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  1. Good video as always and some beautiful shots you took there.
    I actually use that XT2 + Minolta 100 2.8 D (the last version with the big focus ring) combo you suggested, because I shot an a Sony A65 for quite some time, so that was the standard lens for macro there. There is one big problem with using the adapter though and that is that you can't set your aperture. Your always shooting at 2.8 which really isn't ideal… I actually used some tape, to stop the little lever that normally controlls the aperture from snapping back. Now it works, I just always shoot somewhere around F11 and the picture quality is amazing and quite a bit sharper than with the A65 🙂

  2. Great review again! I'm always impressed with Fuji glass and what you get out if it.
    Also, I seriously love your color grading in these images. One day I'll buy your LUTS…….one day. 😀

  3. Wow your macro photos are incredible! Honestly some of my favorite photos I’ve seen you take have been the ones you’ve been taking in these past few videos with this macro lens.👍🏼

  4. Great video. I hear the spring flowers out where you are now will be wonderful. Maybe you need to rent one of these for the spring.

  5. Very nice review sir! As I am a landscape and product photographer whose main concern is image sharpness and detail, you have answered my questions in that regard…though I would be using it tripod-mounted on an X-Pro2, rather than handheld, for the maximum image quality. One question if I may…Can OIS be truly turned OFF?? (Another reviewer, stated that one can never truly turn OIS off, which would worry me when using it on a tripod!)
    Thanks again!

  6. For a little while I've felt that your videos looked a bit washed out. I've semi-figured out that it isn't your videos, it probably has to do with the other creators I watch gunning for "brighter than life" colors and imagery that pops off the screen. I wonder if my eyes and expectations have been subtly corrupted by this the way too much fast food can deaden your appreciation for better eats. ("Corrupted" isn't the right word but I can't think of a better expression right now…)

    But then again, the colors in your still photos look significantly brighter and richer to me than your video work. Do you have any thoughts or insights about how color, our expectations of color, technology, and maybe even contemporary color fashions affect each other?

  7. You was bang on I got this lens for the 1=1 macro and to replace my 90mm f2 but found the 80mm really great at macro but not so great at portraiture, both are great for there designated use.

  8. Very nice review. However you missed one alternative. The Zeiss Touit 50mm F2.8 is a macro with 1:1 magnification and AF. It doesn't have IS but is much smaller and lighter.
    Zeiss is currently the only third party manufacturer offering "native" X-mount lenses, giving you the advantages of an AF every day lens.

  9. This lens is pretty impressive for handheld video too! And Continuous AF (with the lens on the X-T20), while not perfect, can do a pretty good job, even at macro distances: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnbUYbQu7t4

  10. Another great review Andrew along with a bunch of great photos. Now with all this practice on your own I'm expecting the next photo duel to be a lot closer lol…… Joking aside the channel is just going from strength to strength and I alway look forward to your videos.

  11. UPDATE: A couple of additional helpful comments from other viewers:
    MegaWeitzel reminded me that the Zeiss Touit 50mm F2.8 is a macro with 1:1 magnification and AF. It doesn't have IS but is much smaller and lighter.
    DerFrange mentioned that that Minolta lens I talked about needs an adapter that has a built-in aperture control unless you are ok always shooting wide open. So a cheaper lens adapter is probably not going to work very well. See his comment below for more details.

  12. Very nice Andrew.
    I second the vintage approach especially for macro since manual focusing for macro seems fairly common. The Tokina ATX 90mm f2.5 is one of the best. I used mine on our hike into Grand Canyon for landscape and some close ups.

  13. I can't say this often but I enjoyed I think every macro shot you took … for me all the pros and cons of the lens outside of using it as a macro don't matter..that's what other lens are for but i understand why some would use it in a dual role.

  14. As a practical shooter, I am wondering about the use of the 50-140mm (OIS) or the 90mm (f2.0 with extension tubes, for close ups. Especially as I have both of those lenses! With the 90mm I would shoot on tripod for sure. What are your thoughts on this?

    One more question: Is the 80mm a flat field lens? I.e. if you were photographing a stamp collection, for instance, using a tripod or macro stand, would the edges be sharp at the same time as the centre with this flat subject matter?

  15. Thanks for a great review, also thank you for using great music and not annoying printer/fax/modem sounds over drum beats. Very thorough comparison and thx for the options.

  16. I use 2 nikon mount macro 1:1 lenses which are really excellent: 60mm AF-D nikkor 2.8 and the Tokina 100mm 2.8D. The latter, unlike the tamron macro DOES have on-lens aperture, and most macro shots on my website are done with that puppy..

  17. Great videos and photos Andrew! I found the same constraints in low light. That said, there are so many positives with this lens that I'll definitely keep mine close by!

  18. Nice video again, Andrew. One comment about the low-light focusing test you did. In the specific shot you showed in the video, it seemed like you gave the 50-140mm a clean and contrasty vertical line in both focus points you used, whereas you didn't do that with the 80mm. The X-T2's focusing isn't cross-type, so the camera will normally latch on to any vertical contrast line very quickly and much more slowly for horizontal ones (or points with less clear vertical contrast lines). If you've never seen the difference, it's very easy to see when trying to focus on the vertical and horizontal edges of your computer monitor for instance. Might that have influenced your opinion in this case?

  19. Excellent review.

    I got the 80 last week and the first thing I noticed you hit on – low light AF is not that good. I even switched to my 50 Touit and much to my surprise the Touit did considerably better. I also was thinking while dealing with the AF that when I don't need macro, I will be using my 50-140 for low light.

    I also have the Minolta 100mm A-mount lens but I find that IQ much better with the Touit and XF80. However, I do enjoy the manual focus of the old Minolta.

    For macro I kinda like the swirly and cat eye bokeh. For portraiture I will continue to use my 90 or 50-140. Pretty much the same way I am with the 50 Touit, for portraiture I will use the 56 or 50-140 instead.

    With me having the Touit and the Minolta a person might be wondering why get the 80. The WR, the 4-axis IS, and it will work on my 1.4x and 2.0x TCs. I just need time to see how well the TC works because capturing insects at 160 f/5.6 would be nice.

  20. Long before I left film photography, macro photography required careful (manual) focusing for best results. When I eventually bought a macro lens for Ye Olde Nikon D40 and D7000, the auto focus sensor would choose the "wrong" spot. Once again, I would have to turn off AF and "do fine manual focus" for best results. The 90mm f/2.5 Tamron lens #272 works on the oldest and "newest" DSLR, which was the main idea. (As an FX lens, if I find an affordable Nikon D600, it also "fits like a glove.";) However, I am looking at Fujifilm X-E1, which puts me in the market for that Fuji 80mm f/2.8 Macro…

  21. It looked like you had it hard set to 4000 ISO for the focus test, did you find focus speed was affected by ISO? Did you have it hard set at 4000 this whole video?

  22. Another great informative video, and as always is looking at your pictures a real treat! 10 minutes well spent! Thanks!

  23. Subscribed to your channel because of this review. 2 things that I really liked. Great shots and your processing was spectacular. You have a great way of boosting shots without introducing garbage. Not easy to do. Would love to see more videos and especially how you process. Thanks!

    You mentioned in the video, "I would rather have the stuff in focus be sharp with a macro than super duper bokeh" (not exactly his words) So true, with a macro, it is all about that shallow depth in focus and is it razor sharp. That portion is what stands out, if the composition is done right, which the samples you showed, were compositionally awesome!

    I own this lens and am so glad Fuji sold it for 1200 and not over 2k. It is probably the best lens I have ever owned and I have owned many great ones. Not sure why people have issue with its price. It is a crazy good lens.

  24. I've just purchased the Minolta 100mm. IS the Adapter in this video the correct one? (getting confused because the Minolta 100mm is label as Sony A mount)

  25. Picked up the lens in part because of your review, and those shots. Lovely, both. It truly is a fine fine piece of kit. It's taking a bit of getting used to, since I dig wide primes mostly, but the shots I've pulled out of it thus far are amazing to my eyes. So sharp. Lovely out of focus areas. Color pop and contrast. The only off putting things for me, are the size, weight, and the "thunk" of linear motors when the lens is fired up. I'm nervous about all the switched and such too, but time will tell how they hold up. It feels solid though, and if my other fuji cameras and lens of the past are any indication, this lens will stand the test of time and use. Thanks again for your review.

  26. Thanks for the review! I've always loved your story or commenterial reviews, where the mood is set and I feel like following you on a photoshoot.
    3:38 Just a note, I think the weight of the lens is 750g, not 480g as mentioned.

  27. Excellent work again! I had been trying to get by using the 60mm macro or the 90 with either Nikon 5T and 6T filters or extension tubes. But after watching what you were doing with the 80, I finally bit the bullet and as of today, one lives here with me. I love this lens!

  28. hi. lovely review. it was your review in the first place what made me buy this lens. frankly, I am not utterly happy with the performance. Macro capabilities are surely above par. I haven't used or owned any macro lens before so, i am very happy when I can take pictures of insects and ants to the point where I can view their body hair.
    but on the contrary, sharpness is greatly compromised when used sports or clicking mammals are a local zoo. upon cropping, I find pictures are lame and lack sharpness. looking at the price point of the lens I would rate my self as an unhappy user.

  29. Focus speed in low light is on pair with all macro lenses out there (slow), other option is to go for Tamron 90mm f2.8 SP USD (F004) version, it is manual focusing via adapter but lighter and cost 3x less.

  30. I really wish it had some of the great macro functions of the Sony 90 FE 2.8 Macro. Which is also sharper and more precise in AF. I guess I'll stick to my Sony A7ii for macro work and use the XT2 for other stuff.

  31. Great vid , but why would you take the rear lens cap off place the bare flange on a Stone? Soo cringeworthy dude.

  32. What a great lens! Thanks for making this video my friend. I’m just about to order the TX-3 and I’m, shocking I know, planning what two lenses to get after I buy the 16/1.4. This or the 90/2 or the 50-140/2.8 is what I’ve been thinking about as the second lens. I need to do more research

  33. Help! I have the X-H1 and the 80mm macro. Can you please tell me how to get my lens and camera into manual. I just can't make it happen.

  34. My guess is a lot of the AF issues will be resolved with the XT-3 hopefully as it doesn't perform well enough to meet the "low light camera" standard, but it does seem to be sensitive enough to improve AF in low light, plus all the extra AF on-sensor points.

  35. I love your photos, wish I was the one with a cactus garden to snap away at! I also felt u made macro feel effortless, which for me is usually not the case, I normally have to work macro quite a bit to get results. Nice video, thanks. I think you've inspired me to get my camera out after a 1yr hiatus

  36. the focus example isnt quite correct, i dont feel youve compared like with like. All macro lenses that ive owned struggle with the speed vs. range that you are trying to depict in that low light example at the 8minute mark. i dont think its entirely representative, my canon macro will sometimes drive me nuts trying to autofocus if i dont limit the range.

  37. Just wanna say, I love your work. I have interest because I enjoy shooting similar subjects. Abstract plant photography is kinda how I refer to it. I am still honing in on my skills, but you my friend, have a great eye for perspective.

  38. My 80 focuses much more quickly than your demonstration. It does help to use the one of three focus range settings though.

  39. Fuji has what seems to be a half a dozen lenses in the short telephoto range. 50mm, 56, 60, 80, 90….. What they don't have is a small, light, fast focusing lens around 70mm, maybe F2? Equivalent to the 100-105mm lenses that every 35mm film camera manufacturer offered. The 60mm is close, but it's one of their earlier lenses and its autofocus isn't the best. Probably too much to ask them to add another lens in this range, when they already have so many.

  40. Very nicely done lens review! I am a Fujiflm X-System user, and have found the Fujinon XF80mm f/2.8 Macro lens to be the absolute sharpest lens I've ever used in my 40 years of photography! When I combine it with an X-T3, a solid tripod, and good pre/post processing technique, I am seeing incredible detail in my product photography and macro images. With respect to bokeh, I require sharp detail throughout my product images, so I never shoot wide open, preferring the optimum apertures of f/8-11. And, if I need to use focus stacking to ensure maximum sharpness and detail, I am obtaining detail that would rival FF and possibly even medium format. In short, IMHO, this Fujinon XF80mm f/2.8 Macro is likely the best, sharpest Macro on the market. Thanks again, sir.

  41. I think I recognize the place you're shooting at…..drum roll….. Just outside of Carlsbad New Mexico….Living Desert Zoo & Gardens State Park. Am I right???

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