Graphic Design Projects : How to Design an Advertising Poster

my name is Karl Deutsch I'm a graphic designer and this segment is on how to create an advertising poster an advertising poster is essentially very similar to an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine but it's just a little bit more simplified doesn't have to have quite as much information as maybe a print advertisement would kind of what you want to do is you want to give the the viewer a general idea of of what it is you're advertising enough information to get them interested and then either more information or on how to find out more about it or when it opens or when the event is or whatever so what I've created here is a poster for a car show car festival of sorts so as you see there's not a lot of information here it doesn't have a long paragraph explaining what the festival of cars is I think that would be fairly self-explanatory if it's not then you would need to put some sort of a tagline as far as what it is maybe here you've got most dominant element being the name of the event an image that relates to the event in this case a German sports car and keeping in mind the color scheme and everything should all drive pretty well together I mean you have this sort of blue and Sun River that ties in with the blue of the sky this red logo is a little out of place or a little as far as colors go but that's their logo so there's not much you can do about it you have to put it somewhere and find the most tasteful way to put it in like anything else with advertising you will have a client that you have to make happy so they're gonna have to approve this designers are certainly not artists we do stuff for other people were on Commission so there generally is usually some sort of a committee that will decide whether this is approved or not so keeping all of these elements in balance and making it look as good as possible as you're designing by committee can be kind of difficult sometimes but keep in mind hierarchy and flow so again this is a largest text element then you have the date and then the German sports cars which is sort of the theme so it sort of has a it leads you through the page you have Sun River Festival cars kind of leads you through the cars down to the car date and then over here to this and down here you have how the sponsor logos so this is we're keeping the client happy and all of these clients happy is difficult incorporating sponsor logos can be tough you don't want to make them too big because then they crowd everything else out and they become the most dominant element but if you make them too small then people aren't going to see who these sponsors are and the sponsors themselves would get very upset so you need to keep those large enough so you can see it but not so large that they're overpowering websites are a good way to include for more information see this most people will be intuitive enough to know that that website is where to go to get more information you don't need to say for more information see this because I think it's pretty self-explanatory so a good striking image strong hierarchy color scheme flow and overall visual appeal are probably the most important elements in an advertising poster my name is Karl Deutsch I'm a graphic designer and that segment is on how to create an advertising poster

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  1. Nice tutor.
    Thanks. I make advertising posters with RonyaSoft Poster Designer, one of my best with designing posters;)
    This method also cool.

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