Getting Glamourshots at a One Hour Photo Studio (ft. Korey Kuhl)

– This? – Mm… Korey take it away! – Hey everybody it’s time (clap) for another (clap) – No!
– (laughing) Hi everyone, my name is Tyler Oakley and I’m here with the one and only – Korey Kuhl – Korey and I, you may
know us from such stints as – The Amazing Race
– And – The chicken nugget challenge
– And – Psychobabble
– And – Eating ass. – Not that. Today we are having a very special day. It’s been a while since we
did a sister’s photo shoot. – Have we ever done a
sister’s photo shoot? – Yeah! For the podcast album
artwork we had a photo shoot. That was years ago. – It was last fall. – Years ago. So today we’re doing something that I’ve wanted to do for a minute. Do you know Kacey Musgraves? – Heard of her. – Heard of her? Kacey Musgraves is a – Country singer.
– And – Style icon.
– Sure. – Marijuana lover. – Absolutely. Remember when we saw Kacey
Musgraves in concert? – I’ve seen her like four times now. – No remember the time we saw her – Oh and we had a meet and greet? – And we had a meet and greet – And you were all – I was blackout drunk. – I think we were both pretty drunk. – And I was first in line and I got to talk to her. – He said, “All these
people are here for you.” – And she goes, “Uh huh, (laughs) It’s a meet and greet.” (laughs) So basically what had happened was Kacey Musgraves needed a quick
photo shoot for something and she needed like a one hour
photo, she Googled a place, found this place, went
there and it was a dream. She loved Tom. – Yeah, she was excited about
all the back drops that he had it was very her aesthetic, she’s very big into like glamor shots, big hair, old school like country singers. – He has apparently been doing
it for almost three decades and he said to her that business was kinda like a little bit slow, and that’s what sparked her to share the story on her Instagram and make him an Instagram and that’s how I found it then it was trending on Twitter and I was like, “Oh my
god I kinda wanna do it.” So I have had this reservation for weeks, and Korey just happened to be in town and I was like, “Oh my god girl, you have to come like model with me.” As soon as I told you about it you already knew about
it because obviously you love Kacey Musgrave. – Absolutely – Korey, can you give the
camera your best smiles? – Did I nail it? (laughs) – Well… – [Tyler] Okay Korey, its
time for the moment of truth. – I wasn’t prepared for a photo shoot so I need to borrow something of yours. – [Tyler] Well, baby.
– So we can be sisters. – [Tyler] Are you gonna wear this? – You know I love a basic tank
top from American Apparel. – [Tyler] I could match you, I have a whole tank top section. I was thinking something
like fun and colorful, or I don’t know. – You said maybe something
that matches you. – [Tyler] Well currently
I have this like cow – Cow – Brown cow stunning. – [Tyler] But I also have this dalmatian. (laughs) is that kind of matching? – [Korey] I mean I do like
black and white together. – [Tyler] I don’t know. Oh girl! You know what I have. – [Korey] Wait – [Tyler] This. Hold that. This is like a lace see through moment. – You have two of these? – [Tyler] Well why
wouldn’t I have another? Here we go! – [Korey] Oh my god. – [Tyler] Another lace moment well in case I want to – I mean I feel like Kacey
would approve of these. – [Tyler] Yeah they’re kind of yeah Kacey. Lacy. – This is very her – [Tyler] Were gonna bring both. – Can we afford a outfit change? – [Tyler] Baby, all expense is spared. So we are on our way to Tom’s. If these pictures turn out good this might be our new LinkedIn picture, – Yeah – This might be a new Twitter picture, Grindr picture. – I can’t wait to crop you out of it. – Cool. Have you ever done like a one
hour photo shoot at a mall? – I feel like my parents took us like Penny’s or maybe. – Not Penny’s! – Or maybe it was Sears did Sears Portrait Photo Studios, they had that right? – Yeah I feel like we’ve definitely done a Sears photo shoot when I was like a toddler. – There’s a picture of me and my brothers wearing Christmas turtlenecks that I know was taken at
Sears Portrait Studios. – No. My family was really
into old country western. – Oh yeah well that I see their point – Yeah like every theme
park we would all get a gun, and have a hat on and do that thing. – Yeah – Well Korey where are we? – Today we’re at Tom’s One Hour Photo. – Wow – My back is sweaty. – Tell me more about your back oh my god wait, show me, show me your back. So since Kacey posted about it Tom’s have been booked and I finally have our appointment. I feel like its time for our glamor shot. (techno music) – You have an appointment with me? – Yes – Yes sir. – Oh okay – Has it been busy? Crazy? – Oh yeah so busy so crazy (laughing) and Levi’s come – Oh! – A Levi’s jacket. – Levi’s came here?
– Yeah – And gave you that?
– Yeah – That’s so cool! How long have you been doing this? – Ah in here? – Yeah – 29 years – [Tyler] 29 years – Next year like 30. – So any of these
backgrounds are good to go? – Yeah uh huh. – Oh my goodness gracious and almost frolicking in the woods, big block letters in space. What’s your favorite? – You pay for you. Everybody they like different. – What’s the most popular one? – I actually don’t hate the clouds either – Oh everybody want it in here everything. – Everything is the popular one. There’s a couple that I really like. The mushrooms seem great. This one somebody could be checking the mail and somebody could be holding the bird, I feel like that’s fun skit. This is about to be us. – Yeah I know. – That is what we want to look like. That is who we need to be. This one. – Yeah okay and? – And then the clouds one. – Okay. 35. – Awesome. Perfect – Okay now come inside. – [Tyler] Its time? Okay. Thank you. So this is where the magic happens. – Do you make all of the backgrounds yourself?
– Yeah yeah yeah – Some I make, some I buy – Okay – Did you make this one? You did?
– Yeah. – [Tyler] Oh my god
y’all, there are props. Aw! Should we each have a rose? I think. – Yeah some men come here, they hold a rose or hold something. – [Tyler] Do you want a rose? – Yeah (giggles) (mumbling) – Cool Okay (giggles) – Oh cause I’m so short? – Tyler’s so short. – Yeah – See now you not tall. – This is very Stepfather. – Like booty out? – Yeah. That’s fun. – Are you smiling?
– I am. – Don’t smile. – Okay, good, okay. – Maybe cheek to cheek? – Okay, one more time. – I have never done a
photo shoot like this, and honestly, I’m obsessed. Every other type of photo shoot canceled, I’m only coming here now. – This is the kind of direction I need – This is really helpful. You have a vision. – I love this. – You know exactly what you want. Two hands. Both hands. One background done, we’re
done with the clouds. It’s time for, what’s our other one? – Animals? – It’s animals in the forest. – Yes!
– The reveal. I love this. Don’t smile. He’s smiling. – [Tom] No no it’s okay. – I just want you to be professional. – Oh I’m so professional. – [Tom] Okay, little bit. Yeah. – Put my finger in his mouth? – No no no no, you like this, okay. And you, move to see the eye. – Oh – Yeah, you lower. – [Tom] Yeah like this, okay. – Like this? – Yeah like this okay? Don’t move. – I think this is it, this is the one. – [Tom] Yeah okay. – We did it! Yay! – Thank you so much. – Thank you.
– [Korey] Thank you. – Y’all, you need to come do
this, this is the best day ever – So we just ended the photo shoot, Tom, how do you think it went? – Everything okay. – [Tyler] Do you think we are models? – Yeah models (laughs) – [Tyler] Why’re you laughing? – Tom, thank you so much. So 29 years ago, you started doing this. What made you start taking pictures? – Because I love pictures. – You love pictures? – Yeah, I love how to take a picture that’s why I tried to open the shop and I do everything. – I love that. This was the best little afternoon. You brought so much joy to us. We’re going to have to come back every year for another photo shoot. Is that okay? – Yeah, okay thank you. – If you’re watching,
you need to come here. What kind of photos do you do? Like senior portraits? – Yeah, everything. – Everything? Baby photo shoots? – Yeah, everything. – Anything you could need.
You need to come to Tom’s. – Everything that the customer want, I can follow the customer I do. – Perfect. Okay, I’m going
to put all the details in the description below. Thank you so much. – Yeah, okay thank you.
– We’ll see you next time. – Well, Korey, we did it. – We did it. – Do you feel like a model now? – I had a very fun time. – I think I saw a new side of Korey Kuhl. The glamor puss really came out. – Tom was very into directing me. He was all – He took this hand, he did that He took this hand, did that. He did this, he did that. He knew exactly where each limb should go. – And that’s what you get
having 30 years of experience. – Tea. – You know when a chin goes on a shoulder, and you know when a hand goes on a head. – VSCO girls, are left shaking, dead? What do people say – Quaking. – Quaking? Quacking. – Quivering. – The VSCO girls are quacking. – I think quacking. – Quivering. – What’s a VSCO girl? – Honestly I don’t know. VSCO. The app? – Is that like a jpeg? – Well Korey, it’s the moment of truth. I have the pictures, I
haven’t looked at them yet. What does Tyra say? Only one girl remains
– Photo, one photo One photo remains. The photo of the girl who
will be in the competition, – Remain – Remaining is, it’s the moment of truth. I have the pictures and it’s time. Oh.
– Oh. (laughs) – Well I guess… – Those shirts were a choice. – Lacy girls. – Thank God I have all those flowers. – Yeah. – I really like that one. I think I need the flowers
to block my nipples. – Oh there’s my nipple. Shabbat Shalom. – No. What? That’s not the one. – I don’t know if our faces
have ever been closer. – Think they have (laughs). This is very, “Daddy is disciplining boy.” – Naughty bad baby. – I’ve been a bad bad cow. – Baby’s been a bad baby. What is – I don’t know. I don’t know. – Why is your eye like that? – Because I think he was
telling me to do something I was trying to give emotion. I guess Tom brings out the feelings that you didn’t know were inside. – That is not the one. – Oh not this ordeal of which finger goes in which mouth. – I love you in this, but not me. – What am I saying? – You’re saying, “Boo, bitch.” – I’m saying, “Squirrel. Get.” – I forgot about the furry bench. This might be the one. – If we were a couple on Grindr. – (laughs) Can you imagine. And just like that. – Well that’s enough Instagram
content for me to get through the rest of the year. What a fun day we had. – I will say, it was
actually a lot of fun. And plus on the way there
we caught a lot of Pokémon. – We sure did. – So win-win. If you want to see all the pictures, I’m going to put them on my Instagram. – All of them?
– All of them. And be sure to follow Tom. And if you’re in Los Angeles ever, go visit Tom’s One Hour Photo. – It was truly a really fun 30 minutes. – I feel like it’s a fun first date. – I, yeah. – Although unless your date
is like the worst person ever maybe third date
– that would be a fun date Okay, Korey where can people find you? – I am @koreykuhl everywhere K-o-r-e-y K-u-h-l – If they like this
video what can they do? – Put on alert so they get
notifs when you put out a new video
– Sure – Ring that damn bell. – Do people do that? – You take that bell and you. If you like Korey and me together, listen to the podcast
every single Tuesday. Thank you Tom for the wonderful afternoon, thank you Kacey Musgraves
for sharing the love. Okey dokey, have a good life. Bye.
– Bye

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