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funnel scripts cost how much does it cost all right guys I’m gonna tell you the funnel scripts cost here in one minute my name is Jenna Oberg and what I want to do is take you through real quick funnel scripts and explain to you all all that you actually get here so you realize that this is worth a hundred times more than what you’re paying for it so when you consider what it costs to pay a copywriter an ad writer the time it takes to write a webinar the time it takes to write a sales video letter the time it takes to write emails and follow up sequence this more than pays for itself a hundred times over I’ve had this for several months now I use it daily and I have saved countless hours and countless cost associated with hiring someone to write out a webinar because I’m too lazy or hiring somebody on even Fiverr for that matter to do a quick VSL or or hiring someone on up work so if you’re a clickfunnels user especially even if you’re not you can use this but clickfunnels users this is going to save you but loads so if you’re familiar with the experts secrets book you can see here on the left everything in the Esper expert secrets book is here for you not only that but it gives you everything here for your sales copy call to action script lead capture script order bump script up one-time offer and so on and so on bullet brunson bullets which is crazy so you know russell brunson who’s famous for his bullets advertising scripts you could write all your facebook ads your CPC ads you can write your about me page all your Seinfeld the emails all your auto email follow-up sequences all your tweets onboarding sequence webinar promotion series webinar follow-up scripts emails killer headlines I mean it goes on and on and on and on but what I really want to point out for you and show you where this where the value truly truly comes in I mean all this here on the left hand side is worth its weight in gold but what I really want to show you here let me go back to the dashboard and I’m going to tell you the price here in one minute I promise don’t worry but if you look here these downloadable Wizards you get the perfect webinar wizard so this is like a software within funnel script so you have to think about it this way you get funnel scripts but on top of that you get one two three four five let’s see one two three four five six extra wizards inside of this so six extra downloadable pieces of the software within funnel scripts you’re getting seven seven copywriting software okay so each of these themselves is worth hundreds thousands of dollars okay the perfect webinar wizard if you write out your webinars you know it takes hours if not days you can write out a perfect webinar in less than an hour and upload it to PowerPoint or keynote and then just tweak as needed I’ve done several it’s fantastic VSL wizard if you’re struggling to write a sales video letter for your opt-in page upsell this is for you also this is great you can write read out your VSL send it to somebody on Fiverr or whatever if you want a whiteboard video survey script this is great if you’re doing surveys huge star story solution script so if you’re familiar with that it creates a sales based copy on this classic formula from comm secret so if you’ve read comm secrets masterclass wizard so if you’re creating a master class say you have a class idea that’s in beta you’re going to get the master class wizard as well and you’re also going to get the podcast and FB live wizard as well so you can create your interviews sales copy ads emails everything so again guys you’re getting funnel scripts plus you’re getting the perfect webinar wizard plus you’re getting the VSL wizard plus you’re getting easy survey script plus you’re getting star story solution script plus you’re getting master class wizard and plus you’re getting podcasts at FB live wizard that is insane so the cost of final scripts guys is 497 dollars per year for all that it’ll cost you four or five times that to get somebody to write you a vesl it’ll cost you ten times that to get somebody to do a whole webinar for you this will make you more money than you know what to do with it has saved my life over and over again not only that one last thing I’ll point out if you go down to the bottom here guys you have several bonuses as well you have inception secrets from russell brunson so his presentations you have shared funnels you also have funnel blueprints let me show you this real quick so you have these frontal blueprints I mean it just goes on and on and on I don’t know how much more I can sell you guys on this okay look at this so your opt-in funnel okay you can literally click it tells you where to put everything guys tells you where to put it you don’t have to do anything you literally create your funnel and you go okay this is where I do the opt-in video this is where I do the lead capture this is where I put my headline this is where I do my auto email follow-up you don’t have to think about anything you can print this out and then when you click on this look takes you right to that wizard boom let me show you how easy this is what other 10 questions alright so let’s just say I’m doing a new e-book this just gives you examples so and this is a Jim Edwards example so I’d put in my name my website my niche my big result I want my big how to secret what bribe so on and so on and then I just click the build button and look at this that prints out everything I don’t have to do anything hi my name is Jim Edwards and welcome to the seven-day ebook right of course would be your name and your product you’re about to discover the secret of how to write a real ebook in less than a week we’ve created a free video I mean just look at this how long would it take you to do all that how much would it cost you to pay for that alright so again 497 for the year guys not only are you getting funnel scripts for 497 for the year guys but you’re also getting the perfect webinar wizard the VSL wizard the survey wizard the star storage solution master class wizard that’s huge guys if you’re coming up with a class and you want to do a beta version boom you also get the podcast FB live wizard and of course final scripts all for 497 dollars I’ll put a link below go grab it today it will change your life get funnel scripts guys take care o like subscribe share comment all that fun stuff take care

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  1. Hey Judd, great video. I was looking at funnel scripts but I would also like to resell it as an affiliate. Do I need a click funnels account to become an affiliate? thanks

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