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On my last trip to Copenhagen I found myself doing a few video recordings I was really hyped up in making a video of my trip but when they looked at the footage I thought everything was crap Why do I even put myself through this? I spent most of last year doing research in the basics of cinematography Tried to get the most affordable gadgets I could get my hands on and tried to do a few micro films on the side I enjoyed the most part of it, but it I wasn’t happy I didn’t get the feeling that I wanted out of it Can I even make a video that can impact someone? That’s what haunted me so much that I sat there at my hotel procrastinating And just ended up doing nothing It took me almost two weeks of hating the exercise of it all and then it just hit me you need to get up and just do something I remember when I started photography years back I did the same thing to myself I hated every output that I had in each photo shoot I did an endless cycle of doing shoots hating my output getting myself up do another and hate it again after I believe I was just a cheap knockoff of the photographers I looked up to The torture took quite some time I got over it when I came to a point… after that endless cycle… …I found my own style Your own voice as some artists would say I still think that my photos suck by the way But now at least I feel that sense of accomplishment whenever I would do a shoot at least now I feel that I am going somewhere and that all you need to do is improve So I guess what I’m trying to share with you guys is get up and start making your videos everyone starts from zero and that you may never get to a fully like your output if you ever do Then all hats to you I guess other than being a perfectionist maybe that is what it is to feel like an artist or to be like an artist Having that small death in each artwork photo, figure or piece that you do a portion of you This is Erick Cruz A struggling artist [Music]

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