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  1. guess ive been doing this since myspace days. thinking about pursuing it this fall. is photo editing included, and putting filters on videos

  2. Thanks for the info,I find modern symmetrical websites very disconnecting and unfriendly,sort of like a shop that doesn't allow browsing or children entering ,I guess my "Eco' themes on my websites desire a more informal experience,hence my reluctance to adopt them?'

  3. Thank you so much Shawn, I am going through your all tutorials. all are great. I also liked your style and voice while explaining it. I am waiting some more tutorial

  4. Much like fashion, web designing is also changing constantly . that is why we need to be always on the lookout on the modern best practices, experienced and functional. Great video Mr. Shawn!

  5. I think this is a very useful video, there are a lot of steps and research that needs to be done before even opening photoshop, not to say also dreamveawer and others… Thank you very much sir!

  6. Great video, Shawn. I like the approach of bringing the creativity side into it all. 
    Scott V
    +Integraphix — #LosAngelesWebDesign  

  7. Man you are too good…Shawn Barry.. i would like to thank you in my local Nigerian Slang…. "YOU SABI WORK & YOUR TEETH CORRECT"…

  8. This is very helpful for layout. I recommend for users to go with an unboxed layout. Makes the website look more modern and for bigger screensizes, creates a much more fluid look. Great tutorial

  9. Photoshop is really genius, imagine you create a web layout by just designing the prototype of your ideal website. Thanks for the tips!

  10. Good tutorial! other than creativity consider interactivity. I suggest ideas from tamtam Tools. com if you are into websites.

  11. Haters gonna hate. Appreciate you making a determined attempt to share your knowledge; very helpful

  12. ??? This isn't a website though its a picture… That's the main problem. Basically you can't actually use this on your web page.

  13. I agree with most things you said. I just think that the font size in BIO 5:28 is a bit too small though there is space left on the right.

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