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hello my name's Mary Keller and I'm a digital artist from Mexico on this tutorial I'll teach you to create your own Christmas pattern in Adobe Illustrator so the first thing we're going to do is go to our tools panel and let's select our rectangle tool by clicking there or pressing M and let's make a rectangle that has a width of 75 by a height of 23 and just press ok now let's go to our tools and find the ellipse tool click and create an ellipse the head is 75 70 now let's create a polygon tool click and let 1 let's have one that has a radius of 13 and 9 sites and press ok so these are the pieces that we need then let's select that polygon that we just created and let's go and find our effects the short pucker and bloat and change I have one that has 30% blocked now that I have that I can go to my direct selection tool press a on the keyboard and remove the bottom and group select both of them and click again on the rectangle to make it thicker the lines that's indicating that this is a key object and align it with horizontal align Center now with your pen tool by pressing P close the shape go right click arrange send back now you have to do this position your piece right there and let's go object expand appearance so now we have it like that now let's go to our pen tool and press P on the top make a little point and drag a little bit make another point and drag a little bit so we make a shape like that now select part of them the window Pathfinder and select the first option that is called unite now let's change the colors to these ones that I had already selected in advance and assign them into my shapes and let's go right click arrange center back to send it properly now because I expand this when I when this had a stroke you can see that I have kind of two shapes there I don't want that so I can select it go to my Pathfinder and press unite and that's going to fix everything the next thing I want to do is select everything go edit group you could also use the shortcut control chip now it may be easier if you work on this gray area so you see your shapes clearly now let's go to our tools and find our rectangle tool so click on that one and let's create one that has a width of 64 and a height of 20 let's create another one this one is going to have a weight of 58 and a height of 53 again let's create another rectangle and this one is going to be 17 by 53 and press ok now let's assign the right colors for them so for the bottom one I actually want a darker one so I'm going to change the color using my eyedropper and a light one for the top now let's select these three pieces and got a horizontal align Center one sided middle one the key let's go on line to the top and let's line this one to the bottom and I will select a darker blue go right click arrange and set it back so now we have our present box and what we can do is double click on our head to go inside the group you can see that now I am inside the group it's good ctrl C to that shape that we created before ctrl P to make a copy and placed it around there make sure that you are relying it horizontally and right click arrange send to back now you have your present and change the colors so they look better now the next thing you want to do is create our next icon so we're going to go to our tools panel and let's find an ellipse click on that one and let's create one that is 42 by 42 then let's make a rectangle this one is going to have a weight of 20 and a height of 9 another rectangle and this one is going to be 54 by 21 now let's keep that one selected and go effect distort and transform 6 and here you can have a little preview and let's change these parameters first I want to change my size so I'm going to change this one to a very low value you can see that if I go here to the points you can have a smooth or corner for this example I want corner and my ridges per segment to be 13 and size three is fine so I'm just going to press ok and what I want to do is create a smaller ellipse right so let's go to the the lips there and make one that is ten by ten and this one I'm going to give it a stroke of 4 and remove the field now it's time to sign the right color so just a darker color for that part a lighter color for this rectangle and for this – I'm going to use two shades of green to just make sure that you are applying that one on the feel and not stroke select both these shapes click on one to make it a key object and both and go both horizontal and vertical align Center now let's select this one go edit cut select the shape go to click here to draw inside now let's go edit paste in place and I'll double click outside these to have it like that already mask there let's move those align them properly move this one here and align everything and go right click arrange send it back so now we have that one let's select everything and press ctrl key and do the same with the present now I'm going to create another ellipse this one is going to be Terry by Terry and for this one I wanted to give it a weight of 13 and remove the field now let's go to our direct selection tool press a on the keyboard and delete the bottom Anchor Point let's go to our pen tool let's continue this half circle a little bit so it was something like this and here around here now you can select my shape and go to my caps and rounded next let's go and create a rectangle and you can simply click and drag to create one just hard on my shape let's change it to fill with stroke and sample that red color with our right dropper now I'm going to press all that shift then control teeth to repeat that last action to create some copies so let's move them around this is a part that it's completely up to you the number of sides that you want your candy crane to have so let's move them around let's see which ones are working or not now you can select the half circle and then go object expand appearance and expand so now it's a shape select all the red pieces and go cut select the shape and then go draw inside first make it a little bit smaller let's go draw inside both and let's go ctrl shift B now you just see it that is not looking nice so I can double click to go inside the group and keep going double clicking to you until you reach the area where you can move around the different rectangles there so I keep adjusting them a little bit you could also change the rotation so now that I have found something that I think works for me I can go outside my isolation group and make sure that that is a single thing now I'm going to go to effect and go to certain transform and find roughen now if I click on that I get the window like this and here I can make some inputs you can see it now it's too much so I can bring the size to something really small so even let's set a percentage so let's go to do that and also you can change to absolute which is going to affect less this effect so just point eight maybe four point nine now let's give it more detail so something like 23 and make sure the dew points are smooth now press ok and you're going to see how that effect got applied giving your object a little bit of roughing now let's go to effect and just apply roughing you can see it right there on the top should you apply them to all the shapes and as you have them all just select them go to object pattern make and our window like this is going to appear here helping you to make your pattern and we'll choose the towel type to hex by column now let's change the width and the height of this pattern option so let's just change the width to 253 and the height to 290 now I'm going to move around my objects and rotate them a little bit so I can give them more movement so let's change that one there so let's move the Handy crane walk your objects so they have some even space around them so once you're happy with that all you have to do is either press done right here on top and now go here to the rectangle tool click and drag to make a bigger wound on the canvas and apply your color so your point is right there but just as you can see it better you can make a bigger rectangle and let's apply a solid color like this dark purple and it's go right click arrange send to back and now you can see it you can have your pattern and the reason why I made it in two parts is you can easily change the background color so with this you have your Christmas pattern I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial thank you very much for watching

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