FREE Cinematic Editing Essentials FOR FILMMAKING Beginners

Hello everyone, Bobby here from theletterisb. I hope all of you enjoyed the cinematic start of this video. Today I have once again something special for you. I’ve gathered some my favourite tools to create beautiful cinematic videos within any editing software in one package. And this package is all for free. I’ve added six of my most used transition sound effects to this pack that you can list to right now. As well as some gorgeous light leaks created by wzzly that were also used in the cinematic sequence at the beginning of this video. Such as film burns and film grains and glowing lights overlays that will give your video a beautiful vintage look. Following by something that no cinematic video can live without. Cinematic film bars. I’ve got many different film bars with different aspect ratios so you can find the right fit for your project. And last but not least my favourite font family, Bebas. A very versatile font that you can use in literally any project. I really hope I could help some of you with this package and if so please like this video and subscribe to my channel for more awesome filmmaking content as well as many great editing tutorials. Besides that any of you editors out there can check out my color grading presets, as well as some other awesome tools that are linked in the video description, if you are interested in upping your editing game and create professional high quality content. I’m Bobby and this was theletterisb.

23 Replies to “FREE Cinematic Editing Essentials FOR FILMMAKING Beginners”

  1. I really hope you can find good use for this cinematic pack! In the last video I asked you guys which tutorial should I upload next and you voted for a new music video tutorial! So stay tuned for a awesome music video tutorial very soon! Also, I will be answering all your recent comments over the next couple days!

  2. You should add some color corrections in the pack, it would be a complete cinematic pack but it's your choice.
    Also I would love to see you and Wzzly collaborate together, that would be awesome!

  3. when you say free, i didn't think it'd cost 30 bucks to get them… thanks for the clickbait bobby…

  4. where do i ned to extract this im usig vegas pro 14 and i'm new to this i always used the standard thinks

  5. Hello Bobby

    I watch your tutorials since i began editing (1,5 years) and watched your videos that helped me a lot… So thanks !

    But now it would be great if you coule make more advanced stuff using more plugins etc…

    Also i have a question do u know a plugin (not an overlay) to make cartoon particules?

    If you have time i mean something like this (its in the begenning)
    Thanks again from France !

  6. Hello! Do you also make fiction films? I've been working on a super cool short movie about the beginning of life. 🎥🎬 It's currently playing on exclusive film festivals but we decided to also make it available on YouTube, just search for "EXPERIMENTAL SHORT FILM BABY"
    It would be amazing if we could work together on something – Thanks !!!

  7. Thank you so much Bobby, you are a star. You will be well rewarded oneday for your kindness and hard work..I'm praying for you for that to happen!!!

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