the guy just let me in I sent in to come pick up my son hey Ella aya so a few videos ago I walked into a bunch of cafes and restaurants and got rejected and got rejected and rejected and rejected and rejected until finally I walked into a one cafe and the owner of the cafe Jeff and Jeff said yep let's make some copies I need some photos done after we took the photos I showed in my Instagram account and he was like oh hey you shoot cars and so he walked at the back of his cafe and he showed us his like fully modified m2 competition and he's like well I've lost my license but can you just take the keys and just take it for a drive and go get some photos of it yeah what kind of question is that do I want to last video was obviously teaching you how to go out and make some money and make some connections which is more or less what this video is about walking into one place getting me worked at his cafe so I got paid from there and now wants another job done where I can get paid to take photos of his cars and who knows what might happen after he sees the car photos then his friends might want photos of their cars so I'm gonna go grab him on and let's go take this em–to for a spin I haven't really planned this that much I know probably should I've got a few photography locations in mind that I think I want to go to mainly around the city graves dog let's see if we can sneak away hey I just pick up my son I just said call intercom thank you alrights wait I want to do this before IT security come because last time I was here security came on straight away this out he's gonna shoot this on 16 and 35 and I might try it on the show later with the 85 mill actually now I'm gonna do 85 right now it's actually all these construction signs like right down they're gonna run over and just like get them out of the shot pull this shot because it's got a cityscape background but I want the whole car to be in focus so I'm going to shoot the car on f4 so the whole car gets into focus the front and the back and then I'm gonna take another photo on F 1.4 so I get all the bokor of the city and then merge them together later in Photoshop now I'm gonna try and shoot the front of the car so I'm gonna Park it directly down the middle of the road and basically it an 85 most shot looking back into the city like a very frontal shot of the car the best angle to make a car look aggressive pick up our son misdemeanor moment of truth dude if no one picks up like stuck in here hi there I just had to come in and pick up my son I can't actually exit a couple minutes the guy just led me in I said I need to come pick up my son and then I picked him up and they just said free access I literally don't even have the thank you just get my phone out before I get all my camera equipment out and just see what it looks like on my phone chances are if it looks good on the iPhone it's gonna look good on your camera I'm gonna try few photos now freehand so I'm gonna shoot a lot of stuff at one point four high shutter speed I'm gonna bump my ISO a bit a good rule of thumb when shooting especially at night photography is to shoot roughly whatever millimeter length your camera is or whatever your millimeter length is that you're shooting up is roughly what your shutter speed should be usually with every single one of my car shoots I like to get a brake light shot so usually I'll either get the driver or if I don't have a driver I'll literally stick my tripod on the brake so more or less what I want to talk about from today's photoshoot and more importantly what I want you to take away from this is that you have to build a connection base first before you know you go out and actually do a photo shoot like this this photo shoot would not have happened if I didn't walk into that cafe in that videos as real as it gets and a car shoot is something that isn't as easy to charge money for because at the end of the day shooting someone's car for as a personal gig is a want over in need in photography it's a lot easier to walk into a cafe or a business that needs content done they need content every business needs content so by you walking in there it's a numbers game until you can actually eventually get paid to do that job for them right a car is a materialistic object and to have photos of your car is definitely not something that you need you don't need that to be a better person you don't need that to make more money for your business you don't really need it at all that's something that you want because you have to look at this from both ends someone who doesn't necessarily need something but just wants it right so how much are they going to pay for that service for the money that I did charge from tonight's photo shoot and the photos that I've edited I want to be completely transparent with you about what I charged him and we're going to break down the price on why I charge them that amount of money this is exactly what I would charge someone on or off camera I'm not doing this for any other purpose other than to show you if you'll be confused about what to charge someone for your services me going out and taking photos freelance in general I will roughly sit around a hundred dollars an hour for my photography service that photo shoot was five hours as soon as I stepped foot out of the house timer goes on and as soon as I come back home timer stops so since I left my house at 7:30 p.m. and I didn't come home until 12:30 a.m. that's 8:30 you know that our 9:30 10:30 11:30 12:30 I use five hours of work from being outside doing a job me charging $100 an hour that is $500 straight off the bat I also include an editing cost into my final price so it took me two hours to edit all 20 photos mainly because they used a preset I'm at it I might as plug them I do have presets for sale they come twenty in a pack and then plus they're coming walkthrough tutorials and rule photos you want to get them there in my bio I use presets to edit my photos so really once I've got one style of you know I've edited one one image or whatever so chuck a preset on it and then I'll go through it sort of with it a little bit until I'm happy with the result and then I can synchronize the photos and work from there generally that takes about two or one and a half to two hours and still sorry I still charge $100 an hour for editing as well so obviously you're left with five hours of being on shoot travel time as well as being on the shoot and then two hours of editing as well which gives you seven hours so that's $700 I actually charged him seven hundred and seventy dollars mainly because of the GST law I'm not sure what your tax percentage is or if you even need to pay tax for the stuff like this but I charge seven hundred dollars for today's shoot purely from going out and asking people if they need photos done so that's talking about all the costs let's actually look at some of the photos first spot we went to the shot with you know how we snuck into the car park by saying I had to pick up my son lying on the ground like I said gives a really aggressive look to the car so I've got a few there either back shot that I merged together I probably should have angled the car the other way but because it was my first shot and kind of like a test shot I wasn't really thinking if I was to do this again I would have actually angled the car the other way so the light was reflecting on the wheels instead of it being in the shadows this I kind of that up on my behalf but whatever still a dope image I'm still gonna run with it then I took some landscape shots here as well I'm really happy with shot all this on the 85 Mill 85 who was just a beast lens for car photography in general and portraiture if that's what you and even landscapes as well and straight it's just a good lens for everything I would highly recommend getting an 85 mil moving on we went to the docks and that's where I got the YouTube thumbnail as well some close-ups of the badges the steering wheel and the headlights as well I think they're good just for Instagram stories and wallpapers lastly we actually went to Chinatown I like the cool neon lights there and I think the car you know having blue accents on it and being Nardo great I think it's a great contrast there with all the red neon lighting and we actually took it down an alleyway where I shot a lot of cars before and we actually poured a lot of water on the ground and I managed to get this reflection shot and once I edited it I added that sign of the background to become neon just by brushing around it and making the exposure super high on them that's probably one of my favorite photos from the night mainly because of the creative aspect behind it it's really hard sometimes to get creative with cars because cars are so big and bulbous and they take up so much room it's hard to get like close-ups and creative shots with them so that's actually probably my favorite shot from the night and usually how would go around sending the photos I'd upload them to a Dropbox link some people because they've been over in the past they'll send like Drive copies of the photos like really low red stuff and once they've received half the other the other half the payment some photographers like to get half payment up front and half payment at the end I trust Jeff so I sent him the link or the Dropbox link were uploaded all the photos so I just sent him a text saying hey here all the photos as well and sends seven hundred dollars or seven hundred and whatever dollars to this bank account paid within that night happy with the photos might tell his friends which might get me more work in the future so if you do want to go check out just business Andy's car page I'm gonna leave them right here those are the instagrams you can go check out big shout out to Jeff you're a legend bro thank you so much for allowing me to do these videos with you this past week I hope I taught you something new today I definitely learned something new if you did like this video leave a like down below and help me out by hitting subscribe but that all said and done I will see you in the next one


  1. YO! I've found a link here to people that think $700 is too much to charge for an entire photoshoot :,800×800,075,f.u1.jpg

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  5. So you just sent him a dropbox link with the finished photos? Did the man say anything about how he felt towards that? Did he mention that he'd rather have them printed as well or was he cool paying $770 just for the work and editing? 
    Just some things that I'm curious about. 
    I am personally a fan of having my photos already printed. Often times photo printing places have such shitty quality when it comes to printing amazing photos that are already ready for print, etc. Would really appreciate your opinion/response!

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