Google Pixel 2 XL vs. Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera Comparison [4K]

Hey everyone! Welcome to the real-world camera comparison
between The Google Pixel 2 XL and The Samsung Galaxy S9. Both are well-known flagships with powerful
cameras, let’s see which one performs better! Both phones were set on Auto mode and 12MP
settings, with HDR on Auto on The S9, and HDR+ on the Pixel. Looking at the first picture, we can see the
difference in the color accuracy between the two. The Pixel seem to have cooler color tones
than the Galaxy S9. They are not perfect in terms of color accuracy,
but if I had the choose; Pixel’s colors are closer to the reality most of the time. … but not always, as you can see in this
case – The Pixel 2 XL often exhibits that blueish-greenish kind of tint, which look
very unnatural. This is the main gripe I have with the Google
Pixel’s camera. In terms of the HDR, The Pixel is slightly
better, if we take a look at the sky area in this photo; there is clearly more information
visible. … However, at least sometimes I noticed
this is in the exchange for slightly elevated level of noise, more obvious if we’ll go
into the crop. Again, slightly more information in the grass
area and in the sky preserved in the picture from the Pixel. That’s said HDR on both is very good and
you can see the difference is not that big. More visible sunflower in this shot, but once
again The Pixel captured more noise, looking through the magnification. Taking a look at some macros; looks like The
Pixel captures more color nuances and it’s strong HDR seems to expose a lot of things
that would normally be underexposed. Pixel’s picture has more, I would call it,
plasticity, to the point that some of you may consider it looking artificial. It depends on what you prefer, really. More things are sharp or should I say in the
focus in the S9’s image, probably partly because of it’s variable aperture – switching
it to f/2.4 in daylight but you can see that the level of detail is very, very similar. The Google Pixel tends to apply less artificial
sharpening, which in my opinion looks better. You may also find that the S9’s variable
aperture is sometimes more annoying than useful, for example when taking macro pictures in
the Auto mode. Like I said it tends to shoot in the f 2.4
aperture in daytime. In the result you can see that bokeh is worse
than in the Pixel. That’s said Huawei P20 Pro destroys both
of them in this department, because of the bigger sensor I think. Let me know in the comments if you would like
to see the camera comparison with the P20 Pro also. Video quality is similar, even in terms of
stabilization. By the way I apologize for that small jittering
in the S9 footage, but beware this is the problem with the electronic image stabilization
on the S9 – I found quite a few posts about this bug on the web. Anyway the dynamic range is great on both. Level of detail is very close, but The Pixel
has less artificial sharpening, which brings out more details, in my opinion. Colors are little bit more natural on the
Pixel. Overall very similar, but I would choose the
footage from the Pixel. Moving to the performance in low-light once
again there is a lot of similarity. The Galaxy S9 has tendency to produce brighter
pictures, but often with a price of the more noise. The Pixel 2 XL pictures are darker, but that
works better sometimes, and it’s color richness once again shines, in the low-light also. Pixel’s night-mode works in more black and
white manner than the one found in the Galaxy S9, it always brightens up, increasing the
noise a lot. I feel like the results from the S9’s night-mode
are more dependable on the conditions. When it’s needed it boosts the ISO and brightens
the image, if there is no need it behaves more subtle. Low-light video from the Pixel seem to be
a little bit brighter and less processed, which means it has more noise, even color
noise. The S9 has noticeable noise reduction and
doesn’t allow the footage to be as grainy as in the Pixel. I would pick the S9 as a winner. In short both have top-notch cameras and that
was a very close match to the point that is hard to choose a winner. In this comparison, I think it’s heavily
depended on the preference, but I would say the Google Pixel 2 XL was slightly in favor. I should also mention that the Galaxy S9 has
a great super-slow motion feature and ability to shoot 4k at 60fps. Let me know which one you think is better,
because real winner is up to you! Thank you for watching and see you later!

2 Replies to “Google Pixel 2 XL vs. Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera Comparison [4K]”

  1. I forgot to mention that the video quality aspect is debatable, because The Google Pixel 2 XL shows some artifacts, especially in motion (it's probably some issue related to bitrate), if you look more carefully, you can notice that in 3:35.
    Anyway, let me know – which one you think is better?

  2. Very good comparison. I have an S9 and so far its camera has performed as intended with very good quality. I compared its camera with an S7 and the difference is big, specially when filming in low light. Thanks.

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