“Frágil”—Lisandra Isabel García López [Havana Cultura Visual Arts Project]

We are in the Rum Museum in the the exhibition ‘Un olor que entra por mi ventana’
by Havana Cultura. The title of this work is ‘Frágil’
and it’s a project that’s really about my personal experience. In this case I’ve created an installation environment
in which I’ve built a space that can be both public and private at the same time,
so people can get know my private life a little, but they can never penetrate the space. It’s the form in which I see the concept
of transparency in my work, transparency as a synonym of fragility, of vulnerability,
of sensuality towards the things that make up my world, the world that surrounds me. The materials that I use also denote this contradiction, of the fragile and the sturdy,
of the hard and the weak. So the glass, despite being a material
that is very fragile, very breakable, is a strong and solid material at the same time,
just like pottery.

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