Fluid Art – Flower Blooms | Inspired by Shelee Art | Acrylic Pouring | Abstract Art

hey you guys it's Molly it's hot here in Florida today um so I am trying something new again I'm always trying something new I am using my house paint mixture and semi-gloss house paint and just my regular pouring medium medium consistency and you can find everything down below in the video and then I'm blowing it and then I'm trying to stretch out the design from there so we'll see what happens my inspiration is Schiele art I am not anywhere near what her balloons look like but I'm just trying to get a feel for my pouring medium my mixture and how I can get something kind of similar so this may take quite a few videos to get there I don't know if I ever will but I hope you guys are along for the ride so I'm gonna get you down on the canvas okay guys so this should be a quickie but I just wanted to show you what a little bit of water here I'm just using my this is artist loft cobalt metallic I just it's my pouring medium of floral gloss medium varnish and GAC 800 and I'm just trying to make sure that they're the same consistency and I just got some they low blue here I don't know if you can see that from where I was and I've got some of my house paint mixture so I'm just gonna pour a little thing of white I wanted to show you how easy it can be to make cells and you don't need silicone and I'm gonna have a full sell tutorial coming out sometime soon for you guys on my channel but you don't need silicone to make cells they make beautiful cells don't get me wrong but you can make it without them so I'm just going to a little bit here so my head might be in the way for a second because I'm gonna blow on this but get my hair out of the way now I wonder if you can start seeing the cells start to pop up just from the paint stretching it's like a little flower bloom okay and then I'm going to draw a little bit in between them and then I'm gonna stretch these out a little bit further so now that the you get the air bubbles out and these are like medium thickness paints these aren't super duper thin you can see as they run okay and then as I stretch over the sides you can stretch your cells out a little bit so now watch as I come back down to this side then stretch them out again ooh they kind of rolled over each other there on that side but that was with no silicone no nothing at all that was just literally just using the paint density and it creates those really cool cells so a blob of something right there but you could do this on a larger scale in fact I might and it turns out really cool so let me take you in a little so see you've got cells right there supercool little cells right there the little lines in the middle so that is what that looks like so that's kind of a little way you blow the paint over itself and then you let just density happen you have the paint's thin enough to let density happen and then you stretch it out so you start small have a coat of white over the canvas and then stretch them out and you end up with that with no silicone all right you guys hope you enjoyed until next time yeah ding ding bye you

36 Replies to “Fluid Art – Flower Blooms | Inspired by Shelee Art | Acrylic Pouring | Abstract Art”

  1. Love Shelee and LOVE you too! Your videos and paintings are so inspiring! Thanks for always trying new techniques.

  2. I absolutely love this effect! It looks like water color and ink art. So beautiful and delicate… Thanks 💜

  3. Another funny thing to share from experimenting. I thought wow wouldn't it be fun to have stronger air to blow the paint with, so I tried the exhaust side of a shop vac. You can stop laughing now, as I continue removing all the white snow speckles from well – everywhere… LOL

    I have a really small one that I will experiment with next – outside first! Lol ☹️

  4. I just found your channel, and I'm so🙏 grateful that I did!
    I L❤VE your work!
    You're such an inspiration! 😊

  5. LOVE this & the fact that you aren’t afraid or threatened to share. VERY refreshing 👏🏻🎨👌🏻♥️

    This piece is gorgeous!!! 😻

  6. Loved this one. So light and airy. I have a quick question. I am using just Floetrol as my PM. Should I be mixing 2 to 1 Floetrol to paint? I’ve seen several different ratios used. I seen to get my paints too thin probably because I am afraid I won’t be able to move the paint to cover the canvas. Thanks for the expert help.

  7. Oh, Molly!!! I've been DYING to learn how to make this look! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful painting. You have a gift, lady. Always look forward to seeing what you come up with next! This only thing I have had zero luck with is using house paint. It just doesn't seem to matter which brand, it always splits or breaks apart, so kudos!

  8. I love that technique it has so many options. I love the colors you chose too. Thank you for setting my imagination on fire!

  9. Awesome Molly awesome!!! Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and thanks for sharing all your paintings

  10. Been trying to figure out how she does it at the beginning of her pours. Thanks for showing us. Looking forward to more videos using this technique. Love your work.

  11. My paints don't have many cells and it's so frustrating sometimes. I purchased a premade mixing fluid, should I maybe make my own, is this something floetrol helps with? Im just a little confused why it's not working…

  12. Very nice 🥰 , I love the painting behind you , the brownish yellow gold with the flowers
    Would be fun to see you do one of those 😉

  13. The more I watch you paint the more I love your style! Clear, beautiful colors! And I love that your spatula looks just like mine 😂 I can never keep that one looking good!
    I'm going to try your pouring medium, I'm loving the Gloss Medium &Varnish lately! Thanks for a great video Molly, great inspiration 🥰 much love

  14. I knew it was a shelee inspired pour before you said it! It's a nice try, Molly! 😀 Wishing you success in yours. She said the ingredient can't be found outside of Aus but maybe we can find something else that works?

  15. Love this idea💗💗💗I would like to see one with more color less white showing on the finished product 💗💗💗

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