Graphic Design at Webster University

I’m Ian Dikens, I’m a Senior Graphic Design Major
and I’m from St. Louis, Missouri. I chose Webster originally for having a good fine arts department. What I like the most about the art department is
that the faculty is just always there for you. It’s small and classes are about fifteen or even smaller. It’s just a fun environment to be around. Everyone knows each
other. Everyone’s really tight knit and they’re all friendly. It’s kind of, and not to sound schmaltzy,
but it is like a little family. The thing with design, there are really a
lot of options you can go with. You can go into Advertising. You can go into
Web Designing. You can go into Interactive Design. Webster to me is community. Everyone kind of knows everyone or they at least know who someone is. Everyone’s very approachable. Everyone’s very friendly so it’s easy to make friends. The Webster area in general is really nice. I know
a bunch of people who have apartments around here. You’re in a nice area to be around. It’s close to the city so any given
Friday there’s a number of openings across the city so you could go gallery-hopping. It’s busy. It’s rigorous, but it’s never overwhelming. You’re happy to be working.

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