Graphic Design Portfolio Show

what's happening today is a portfolio show which showcases the work that the students have done while they've been enrolled in classes at isothermal most of these students are seeking a degree in advertising and graphic design and in order to prepare to enter the workforce they put together a portfolio which demonstrates the skills that they've developed while they've been here the show itself is just a culmination of everything they've done it includes photography classes art in drawing classes assignments in graphic design classes they use computer skills to execute images and of course they enter the workforce and they're able to show potential employers or what they've accomplished and what they can do so this is the best of their work over a two-year period it represents everything that they've covered it from the first class and all the way through and it's just their day to kind of show off and shine and look good and get feedback from them from the public and from peers about the work that they've done my name's Daniel Putnam I'm in the photography portfolio show take pictures for two for art I do portraits of children families proms anything pretty much that has to do with photography I do it I would like to have my own photography business one day I've already started that Daniel Putnam photography looked me up on Facebook my name is Jude arrow and I'm in the advertising and graphic design degree this is the portfolio show of 2013 my name is Bronson fish and I'm graduating my degree and Associate of Arts in graphic design and advertising I specialize in anything from fine arts paintings to portraits to even any digital artwork business cards whatever you need so I'm trying to look for freelance work at the moment and possibly full time I'm Allison Darrow and I've been taking classes since about 2011 Springs when I started and in my work I like to focus on mostly I start out with realistic stuff like my self-portrait and that snake and stuff but um over my semesters I started to go into some more graphic stuff my name is Cody Talley I am 20 years old and I am majoring in architectural drafting heard isothermal there's a few of my work the house in the center we had to find a house online and we could redesign it on the software I also put my lego man up there it was an assembly drawing we had to get a part that had at least five pieces and we had to take it apart and draw it and where the location they would be at I have my playground design which was an original playground design we had to do I had to include a slide and different different games and everything on it so that was pretty cool so I've I worked with chief architect AutoCAD and SolidWorks for all these projects one thing I also like to do is to recognize the efforts by photography instructor Carroll Brooks and portfolio instructor Jennifer East Jennifer taught the portfolio class that actually put this whole show together they've spent a lot of their personal time and resources in order to help these students to be able to show their work today

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  1. Wow! All these works are amazing! But, in my opinion, photographies should have been bigger, you did a little too much space for white background… I think so 🙂

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