not flippant I believe in the original pitch sassy was something like that it was funny but as we've started to build out this voice we really think that it's sassy I really think that as we worked on it it's just become more more sassy I like how you cut off the next title just like that whole system of scrolling yep yeah so you notice that and it made me wonder like why is he doing that then I'll find out exactly yeah so especially in building out pitch decks I like to incorporate the brand identity and those little things we've talked about the last day the last few days of giving that index that now instead of feeling a slide it feels like it's scrolling it feels like there's something more it feels like we're cutting something off and it feels a little bit more like it's on a scrolling screen and so those small decisions of just placement and using that as an index help inform and start to bring bring the voice to life so moving into type systems we really wanted to create a type system that felt bold that encompassed your voice then again we wanted it to be strong but then have a little bit of sass to it and so we have a little bit of this end that we're using this bold the bold headline of Dunbar's Hall but then a little bit of sassy matching it with that matrix – and matrix – we like to say it's kind of the like backhanded but you'll never guess what happens next and Dunbar is an absolutely amazing typeface it was made by CJ Dunn yeah CJ Dunn if he's in the chat hello CJ we've been just absolutely dying over this typeface the last couple days it's incredible we love it it's a variable typeface so if you guys want to grab it from Adobe fonts definitely go do that too go check it out and it's gorgeous so the next thing that we're gonna present are the identifiers so a lot of times when building a brand system I don't like to use the verbage of a logo or a secondary mark I like to use the verbage of an identifier I think identifier czar elements that we use within the brand to remind people of who that brand is we're creating mental check points for people in their brain so we're gonna look at our identifiers and this is the application yeah the application of what we talked about that gif that kind of cycling through the different elements and this is usually the big reveal for the client is hey we're gonna look at the identifiers and I will show here is the one that you're gonna say oh I get it using this using these pieces this can be our logo and then I like to take a twist on it and say yes this could be your logo but more than a logo this builds into a full system of identifiers it's not just a logo that you'll slap on everything it's a series of pieces that have been assembled and can be broken apart can be reassembled by you to scale this into a full identity system so that you can use it in a whole bunch of different ways and so this is something you can see we can achieve that scrolling effect we can play with the arrangement and we really love exploring the idea of pulling the credit awards and really playing with that extreme horizontal application and you'll see we'll be getting into applications next so looking at this brand identity system these identifiers we've played her out with some of the pieces but we really wanted to show you what it's like to break it apart and see how it builds into a full system instead of just pieces so the visual language that we're using here and this is always a big slide so this is what will eventually become like a brand standard manual it is it will help inform is I'm telling another designer or I'm telling the client these are the ingredients that we're using using the ingredients were using to create your dish this is the elements that we use that become your voice right and so we're using the credit blocks we're using ellipses and ellipses my goodness gold foil texture silver foil texture the punch outs which is using those credit blocks to kind of punch out photos and then we're using and playing with the extreme width with those dots we saw it here when we were building out that identifiers that hopefully though any two words could be there and people would think about the credit awards because of that element of the extreme width and really what we're doing here is we're creating mental checkpoints for people so that they won't they won't need to see a logo they'll be able to see any of these elements used together and they'll know oh this is a visual language right much like we'll trace this back to ancient Egypt you guys see something a carve that looks like a hieroglyphic you think back to ancient Egypt we want to create that for our viewers and for our clients then when you see these elements used together it's a visual language that we're creating for this brand so next up we move into some applications and this is where we really start to show off how this brand identity system works together how it all comes together and how it all works in different pieces so this is kind of the straightforward using that scroll kind of playing with the top and bottom eternal scroll of the credits and then playing around with some applications here of maybe on a bus stop showing how just the ellipses can be broken out right and it's still communicating the credit Awards it still feels like the credit Awards and that's the biggest thing is you want the voice to stay consistent and you want this brand to feel like it is consistent so some more applications this is a great example of breaking apart a system and saying okay let's take the context of an award show and start plugging in and breaking apart these different pieces and so super simple the content blocks in the ellipses that we've been using everywhere else what if instead of a right we got a black carpet and we rolled credits on the entire black carpet right then it's something that's a nice touch that just helps to tell that story a little better and starts to further that brand for the client next looking at some business cards our key messaging welcome to the Z list we aren't the a list or the V list we are straight up on the Z list and then playing around with some of these elements here oh I don't have a mouse underneath there of the type layout being on those columns right they were playing around with center alignment yes Emily thanks for following that Instagram I did post some sneak peeks last night so playing around with kind of breaking these elements of parts to create and you can see that it goes together in a whole bunch of different ways so next super hopefully easily we've broken into a signage system again this isn't groundbreaking this isn't something that is having to have decisions each time the goal of a good brand identity system is that we're answering all the questions what should a toilet sign look like what should a marque look like we've answered all those questions with this slide here we've told them here's your visual language here is how you communicate and so when we say how should a bathroom sign look or how should an overarching sign look well let's play and combine the idea of the extreme width with some of that gold foil and that's where we land with something like here that's at the top there then we're playing with that extreme width a little bit of that gold foil that rounded edge for the content block and then even that cut off for the eternal scroll that's creating little details like this help inform these could have been sharp cornered signs but instead we want them to be rounded to better match our brand to match those content bubbles so it really is about creating those elements that all fit together hello Sahil so heel yeah hello and my day oh hello hello my day so something else that I love to do is think about when a brand system is built out as elements I will try to build out a font for that clients because I do make typefaces check them out on my web I love to build out and use that tool but in a completely different way and so what I've done for this client is I've built out a variable thought for the credit awards using these content blocks and using the ellipses so I've assigned different widths of content blocks to each key so the Q makes that size the W the E and I've assigned a different width to each key and then each of the number keys will give you that number of ellipses points so that if as the client you need to go into Microsoft Word and make a make it graphic at the last minute as a designer that kills my heart but also as a designer my job is to facilitate and create a system that's best for your brand and so I'll create a variable font so that they could type qw5 RT and it would create a nice branded system block so that they could create their own graphics and kind of work with this this is something that I'll give people the app over or they'll work in Photoshop Express or I know that they're working on their phones and so I try to facilitate clients to the best of my ability I always do the test of could my mom do this and if she could that probably means that we've addressed a lot of the problems that the organization will be addressing with or having with the brand identity system and also can you build it in PowerPoint I know that's like every designer that gets some kind of like file for PowerPoint you're like I'm dying but guys in this brand identity system we need to be thinking about they might build it in PowerPoint let's make sure that they're not gonna do it wrong and so trying to build a very very core to this brand identity system yeah just load this font load the credit awards font into a PowerPoint and you could type out your letters you can choose the ellipses and you can create your own branded graphics in PowerPoint if you need to so moving on to things like social applications and again this is all about showing how this brand system works together using just simple photography using again some of simple photography and overlaying that's those content blocks changing out those words even there some dancers are hanging out backstage change that instead of saying you know credit Wars it just says dance dance these captions are super fun you can't read them they're small I think that one is sorry that one is a Fall Out Boy quote because I had a like little throwback and then the other one is APO D quote from the song boom because he's holding a boom mic I was up at 12:30 last night laughing my face off writing that caption so I love you all also we show how it looks in social and again it's not just about and yes I can't present this in Adobe XD I'm still learning I have not used Adobe XD very much it's a great program for this and would be great for this and so this brand any system I want to show that it's not gonna be kind of just pure chaos I'm gonna say hey on your social the system is best used in the vertical alignment it's an element that we like to use and so in this vertical alignment what if we post it in threes and that vertical in the middle is always branded it's always in those content blocks it's always using that text and then it just keeps that eternal scroll that as you go through the Instagram it really turns into those scrolling credits so again it's thinking about telling that story creating that visual language alright so let's look here I spent a little bit of time last night writing copy if you are a designer and you're in school take a copywriting class take a public relations class learn to write because if you can write your own content you're gonna be good you're gonna be golden so I spend a lot of time writing all this content last night and I thought it'd be great to present to the client here's maybe what a commercial could be if you're running it for to give a tone a sense of the tone and usually I won't narrate through these I won't have music on these it will be just visual to help them understand the brain system so I'm gonna roll this for you guys and you guys can just watch along and I'm gonna kind of I'm actually gonna roll out of the way so you guys can watch watch as it is rolling away yes here we go magic magic so that's a great example show it and we didn't have to talk at all but in your guys's heads you were reading you had a voice in your head and as a brand identity designer and as we've been working these few days I know what that voice was I know and I've put that voice in your head as a designer that it's a little sassy that as we got to certain parts it was kind of like these aren't the a-list stars but this is where our show starts and then that big headline saying welcome to the Z list right using that amazing Dunbar type so it's all about creating this brand identity and creating using these elements to really play around with how to communicate this story and Cyril Cyril design yes uh this is the mock-up that he did last night so he was watching the stream yesterday and he hit me up on Instagram and he said hey I've animated a little thing can I send it to you I was like yes that's so amazing so if you guys are inspired by this please like go work on it um do your thing it's gonna be awesome so let's roll this you guys go follow them on instagram his his work is amazing cool right super fun and then it animates it right so it's just a nice little nice little animation there again incorporating the scrolling credits and then it drops back in hits that bright gold and now we're moving now we're on to the welcome to the Z list hit him with that credit Awards amazing execution and again building out that brand identity system he understood how it communicates how those elements go together and it's really easy to remix and scale when you have good when you have a good kind of foundation all right so we got about five minutes left to our brand submission deadline that is the end of our presentation that we would do for the client and then we would talk about questions if you guys have questions oh my goodness I saw this image I saw this image last night looking fun you are guys we are the credit Awards today it's very good to the credit welcome to the credit Awards Awards let us know if you have any questions there were some like joke client from hell questions oh yes you guys have like the black and white but can you make it yes and so actually let's go to that because that's a big thing so let's imagine that the client said well we actually want it to be a super bright green right I can come back to this visual language and even come back to the voice and say that we wanted to be classic and organic and energetic and relaxed and sassy within this system because it is so stark using that green green is technically a color that's very vibrant that's very bright it's very kind of intense and because we want it to be a little more approachable and we want it to be relaxed I think that green might have too much energy we do want it to be energetic but I think that pairing this simple system that we're using with a bright green may take it into being chaotic and so that's why having this kind of definition of the voice is very helpful and then matching that to a visual language to say all those things that we talked about and all those elements actually translate visually into something like this this page is telling the same story that we have all agreed on what if they say we really want a script font because we just love that style yeah again we would go back and I would even sometimes go and say okay let's look at some of the applications so these business cards where has that welcome to the Z list and then the type down there and I would maybe even actually take them to Adobe fonts and say think about the voice that we have talked about think think about the voice that we've talked about think about kind of who we want the brand to be and then I'm going to show you some script fonts and I'm gonna say welcome to the Z list browse go to browse fonts at the top or you can do that way yeah yeah so you'd show them like so I show them and it wouldn't be see how wrong this is it would be a ok let's look at this and let's take a moment we'll read it in our head and when you read it in your head do you feel like the voice that's in your head is communicating the message that you want to communicate for your brand I think that we want it to be a little more bold a little more brazen this feels a little more approachable and soft and so this might not be the right description and we're always open to have those conversations to talk with the client but a lot of times it's separating their preference from the purpose of the project and that's why we agree on the goal so we say if the purpose of this brand is to communicate this one way then your preference and our preference is going to have to take a backseat and we're both gonna have to compromise to solve whatever that problem is to address the purpose of the project and yes Green would interact with probably monster energy drink I agree with that how often do you concede things to the client like if they say no I absolutely want to use this fun yeah I think there is a lot of asking why and if if we can't agree on a why a lot of times we'll have a lot of continued conversations and either help them understand why this might not work within the system or the reasoning that we have behind a why or we'll hear their why and really try to get to the heart of why is this such a big issue look what are you trying to get out here what's the actual goal of this and usually is just a lot of conversation and communication of figuring out why and then finding a compromise in the middle so we're under a minute to submit your portfolios and if you didn't get a chance during this segment you can submit for next segment or the one after so don't despair your portfolio still has a chance of being viewed there are so many a teef asked how you got inspired well you did that slide in your deck is old movie credits yep old movie titles yeah and I attend building up burn identity systems I tend to be very inspired by old systems that have been around forever like Egyptian hieroglyphics and the new systems that are coming out like the work that Michael Beirut is doing for slack and Verizon then it's things that you see the logo and you think okay yeah it's it's there it's a logo in a brand identity system isn't about the logo it's about the entire experience and creating a visual language mm-hm Abubakar you can check out the first-day replay because andrew did the gold and silver textures from scratch yes we made them from scratch we were just using clipping masks and illustrator super easy and again they are on my Instagram for free if you'd like to grab them but I would rather have you go and learn because then you can make your own textures and you know what if you want you could have a green foil texture do it while I'm pulling up the portfolios because we did choose to but while I do that we did have a question about pricing so I think everybody wants to ask that question when you're presenting this to the client how does pricing figure in like we're in the process does that kind yeah yeah block rows as we try to talk about pricing as soon as possible it's something that because we are a value-based pricing we like to show here is maybe some of our past work here is the value that we're going to bring to your business because with a brand identity system like this we aren't just building out a logo we aren't delivering an asset we are creating the voice of your company we are giving you something that will exist for hopefully the next ten years and especially with the brand identity systems that I like to do that will scale eternally and turn into different things and morph and change and so we're answering questions that we would be consulting for in the far future and so yes so so we try to talk about money as soon as possible we try to look at the value that it will add to the company and we also love to do work with nonprofits every now and then we I know that there's a lot of designers that don't think you should work for free we're actually working with a local homeless shelter because we wanted one of our first projects as a brand experienced agency to be something that gives back to use our brand identity systems to kind of build something to see if we can help and make a dent in the in the area of homelessness that's great yeah so if you want more info again black roses dot-com if you want to shoot us an email there's an email form on there you can follow us on social media reach out and we'd love to talk to you awesome so we're ready to look at our first portfolio yeah so the first one is from Emily so if we can go oh yes that's okay we'll be right back oh oh hello we did it we're in space guys everyone still here we did it tars tars oh yeah we could have like a cobble is that Matthew McConaughey movie where he's like spinning these like jars how's my moment that's where we are guys for portfolio review we are flying through space yeah I forgot that we had to go to space which was a big problem because that's obviously you can't review a portfolio from Earth no of course not of course not have to be you know this helps us think and you know it's true assess the portfolio it's true oh my goodness all right you're ready to go back I know oh no i'm i there we go oh yeah this hair is there we go alright we're doing it yeah we'll just let it we'll let it fly okay so when we look into portfolios I want to give a little bit of context I'm gonna kind of be talking about what it's communicating it's not gonna be a lot of preference on this I'm gonna be talking a lot about purpose and looking at the work and seeing kind of breaking down what you're trying to communicate so we're gonna try to get technical with these so that we're kind of out of opinion zone so Emily cares first time lean Congrats we're good in a girl SoCal what's up yeah Roman says ground control to major re oh yeah okay so now I'm gonna get this off so I can see so Emily its from new Laguna Niguel awesome so she has her little bio here graphic designer based in Orange County specializing in branding visual identities and marketing strategies cool all things that we talked about yeah a lot all the areas include photo manipulation kinetic typography and social media what does kinetic typography connect type is like a moving type animated yeah like animated type yeah okay it's yeah a lot of stretchy letters and there was the there was a season a couple years ago that it was a lot of like quotes from speakers that like would pop up and stuff all right right she has one of her projects here logo and branding the client is broker oh this is so great okay so here's what I was gonna say so there's what I love about this and the use of type is type is such a powerful tool to communicate for your brand and we're literally using the same font here she's just using a different variation and combining it with different colors and giving us different information so that it translates to something completely different right that we wouldn't read this at all like we read the credit Awards but it's technically the same font yeah yeah let's let's take a look at also shows you you could use one typeface for a whole system and use different variations of it yep and still have that difference this is really cool I love that so this company is a financial applications that displays stock market trends cool so you only get that from them yep I definitely was trying to figure out what the story was and what it is I love doing that I'm looking at a design and trying to pick apart what it is before I read anything about it and when we got to this image I I got it I started to get it that I understood oh it's a broker not just like okay what's BR is it like a fashion brand it felt like a little like refined and I'm like oh it's totally stock market and I think the use of texture here is really what really well done I think you're informing us that it is stock market by using that kind of grid but I love how you've kind of abstracted it to become a pattern I think that it adds a little bit of character and I think your color choices are are great I think they're a little unconventional for what I would think about for this but I think it works really well it to me the color choices feel approachable it's communicating ease-of-use it's communicating that's something that wouldn't necessarily be for the full on Wall Street investor who's been there and experienced for you know however many years it feels like someone that's like oh I kind of want to get into training stocks and it feels very approachable yeah this is great some other stuff Emily says thanks Andrew I'm a part of the designer meetups and friends with Peter yes I remember you Emily so we Peter dealt Ando and I do a Disneyland Meetup the second Thursday of each month if you want to come hang out designer meetups is our social channels we post on there and we go to Disneyland and it's a bunch of designers and we hang out and we talk about design and there's this second Thursday of each month oh yeah that's a lot of yep all right let's not read anything about this one let's look at it and then we'll try to pick out what it might be for fresco Kyoto okay fresco Kyoto okay yep yep I usually I immediately got with your type choice I got it feels Southern California boutique kind of fashion I love we've done with the K I'm absolutely obsessed with what you've done with the K and the Y the way that the angles sorry are perpendicular to each other is amazing and the way that you've played with the K and the Y also doing this I'm I'm dead I'm literally dying it's it's so good and I think that it communicates Southern California to me it communicates boutique because it feels handcrafted it doesn't feel like typeset that you have done it feels like something you've created from scratch and I really really like that yeah yeah and I can even see you playing with a mark somewhere in there with that K and not why it's just gorgeous I know maybe it can be called K y-yeah I've tried oh it's a five piece indie band from Australia oh and she created this logo design and effort to update their current design which is a serif typeface that's awesome yep it definitely feels like crafted it feels unique it feels like it could shift in my brain from a fashion brand to like an indie band very very quickly I love it it's gorgeous the O's are super good too they just have a little bit of character to me it type always has the most character and the are the S and the K that's what I look for when I'm looking for fonts those are where I find the voice and I love this yeah hi our cool and yes we're thinking deep Trelawny farm stables oh look at this logo the horse is a clover that's cool oh I love I love the application sketch do you have there of that placement I was trying to understand a little bit of where it lived and I wasn't quite connecting where the logo would live and how it would kind of look together on something and it that helped a lot and I think it's absolutely gorgeous to think of it being so simple like you don't have to spend that much time on this sketch but it totally like our mind can extrapolate exactly what's going on yep could you screw up just a little bit my only feedback on this I would love to see maybe an exploration of some of these pieces being broken out to build a little bit more of an identity system so maybe breaking out the clover breaking out the horse head breaking out just that mark and having a version that doesn't have the type in there I think it's a really strong mark and you might not need that type on top maybe it sits under the chin of the horse kind of Nestle's in there oh yeah I like that mark it's a really cool idea and I think it communicates some kind of luck like a lucky horse that you'd like bet on your lucky horse I like that story a lot you can also use like a horseshoe is a symbol of luck so maybe you want to play with that that's true too and another thing I'm noticing is that your illustration your outline of this logo this stroke is a lot thicker than the type so it kind of drowns the type so maybe you want to think about a bolder typeface or just making sure that those strokes are in harmony with each other yep all right so we have these CDs is there something that jumps out at you let's look at the Rhino stuff Rhino that's this yeah this feels the horn is so good oh and then she does this that's great really cool okay she's macho you can find that on Adobe fonts cool yeah I feel like this is communicating the colors especially feel upscale I would relate those to some kind of like law firm or consultancy they're a little bit muted but they feel like rich in tone I'm the colors be careful of the oh of not turning into a Jean I definitely think incorporating the horn is something that again we talked about icons indexes and symbols it's that icon that like tells us it's a horn that relates us back to Rhino especially with it reading ring a little bit maybe play around with that horn actually going over to the AR the way that that the leg of the R comes down it could be a nice swoop for that horn you to kind of come into incorporate or maybe even the yeah maybe even in the eye I love the idea of that subtle nod though that's great yeah that's a cool idea and then well just look at her website I think because she does link to her website and I want to see how she's laid everything out I love your little hint on mark that's it yeah that's cool I I am I am the worst at hand lettering like the worst that there possibly could be but I love the character that's behind some of the hand lettering stuff it just like tells such a story that I feel like I understand you a little bit better yeah I like that a lot the only thing I would say I am a hand letter the e just be careful with that because it reads more like an e if your entrance stroke is a little higher so if it starts higher then you get the e if it starts to too low you're just getting a loop or like kind of an eye shape so you're at the borderline or I can totally see the e but just be careful for everyone watching like make sure everything's readable as well as organic Oh Christopher de Caro hello welcome and yes the Orange County crew is here we're at Southern California all OC Emily and Andrew here the hoods are up next yep you're taking over so thanks so much Emily is not easy to show your work in front of all these people but it was really great to see your design yeah big takeaways for you Emily I think your type is incredible I keep refining that keep pushing it and then I think building out these ideas that you're having into more full stories I think that it's there and I think they're really good ideas I'd love to see more of how that applies and more ways you can kind of break apart these cool ideas you're having into telling that story a little bit more yeah so hip not agent oh my goodness yeah Wow so from Utah hello I'm very cold there who is the hypno agent it says here from the headquarters located in the hypno dimension Scott Peterson is a seasoned graphic artist and creative who specializes in typography branding illustration and print materials mr. Pierce cool I always wondered what your name was so now I know Arctic Monkeys Arctic Monkeys Oh weekly type-a tour poster I made just for fun it's for my favorite band Arctic Monkeys oh wow look at the texture let's see so I am so much not of an illustrator that when I see stuff like this I'm like oh good I'm just gonna close on computer and I think I think we're done with design this is this is fantastic I love the textures that you're using I love the composition the wiggly type that was happening at the top like I was super into it yeah let's look at this and then I'll go back to the top Wow this detail is really cool yeah the halftone textures that you're using give a nice kind of newsprint effect and it's great that you show this process it's really engaging for a potential client to see whoo oh here look I'm the illustration it's me I'm the arctic monkey you're twinning so hard I mean yeah I really love the especially that bleed over they're using the the way that you've done the half-tones again we talked about this a little bit today of the streams in the stream using values of light and dark and then kind of making through making the value stand through with that halftone is gorgeous this is so cool the wiggly yep how did you do the Wiggles let us know yeah let us know there's there's a poor a couple ways so you could do it you literally print it and scan it you could use some use some distort brushes in Illustrator you could do it you could do a displacement map in Photoshop there's a bunch of different ways to do that and again what's great about Adobe products there's technically probably a right way there's like 90 ways to do it figure out what works for you and yeah he says I used Kyle Webster's brushes like the halftone brush oh yes really cool hello sirs awesome look at that we'll be right back 1 we'll be right back well this we've been doing oh this is great frantic monkey presents frantic queen-like Halloween yep I love this frantic clean a Halloween event for the frantic monkey twitch channel these are the title cards and social media ads for this special month-long event great super on brain with what we're working on today yeah and again people in chat we talked about it a whole bunch of times this is a lot of layers and when we look at this I want you guys to not look at it and be like wow this is cool it is it's really cool look at it and try to pick out the layers that he's using try to deconstruct it for your own use so we're seeing there's that halftone there's a background that looks like it has some kind of texture on it there's the shadow behind the type then we see the type then on top of that there's some noise that's happening and then there's a magnetic touch – yeah there's another wrinkly texture on top of the type and so as you look at that and start to pull things into layers you'll start to understand a little bit better how to stack those how to work those through incredible really cool is there more did you do the lettering yourself oh yeah did you do it looks like us I'm wondering love that again playing with it and yet that we played around with today a little bit of that noise I love that with the King Kong yep and again guys it's super easy to look at this and just be like oh is a texture that you multiply on top of everything but this really looks like it is different layers you can see that there are little white specks that are actually over the black but then there's another layer of texture behind that that's really where it goes from being a flat design there's something that feels like it has depth that feels like has texture is having things in front and behind things interacting with each other yeah and then Twitter web better so cool here's another lettering thing so fun whoa love it yeah base it off old monster movie posters I totally good great job lost from the Black Lagoon I think you did a great job of making the lettering super readable but also has a lot of character yes and again we talked about it I love to look at the arse and the essence to find the character and that are to me and this is where it gets into kind of creating that voice this our isn't just like horror this are when you read it feels like oh yes and like it has that voice like it gives you a little bit of that almost like you're having to like yes like slide it yeah it feels yeah exactly I like but you spaced everything erratically like GA is super close then the M is taking a wide stance and then es is super close it's like they're afraid of the end yep and we talked about it today blurring things is a great way to make stuff look old all of your type that's typeset over there has a nice little blur on it that's awesome okay so we we're running out of time but we can look at one of his other things dance little liar Illustrated custom typography made for fun oh cool so you show your process how do you think so far what do you think so far about the way he's presenting his project I think I love to see the behind the scenes a lot of times we've talked about this a few times on stream for me it's not so much about how it looks as opposed to how it works and so I love seeing a little bit of the process I love seeing a little bit of how it builds out and like something like this showing this is the real one application of how this graphic would live in the real world or would exist within a system yeah I love that you're kind of breaking things up it's not the same thing over and over I really really like this yeah this is really cool yeah and again you're using go back up just a little bit too Danya so we talked about these the first day if you want to watch the replay using indexes and indexes are elements that give us information here he's got indexes saying look here right that's giving you those action line he's got the pops that are coming out that are saying this is important he's got the lightning bolts coming out that are saying it's electric and so those are all things that are basically constructing a visual sentence for us that you're using very very well here to create a kind of narrative as we look at this box yeah that's really cool I like how you took a lot of close-up pictures and showed all the elements so that it's like we're holding the box yep and then quickly so he links his website we can just check that out everything's really cohesive or just look at the eye I think that that's what he's using as a little just want to see oh these are all the logos nice oh yeah we can't see the eye in detail but I love seeing like this stuff like this that you have a branded voice for yourself I understand very clearly who you are what your brand is and then you can also present here's what the clients are as well and I can communicate on behalf of them and so that's something that I have to face is here's what I look like is andrew hawk rattle and then we communicate on behalf of our clients at black roses in a different way and kind of create those voices for them yeah but I love the voice that you've created for yourself even the way that you're mocking up and how the case number on there what you're doing like it just tells a great story yeah so great job Emily and hypno agent Scott amazing stuff thank you so much for sending your portfolio's in in to everyone that sent their portfolio I know that if I'm showing my portfolio to someone I'm gonna do some last-minute work on it yeah so I'm sure that the prompt also made you like update some stuff and maybe that's all it is maybe today you updated some things and you felt confident about showing it and that's half the battle being able to say like okay I'm ready for people to view my stuff and get it out there yeah and hopefully you saw some of you downstream and you were like oh I want to try that and maybe it didn't work out maybe it was like a complete like disaster but it's not a failure you learned something from it it's a win so even if you tried something it didn't work out keep trying keep breaking things to try new stuff so let's for the last minute we just show Andrews screen just give a little last image of what you've done and we can direct everyone so for those of you that joined later or want to recap everything that we did make sure that you watch the replays you can see the replays have make it big there we go see the replays tab up at the top above where you're watching right now on Behance and see all the previous videos and also make sure you follow andrew on instagram because on his bio he has all the assets he has this deck he has his foils he has information about black roses his agency yeah and I'll be posting this for case study and this full up Rosalie we went through today on my B hands if you guys want to follow me on there I'll post on my Instagram as well I'll put it out there so you can kind of look at it and I'll make some notes about kind of how we like to pitch these brain-dead any systems but thanks so much for hanging out guys remind me when are the credit awards oh yeah the credit awards they're happening February I think eight I think tomorrow night tomorrow night are we ready yeah we're ready guys we got the great I'm not gonna be wearing this don't look at me right now glammed up we have a nice a nice brand any system that if we need it to we could probably pull off at least some stuff for the awards we can rent some stuff out today easily like make some sign yes thank you everyone who joined and make sure you stay tuned because we have a full day ahead those are coming up just the beginning so the hoods are coming up they're working on their brand identity as well and this is the last day so if you have your portfolio to submit make sure you submit it in the next couple segments and maybe you'll be reviewed so thank you so much we'll see you next time thank you for being here so much it was great having you in San Francisco and learning about your process yeah this is fun to share thanks guys [Applause]

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