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“I don’t have the budget yet to hire a graphic
designer, are there free graphic design software that I can use to help me get started?” Hey, good day folks, I’m André Givogue,
your friendly host here for CareerFH! A free graphic design software is an awesome
solution when you’re starting out your new business. I get it, I remember I used to try
to save a few bucks and do it myself. In fact I was always trying to do everything myself
and I went a long way with a free graphic design software. My personal favorite free graphic design software
when I first realized I had to put some images on my site, banner ads and other online profiles
was Microsoft Paint. I know it sounds ridiculous to anyone in the graphic design industry but
for me, it was great. It was simple to use, I was able to draw shapes,
add caption writing on top of my images, I was able to resize them and all that super
simple, easy to use and straight forward. Oh yes, I can forget about the famous “Print
Screen” button on my keyboard. When you see something you like, you simply press “Print
Screen” and whatever you see on your desktop will be copied into your computer’s clip board. Then you can go in your free graphic design
software and paste the image. Once in there, you can easily play around with it. From my understanding, the free graphic design
software Paintbrush is kind of the equivalent of Paint but for Mac. Keep in mind that these free graphic design
software are very basic in nature that have limits in the creativity you can have. If you want to go pro or just have more options,
like working with layers, color correction, masks and a whole slew of other options then
Adobe Photoshop is by far the number one software on the market. I now personally use Photoshop
as once I order something from a designer, I ask for the .psd files and I can go in and
tweak things that I want
to change. The perfect example for this is my Youtube
Thumbnail images (the ones on you see on all my videos). Once I create my video, I open
my main thumbnail template and just change the text layer to give the new title. That’s
it, nothing else, I keep it really simple, you can see a behind the scenes of my day
at work and at about the 6th minute mark you’ll see what I’m talking about. What I like about Photoshop is that there
are a lot of tutorials and action scripts available online, specifically tailored to
that software. Here’s an awesome Youtube Photoshop playlist by Robert Baldwin I personally watch
to get more tips and tricks on how to use Photoshop. You can also get a free 30 day trial of Adobe
Photoshop here, then it’s like $10 per month (more on the Photoshop price plan here). That’s
really good, I remember in the past, they didn’t have a monthly option, you could only
buy the full software for like $700. Ok, I did say free graphic design software
and Photoshop has a free trial. So it sort of counts but what about 100% free graphic
design software? No worries I got you covered. is an open source platform that pretty
much very comparable to Photoshop. Because it’s an open source, it’s 100% free, you can
download it and install it on your computer, work with layers, etc. It’s a super robust software. I just find
that some of the tools and layouts are a little different or located in different menus. I’m
sure though you can find lots of tutorial on how to use it. Finally, the last free graphic design software
but not least, is a web based client therefore you don’t have to install it on your computer.
You can have access to it anywhere in the world (as long as you have access to an internet
connection). This one is called Again the cool part is that you can open your
files and work with layers, adjust text, color correction, and again lots of similar tools
Photoshop has. Since I have Photoshop I didn’t really have
the need to use these other free graphic design software anymore but at the beginning when
I first started out with a limited budget and all, those were my “go to” tools. I also
kept note of them just in case I’m travelling somewhere and for some reason I need to fix
a banner or something (which is probably NOT going to happen). haha These are my selection of free graphic design
software tools that are a great compliment for your business arsenal of tools What about you, how are you going to use these
free graphic design software tools? Share your thoughts and comments down below
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