37 Replies to “Fluid Painting Acrylic STRING SWIPE? Wigglz Art Amazing Results Please Share! Recipe in description.”

  1. Votre façon de peinndre est vraiment unique et donne l envie de suivre la video jusq'ua la fin
    J ai tellement envie de faire ce que vous faites ou â vs regadrer de tt près
    Je vous éourage de tt mn coeur 👍💟

  2. I love your boxer! I am a boxer parent too!
    Your techniques are rich with ingenuity and the end result is unlike the other thousands of artists pouring acrylic. And your videos are less than 10 minutes. Inspiring.

  3. Love, Love the end result.
    Another hit out of the park !!!
    I'm anxious to give string pull a try..
    But it's not fair because you always make your creative process look so effortless…
    On the other hand, by the time I'm done creating, I'm usually convered in paint and everything around me as well..
    But despite that, I always have a smile because I love attempting these pours.
    As always, thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise. 👍👍👍

  4. Please, what is the ratio paint/floetrol/water? I'm learning, and trying to get it right, so my experiments are not too expensive… 🙂

  5. Это что то из рода фантастики. Нереально круто, я ваш кумир)

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