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what's up this is Evan with drew 7im a twenty year graphic design professional I'm gonna talk about how I became a freelance graphic designer and then I'm gonna talk about how you can start your business – now I've always been creative in fact as a kid I was a little skater and I loved all the designs on the skateboards fast forward through the school years when I got out into the job market after becoming a graphic designer I finally landed my dream job designing for harley-davidson motorcycles there were many other talented artists there and it was this experience that accelerated my skills as an artist eventually when I left I decided that freelancing was the way for me I didn't want to work for a corporate company I didn't want to have a boss I didn't want to work along with somebody else's rules I wanted to make my own destiny now early on it was super challenging because once I had no longer had that regular paycheck I learned real quick that it's super hard to earn a living on your own I had to really hustle to bring on new clients new projects complete those projects then get paid repeat the process I'm at a position now where I'll have return clients calling me or referrals from previous clients and I'll just have several calls a week on new projects that I can start working on now it took me years to get to this point there's a recipe that I have learned through experience and past mistakes there's three little pieces of advice number one is operation decide what exactly you want to do as a graphic designer are you gonna be branding are you gonna be a broad spectrum of things everything one-stop shop number 2 pricing research what everybody else is doing you might be a beginner you might be a an expert or pro but you got to decide on what your rates are gonna be and you got to stick by those rates number three which is very important marketing yourself set up a website that clearly displays your services and all of your best work and then also set up all the social media accounts that are appropriate Instagram Facebook and there's a lot of other creative websites that you can get freelance work or contract work so those are some important first steps to focus on do a good job for every client that you get that way when they walk away they have something of value they want to come back and do more work with you and they want to send you a referral they're gonna they're gonna be willing to talk about you when you're not around and say you know what you need a graphic designer this person was phenomenal and I highly recommend it now I want you to do this figure out your design passion meaning are you branding expert are you a web developer and designer or you an apparel designer figure out what exactly you want to do and hone in on that okay you can always expand later but figure out one expert thing that you can do research other graphic designers research other freelance graphic designers see what they're doing don't reinvent the wheel when it comes to general business and and what not you you it's out there you can just get it going yourself put together a pricing schedule basically your general services for what you do put prices next to it level one two three and four and stick to it you know don't show it to the client because when you go to when a client asks you to do a job you're just gonna say well I'm gonna put together my estimate and that's when you go and you look at your price schedule and you say okay well this is gonna be an advanced logo design it's this much money and then you stick to it write them up an estimate be detailed send that to them it looks very professional and they will respect you for it and that is how you people know that you've already predetermined exactly what you want for every design you do and that is how you will make more money and once you have those things going for you I want you to Google search some businesses out there look at their websites look at what they have if they have a generic logo and it's no good call them up cold call send them an email follow up with a call try to land that first job and then go back to everything I just said you know your pricing schedule you're gonna write an estimate you're not gonna do it over the phone don't shoot from the hip make sure that you you look strategic and you look professional and that is how you land the client and get paid what you want well that's it for this video but please comment below any questions you might have I'm gonna be answering questions in a video later on and I'll also do my best to answer anybody's questions in the comments section below please like and subscribe thank you for watching you

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    I’m a 20 year graphic design professional with ten of those years having my own freelance business. On this channel I will be passing along what I've learned on my journey to become a successful business owner. I'm here to help YOU jumpstart your creative business.
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  2. Great video! I just started freelancing doing web design and i'm doing good but I plan on expanding to clothing design. Do you only focus on one field of design?

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