Fluid art 🌊 swipe. Acrylic pouring, modern abstract acrylic painting Florida artist, impressionism

hey you guys my camera is up high again this is a 24 by 30 inch canvas I wanted to show you guys I've done a an ocean wave a little bit earlier and I wanted to show you guys the other way that you could create water motion instead of in that wave kind of format so the way that I do these and people really like these so I start with just couple and you're gonna continue swiping so start with just a few colors I would do a couple dark blues and maybe a light blue to start this aqua and hear yourself put that in there let's take a little bit of that aqua then I'll come in with some white and my colors do have a drop or two of silicon and then and they're thicker than usual so that the cells will hold I've just layered up with some house paint on the canvas has to my gloves have stopping and then I come back through with my spatula and all these beautiful multicolored cells start to come up so the thing about this is you know water is not all in one motion so what I do next is I thread them so I come up with another three they're Payne's gray all my water stuff sells I've been doing a lot of experimenting but getting ready for shows you gotta do what people like to and I love the ocean as well so can't really say anything bad about ocean pieces in my opinion so I haven't worked with silicon in a really long time you guys can let me know do you normally work with silicon or without it for your fluid art I really haven't been enjoying working without it but for these wave type of paintings I really you you know I've done a couple weeks without silicon in them but the silicon really creates this kind of water bubbled effect that I just love like these cells up here are amazing when I take you down you guys will be able to see okay so I'm gonna come back in here kind of want to keep it light for this one now you don't want to pass over these too many times because the paint will start to muddy and when it starts to money you've overworked it and it's done you know so you want to just kind of have it in your head what you want to do and then just kind of go for it some of my cells got the lobster I'm gonna swipe again right here so I'm going to go this way Hanul swipe across this way for this last kind of pass I love it when I get days just to like paint the entire day my husband works on Saturday so I get to just paste them make sure you wipe your stick off so that you don't muddy the colors too much you go with a light touch and I just let it drip down the side so overworking it no good so you just kind of got to let it do what its gonna do I think I'm gonna do one more of this sweaty I've got enough your lines don't have to match up my light went off let me see you guys can still see okay there we go so what I'm gonna do is again just take my knife lightly go up through there scrape it off down the side under here I heard a drip somewhere she let it drip down the sides yeah I love it I don't know if I'm going to do anything else with it kind of do want one little thing right there but I'm not sure whoops don't hold it over it guys it'll drip okay fixed it like this lighter blue up here that's really and blue up there one little bit this would look good with some like seafoam green I've done it with silver in there and that's not necessarily a color of the ocean but you want to try to have a continuous spatula movement yep I think I'm done with this one I really like it show you what's going on with it I love the little drips that are coming everywhere the rest of it I love the negative space in it um here I'm gonna walk you around to the side and I'll start you my light darn it we come around on this side because the cells are can't really see the cells that well there we go look at those cells I like how it's just kind of bear over there with just cells and there's like cells within cells so this is just another swipe technique that you can do that will get you I'm trying to get back far enough that will get you kind of an ocean wave motion I love it you guys can let me know what you think about it make sure to check out my Instagram you guys find me you'll find my dried pictures a lot of them there connect with me on social media let me know what you think share the artwork if you think it's inspirational thank you guys so much for hanging out with me I really appreciate it I love it alright thank you guys till next time that the painting you

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  1. Beautiful waves, but it could also be lost of octopi legs with the cells being the little suckers. 🙂

  2. This was great! It really reminds me of water. I loved the cells, especially the foamylooking ones;, I just wished you slowed down when you took the camera up closer, so I could appreciate them more fully. I'll definitely be back for other videos.

  3. Love love love Molly! Absolutely beautiful! I am going to make an attempt at this as I love ocean scenes too. One question, what were your colors you used?


  4. He Molly hi … You and your work is amazing …. I love you 😘 mah darling 💋 …nice effects on canvas ….. Love you 😘 baby a lot ….

  5. Gorgeous, I don't always use silicone anymore, I used to all the time! I will be trying this for sure, very inspiring. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  6. Beautiful! I am going to try this one… My daughter bought me large canvasses for Christmas! One question, did you put the varnish in the paint you poured or did you wait for the paint to dry and then varnish it? Thank you for the lessons, enjoy watching you pour!

  7. I would love to see the water movement going into a wave, I lived at the sea and watched the waves side on, if you get that right it would be fantastic. 'Rough Seas'

  8. Beautiful! I so admire your work! ❤️ I wanted to mention that I am having A live Art Auction to night, Wednesday, the 19th at 7:30 pm Eastern time. That would be great if you could come to check it out on my channel to night❤️ also low starting bids..as low as $5.00, Great Deals!

  9. Molly, I luv this piece – the colors are amazing together, the cells – wow!! and your explanation all the way through is great – thank you!

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