Future Film Stars Filmmaking Incursion Video

Hi, I’m Adrian Tyson from Future Film Stars, Future Film Stars is a full-day small group incursion program for a maximum of 15 students. The incursion is an opt-in incursion that schools sent home an expression of interest form for. Future Film Stars is all about empowering students with the skills and confidence to go out there and write and create their own short films. I’m a fully qualified New South Wales Department of Education teacher and short film maker, as a short filmmaker I’ve had two short films over at the Cannes Film Festival, also recently been selected for St Kilda Film Festival, which is an Academy Award qualifying event. As a teacher and filmmaker I’ve been able to put those two skills together to create this filmmaking incursion program. In the morning session we look at the screenplay as a unique industry specific text type. We link what students consume on the screen every day with narrative writing. Students get to see how a screenplay is put together be able to interpret that and also create their own screen plays. Throughout the day students get to operate all the equipment required to shoot a short film. That includes lighting, the clapper board, the camera and also be the director. Kids really like being able to rotate throughout all the roles within a film crew, they especially like running the clapperboard and directing. Students who wish to try acting also get to run several scenes in front of the camera. We give them several tips throughout the day to increase their confidence in front of the camera. Students learn the professional workflow required to shoot good scenes. We work with well-known scripts that students know and love, students get to act out scenes from some of their favourite movies. We shoot green-screen for multiple purposes, for narrative and also for information presentation. We shoot some live-action scenes from multiple angles showing students how to get coverage of a scene. We shoot a lot of live-action sequences outside, which is where students authentic stories occur. In the afternoon session we get all the footage that we’ve shot throughout the day and start to edit it. We use iMovie to show the students how to put together a basic assembly edit. We then work to refine the Edit down to a usable final cut. In the edit suite we show them how to put together their green-screen sequences, we also show the many different cuts that can be used for many different narrative purposes. By the end of the day students have learned about narrative writing for the screen, how to operate all of the film equipment to put together a shoot, they’ve operated all of the equipment themselves individually, and seen how to edit together all the footage and they’ve shot on the day. At the end of the day they have the skills and confidence to go out there and create their own short films. Kids are always surprised to see how we have to slow the whole process down in order to get a good take. Students learn that to put together a film shoot it requires teamwork, discipline as well as the technical skills. Not only is the day highly educational and engaging but it’s also a lot of fun! Please visit our website www.futurefilmstars.com.au for more information.

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