GoPro Max Review | 360 Camera on a Rollercoaster

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  1. I love how good stitching looks nowadays, the quality is so good compared to portable 360 cams of the last few years which imo had pretty unusuable footage until now.

  2. Glad no arms were broken during the making of this video! I was sweating it out when I realized Gene had his arm extended outside of the roller coaster cars.

  3. Try attaching the 360 Gopro Max at the back of your jeep and use your phone to drive in 3rd person!!! Maybe attach your phone to a VR headset to be more immersive.

  4. Story about the soar on your girlfriend and your lip I thought, dude herpesvirus! But ending with a Fantastic twist. A real 😂!

  5. This is a nice camera but to replace my Insta360 ONE X I'm looking at the Kando Qoocam 8K and maybe whatever Insta360 has coming out if they can beat it and if they do it before I put down a preorder

  6. How did you manage to take the selfie stick with you with no leash or anything? I’m sure you’re not allowed to 🙄

  7. Sam's scream made my 2week infant vomit in the most extreme manner i have ever seen. just finished feeding and was watching potato jet to get to bed.

  8. Bro what about stabilization insta 360 vs gopromax if it is same as gopro buy waterproof case for insta and have for cheaper and invisible stik? And what type sd card prefer to use

  9. wowowow my mind is so blown. Your reviews are the BEST.
    If you happen to have time I'd be super interested to see how the Gopro Max and the Insta360 One X compare when in a dog harness mount!

  10. Any form of extension stick on a rollercoaster is dangerous and irresponsible, you are extending outside of the safe operating envelope of the ride. Don't do it.

  11. Hello congratulations on the channel. Do you know if there is any remote compatible with the gopro max? smart remote ect .. thanks

  12. Does the max have the feature where you can hold it on a selfie stick, move your arm left right up down and if you edit the video properly, you can have the footage stay right on your face? In other terms, does it have the 100% stabilization feature than you can swing the camera around with and the footage will still be on you?

  13. Do the lens covers work underwater for improved stitching thru the differing refractive indices? I can't wait to take mine to the lake next year.

  14. This camera looks sick but I think I will wait for their 3rd 360 camera that is prone to come out on the following years. With every single GoPro ive bought so far, I have been super hyped to buy it, produced below average video, then never touched it again. So all in all a waste of money. Im gonna wait for a do-no-wrong solution from GoPro where I can just push record and everything looks beautiful 🙂

  15. Anyway, I got an idea, why dont manufacturers just put 4 cameras together, each recording at 90° so you'll have that linear look in your videos instead of a fish eye look with 2 180° cameras? I honestly really hate fish eye/wide angle looks. I would actually buy a 4 lens 360 camera even if it was double the price of a gopro 360.

  16. Aloha, you can cut something out of the movie with the Gopro App, but unfortunately it's not possible with Insta360. Oh yes, still a very cool video. Thanks and mahalo

  17. Not cool. People have gotten really injured by flying phones and cameras on coasters. You're one of the reasons why there's metal detectors at all the Universal coasters now.

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