GIANT Monster Clay Sculpture!! *EPIC*

hello remember me get everyone welcome to draw with jaza I'm Josue and today I'm going to be playing with monster clay again which is a blast to use and this was actually the sculpture I made the first time I used monster clay in a video ever since I first used it there's something I've wanted to do make one of those epic character concept sculptures that they have like movies and games and after I made this bad boy I of course had some leftover monster clay that I can work with in this video but I mean if any of you know me you know that this just won't cut it so I took the liberty to just get myself a little bit more as far as what monster I'll be sculpting with all this monster clay well I have something pretty cool in mind [Applause] [Applause] this is Gallic one of these starving characters you get to choose from in raid Shadow legends who have sponsored this video raid Shadow legends is a brand new mobile RPG game it has an amazing storyline awesome 3d graphics huge boss fights and more than 400 champions for you to collect and personally customize as you play I got sucked into the game immediately the graphics are just like I honestly have never seen anything like it in a mobile game before we seriously just check out the detail on these characters and you have these custom champion screens where you can add their items and level them up as you go and map by map and dungeon by dungeon if you faced off against epic enemies build up your skill set work on your strategies eventually you can unlock PvP and a whole load of awesome stuff historian graphics of Rachel alleges are comparable to triple-a titles and it's on your freedom mobile phone it's really amazing and it's free-to-play now click one of my special links in the description you will instantly get 50,000 silver and a free epic champion as part of the new player program to start your journey the last few months I wanted to get to doing a monster clay video and doing a full character some of the characters are always thinking of doing were like the Hulk or something medieval like a barbarian or some sort of epic warrior well honestly that's why I've just decided to sculpt Dalek sort of got a bit of the Hulk and he's definitely sort of barbarian warrior ish and it just seemed really fun I have to do some drawing first I'm gonna start off with thumbnail sketches to see what sort of poses I can come up with and then once I have something I like I'm going to do a bit of a refined illustration that I can plan a bit of an armature and support structure around in the end I went with a bit of a power stance pose I wanted something that felt really solid and looks really epic but also I need to build my confidence working with this stuff and especially because I'm working to a large scale which I haven't done before and doing a full character which I also haven't done before I figure I should keep it mildly vanilla to try and make it as effective as possible now with that said it's still going to be really hard especially with things like the axes because as you can imagine the clay itself doesn't support itself very well I'm gonna have to build the support structures in the armature to make sure that there is enough strength in the shaft of the axe and in the limbs to have the character stand up solidly on his own and as you can see there's a lot of mass what will eventually be weight in the upper body of this dude I'm not saying he skips leg babe I'm just saying he really doesn't skip arm and chest and shoulders a day so this is my sketch and I am actually going to take this and go to the hardware store because I need to get a few things to make an armature or a frame internally that will hold this character up now I have some wire and some tin foil which is really good to build out the mass and the center which I did for my zombie character that I showed at the start of this video I'm just showing a bit of footage over the video now so you can see what I mean but for something big and self-standing I need a lot more support specifically around this area around the center of the body and I'm not sure if I'm gonna have sort of like like a pole or a bar coming internally I feel like that might look a bit weird like there's a pull up is bum probably not the epical look I'm going for I'm gonna take my sketch to the hardware store and see what things they have because I haven't planned ahead very well and I've never done this before but I don't like to research and I like to make things up as I go along I'm sure you like that about this channel too right right well you go on to the hardware store oh so here is this is my armature I gotta say while I had fears about the the pole straight under looking like it might be shoved up his bum I don't think this one's any better but at very least it's stable like the glues dry it feels like it's gonna have a lot of structural support I'm hoping that it won't look too Probie and I'm also hoping it sort of fades into the background once all the clothes on but let's just let's just ignore so I'm about ready to throw some clay on and the way I've approached this is I've separated the ax and the head and the idea is that I will sculpt these and model them with the clay separate to the character so that I can refine them and then eventually position them how I want the other thing I'm a little bit worried about is the proportions so the the actual character is a really broad wide fellow and as you can see this is a really skinny lanky armature I've tried to allow for a broad musculature by widening the shoulders but I'm really just gonna have to lump the clay on to thicken this big boy out alright let's get lumpy microwaving okay so it's a little soft on the top but it's quite soft on the bottom so I'm assuming that means it's very melty in the middle look there it is you're as mean monster Claire okay and as you may have noticed this is probably gonna end up quite a bit bigger than our zombie friend yeah and this did use half of a container of the monster clay and this still has a fill in the middle so I'm hoping I don't run out if I can if I can pull this off I feel like there's gonna be an awesome payoff and thus began the process of slalom in the sludge on to the armature I have to say getting stuck into another monster clay sculpture video has reminded me why I love working with this stuff when it's heated up it has the consistency of really thick mashed potatoes seriously it's amazing to be able to really quickly build up areas of mass on the sculpture as you go about building up the figure it starts to naturally get to a place where it feels more like working with plasticine or putty once I've built up the figure enough I start to remove clay you see the trick is to build it up to the thickness that feels right for your figure and then to go a little bit further so that in the next stage once it's hardened a bit more you can carve away and refine the geometry as you go by the way it bears mentioning that I've deviated from my sketch at this point and decided to only do one axe both for the preservation of clay and of my sanity working with the clay at its fully hardened consistency feels exactly how it looks like sculpting chocolate and using scraping tools almost as if they were peel is a slowly carve back to create a more detailed and that and yes doing this is absolutely every bit as satisfying as it looks now that I'd refined all the areas of the exposed skin it was time to move on to the rest of the figure the armor cloth weapons and details this was a much more time-consuming process than I anticipated I don't know why I didn't realize how long this would take but my god piece by piece I cut sculpted and attached pieces of the outfit some pieces were attached as warm clay and would adhere without much trouble other pieces like the armor plates had to mostly be created and hardened away from the body so that they would sit rigidly and when I was ready to attach them I used a heat gun on the surfaces that were going to connect so that they would soften and bond sometimes I use some hot clay between both surfaces just to ensure a really strong other areas of the sculpture such as when I got to the legs required more of that building up and sculpting back process that I followed with the anatomy of the body slapping lumps of warm clay on to the areas that would be shaped into the folds of the pants or into the firm of the boots now that all the part of the outfit were added I went through and carved in details and creases as well as added some grit by scratching the scuffing really hacking into some areas of the armor after all he wouldn't be a true warrior if his armor have never seen some really intense battle I really wanted this armor to feel really battle on and on the detailing went from first to the face the straps to the axe detail after grueling detail until the perfectionist in me could finally be satisfied oh my god I am so exhausted sorry I'm not coming to the reveal straightaway just cuz I need a debrief this is taken four days I scheduled for two to do this so under estimating as usual the fun part is literally all of my monster clay is used up so you couldn't plant it to be a closer call but with that said that was a lot of time-lapse watching get through and it's now time for me to hopefully enjoy the reveal of my final sculpture teller who's after four days of intense sculpture and not just normal days off I've worked late into the night this is the result and I am really happy with it outlook sands that the pole up the bumpy probably not the epic look I'm going home but I'm hoping you guys will overlook that in favor of the fact that I've put a colossal effort into a fairly colossal monster clay sculpture I really love that it feels like like a concept character for like a video game or really I mean that that's dumb to say because obviously is a character for me video again but I'm going for that vibe your honor me when you start actually refining it and getting to the policy stages and adding like the armor plates all that stuff oh man it's us if you're really cool to see it all come together so quickly but I say quickly it's still two days but you get what I mean that's actually quite hard for me these days to get three or four days to work on one video one artwork for a video so if you love to this video please make sure to hit that like button and leave a comment just so I know what you think of it and let me know what you want to see me do in the future and of course share this video if you guys really love this sort of video I'm gonna do what I can to create more epic pieces like this now I do want to thank rate for sponsoring this video once again they didn't ask me to do their character I really just loved the design of their character and if it weren't for their sponsorship I wouldn't have been able to afford the time and the resources to make something as ambitious as I am today so I really appreciate that sponsorship and I want to thank you for watching this video now if you new here make sure to subscribe to draw with Jazza for more fun with art and creativity sometimes sculpture sometimes it's painting or drawing and sometimes it's just dumb memes but we have a lot of fun and if you did have a lot of fun in this video there's more videos you can check out over there on the main channel and on the vlog channel behind the scenes which I made one of this video where I show the slow descent into madness is this project takes longer and longer to make than I expected thanks for watching and until next time I'll see you later

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  1. Thanks for watching!! I've wanted to make an ambitious character sculpture for AGES and am really happy with how my attempt turn out – I hope you don't find the pole too distracting! lol!
    Also a huge thanks to RAID for sponsoring, this wouldn't have happened without them – Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: Start with💰50K silver and get a Free Epic Champion 💥 on day 7 of “New Player Rewards” program

  2. Jazza, I have yet to see a video of yours that I didn't THOROUGHLY enjoy in some way or another, and I have seen ALL of your videos. Keep up the great work

  3. Thank you so much for putting in the time to entertain us! I really hope this makes it to one of your most watched videos.

  4. i woulda made it so that he was holding the axe like a walking stick… rather than a stick going up his bum… oh well.

  5. Looks incredible. He also looks a bit too smug for someone getting his prostate exam, even if he's a warrior. Would say I'm surprised they let him take the axe into the examination room, but then again I wouldn't want to be the one to say he couldn't either.

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  7. Can I like a video twice? I'd want to give this so many thumbs up. This is epic.. This is amazing.. This is…epic!.. sorry I'm not too good with the words 😔

  8. New life goal: Get enough money to sponsor Jazza creating an epic sculpture of one of my characters.

    Because this was amazing! 😀

  9. That clay looks so much like chocolate
    Wait, what if you tried sculpting with chocolate?
    Like so Jazza can see!

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