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hi and welcome to this video joshiya and today I'm going to be showing you how to make better quality social media posts utilizing an app on your mobile phone called designer I'm very passionate about people using their phones for creative things and so I'm hoping that this is going to help you take you one step further to establishing your message in the online space stay tuned for more after this as always be sure to check out the description box we have linked everything up for you and please if you have any questions or suggestions type them away in the comment section below head on over to our app drawer and open the designer app you'll then be greeted with a few categories of the design that you want to do everything from social media posts all the way through to marketing materials invitations you can also create your own custom dimension size if you scroll all the way to the bottom we're going to do a Facebook post there are pre-designed templates for you to choose from both free and paid we're going to use a blank template for this video I'm going to create a new project they have a great feature that if you're working with a specific brand or category that you can continuously add designs to that folder that you create okay now that we got our blank canvas you can click on the plus sign and you'll be greeted with a pop-up menu which has a few options where you can add your own images you can load premade backgrounds as well as you can search the web for royalty-free images I'm going to click on background there are some pre-made patterns as well as you can pick a solid color there's a drop-down menu for you to choose different categories I'm going to use blue photos for the sake of this video once you've chosen your background you can click on the plus size again and add your text once you've double tapped you can edit the text then just click back on the screen and you can click back on the text once and you can change your font the size the color and the positioning of your text once you've added all the things that you want to add and you're satisfied with your design you can then proceed to click at the top right hand side on the tick and this will generate a preview of your design you can share straight to your favorite social media platforms or messages services by clicking the share button I personally like to save it to my camera roll by clicking on the cloud with the little download arrow and I like to choose download as PNG and that's it it's now downloading to your camera roll and you can post it to all your favorite social media platforms from the

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  1. Good work buddy, I left you a like and wish you many more. Make more videos. Please check my channel too. I am sure you will like it 🙂

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