Google Lens for translating, copying text, quick search in text.

Hi everyone this is Brad today we’re taking a
look at the google lens built into Google Apps so if you go ahead and scan
something such as the ball you say baseball you can see you can translate
it it altered detects there’s you can see automatically in English but you can
open up Google Translate and translate it into the language that you wish to in
this case French now you can go ahead back and then you could even go ahead in
and as you can see it’s going to scan all of the text in there so it says text
found you go ahead and copy that text and from there you could go into
something such as a Google Doc and you could go ahead and paste it in there
just like this so it is pasted in all the text it’s there and then you could
go ahead and send it as you would a regular Google Doc so let’s go ahead
back in and when we do at the very bottom there again we’re going to scan
and we’re going to go ahead and look for so if we see something like John eight
Ritter up there you can see it automatically comes up with a Wikipedia
search and then you can learn all about the author so pretty cool so there you
go if you do have any questions let me know thanks for watching take care
buh bye

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