hey everyone my name is Meg this is Meg's creations and I haven't posted for a very very very long time and that's just simply because life I'm sure you can all understand sometimes life happens life happens all the time what am I talking about anyways I am back with a new video and I thought that today I would do something completely different that I've never done before and recently I've been in a little bit of an art rut and have just not known what I want to draw what medium I want to use the idea that I came up with is that I would take skill share classes now before we start I am not sponsored by Skillshare but I really do enjoy the platform and web site and what it has to offer I'll leave a link down below if anyone is curious about Skillshare but basically it is an online platform where real people like you and I can go on and teach their craft whatever that may be whether it's social media designing websites pottery digital art traditional art character sketches it's not exclusive to just art there's so many courses and lessons that you can learn from still share but today I wanted to try something different and for a long time I have doubled with digital art but I haven't really just like thrown myself in there so I'm gonna throw myself in there today and I found an awesome skill show class on Skillshare called mastering digital art draw a realistic portrait so that really appeals to me the class is taught by a top teacher and also a youtuber and artist called Chloe Rose and I'd actually did check out her stuff yesterday and she is an incredible artist and I started one of her other lessons yesterday which is creating a concept scene from a movie or imagination and that's with digital painting as well but today we're gonna do the mastering digital art basics to final portrait class and I will show you that now so this is Chloe roses profile as you can see shares quite a few classes this is the one that I'm going to be taking and I'm not going to show you all the details of all these different lessons but I just wanted to show you an overview so this is where obviously the video is here are all the different lessons so there's 23 lessons in total so if you go down you can see each name of the lesson and what you can expect from that lesson and then down here is a little bit about the class so what Chloe hopes to teach us in the class and then also these class projects are from other people who have taken the class applied the technique son lessons that they've learned and then created their own project so hopefully I will be uploading mine here and then these are related classes so what I think I'll do is I'm not gonna record loads of actual classes because obviously Chloe has to connect into creating those and the Skillshare is a paid monthly subscription platform and that would just be wrong with me to share that information freely so I'm going to actually just be taking notes and also will show you some snippets here in there so the notes will be on what I learn in the class and then maybe some key snippets just off the clasp again I want to be respectful and not show too much so hopefully after an hour and 48 minutes I will have all the knowledge to create and draw a realistic digital portrait and then at the end of the video I will be attempting to do my own realistic digital portrait so this could be awesome or this could be a total disaster you'll just have to keep watching to find out okay so I've got everything up I have coffee in hand and I'm going to be starting the class so the first one is the introduction I'm a freelance artist and digital content creator on YouTube on my channel I make helpful advice videos hack videos silly kind of videos and speedpaint videos that's what I forgot to say so the tablet that I will be who thing is this little baby into us wait no welcome into us something or other I can't remember I got this a few years ago as a leaving present I really do like it it is quite small it's like a I don't know if there mentions I'll put the dimensions on the screen but it's a plugin and it just comes with a little pen so that is what I'm going to be using for this Skillshare digital portrait illustration challenge thing so to start off with once I finish watching the classes I opened up Photoshop and my reference picture which is of Chad Michael Murray a childhood crush and this is who I decided to pick for this project I then trimmed the picture just so it was a bit smaller and I was saying here that the detail is actually pretty good so it'll be good to refer to then I just looked at the dimensions of this canvas and duplicated that on a new canvas so that I had kind of an exact match when it came to doing the outline then what I did was I what am I doing here I think I'm just resizing I spent quite a lot of time figuring out the whole resizing thing and then oh yes and then to be able to just get more detail in I bumped up the percentage of the canvas by 200 and then started sketching and this is the first time ever sketching really without using the grid method I usually use the grid method which if you don't know what that is I'll leave a link in the description box down below and you can read more about it but basically for this one I really wanted to challenge myself to see if I could draw a sketch and draw the face with good proportions without using the grid method so I just I put some points down on the reference as you can see and then tried to replicate that in my sketch and overall I think it turned out pretty well for kind of doing this for the first time luckily I can erase and you know adjust and stuff and that's the great thing about sketching out an outline first before going in with color is you can just really lay down all the key features and yeah get your portions down and make sure you're happy with it before you lay down the color so I did go back when I colored this and added you know started adding more details in the face I did change the shapes light leaks I think his face was too wide but you'll see that later on in the coloring so I think that's all I have to say for this Chloe did a really great job of explaining different tips and tricks when it comes to doing the sketch she actually the way that she taught it was similar to this with just kind of drawing out different lines and seeing the distances between different features on the face and kind of identifying that in the reference picture and then doing that in your sketch so that really helped that really helped me to be honest when it came to sketching the outline and I think it helped it helped me be more confident as well in the sketching process because it can be it can be quite daunting sketching a face the face is such an intricate thing and really getting the proportions right is is key but the great thing is with this outline you don't have to be super exact but just be happy enough that you know you can you feel confident when going into the coloring anyways I'm rambling on I'll just slowly fade out and let you guys watch the remainder of the sketch and then also the coloring part hey everyone and we are back it is a few days later and I'm really really sorry for the drilling that is going on outside they're doing some work and I just hope it's not too loud but yeah as you can see I finished my digital portrait following Chloe roses class mastering digital art basics – final portrait and overall I really enjoyed the class I thought it was really comprehensive she gives you a lot of information some really great tips tricks and things to do and I feel like she just gives you enough information that you can go off and apply those and get a great result but also incorporating your own style and your own way of doing things she's not hand holding you through like step-by-step this is how you do a stroke here and then you add a shadow here and then this exact highlight here she gives you the fundamentals and a really good understanding of form and shape and how to identify highlights how to identify shadows and things like that and I'm really happy with the result this is I'm gonna put it here this is my digital piece of Chad Michael Murray and the proportions are 100% you know definitely when you compare the original to the digital painting there are definitely some big differences but overall I feel I did really well and yeah I mean the things that I learned patience layers and you just keep building and building and blending and building and blending that's really like pretty much it because if you saw at the beginning when I first started and I started laying down those really dark shadows and highlights and skin tone I was like oh this is gonna turn out really bad I was really doubting myself especially in these stages here but as I just continue to work on it and continue to keep adding colors color picking blending adding colors color picking blending adding different to the face like the eyes and then the eyebrows and the hair it really does come together after a while you just have to keep at it and just keep working at it I think overall I took about seven hours I'd say seven minutes yeah I'm gonna leave a link in the description box down below if any of you want to go and sign up and take this class I highly recommend you do it's a fantastic class and I'm really excited to try some of khloe's other classes as well as some other digital art classes on Skillshare if you did like this video be sure to give it a thumbs up subscribe if you want to I can't guarantee that I'm gonna be consistent with my videos who knows but the intention is always there as always stay positive stay creative and have an absolutely wonderful day bye

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