Flashpoint Budget Studio Monolight Flash: Product Overview: Adorama Photography TV

home for Diane Wallace welcome to
Adorama TV today and gonna show you a brand new
light from Flashpoint now last play is a very affordable and very
reliable line love studio lighting and we have a new budget studio flash to show you let’s
take a look next to me I do have the 160 watt second lamp but it also comes in 120 it’s a
really portable very lightweight studio light excellent if you need extra kick in your
studio just getting started maybe year student or you just wanna like that you
don’t have to worry about it’s a very reliable power source it
plugs into the wall and the controls to use it are very
simple let me show you on the back we just have a simple dial so you can adjust the stops and output
have the power there in the modeling lamp it comes with
the lamp so you can easily remove it or change it if
you need to you can also change easily the ring
light on the front so a great power source
it’s very reliable and you can use it the way you need to
chill so great piece to have in your studio but
its tail light does come with this thing came also you don’t have to worry about meeting
that and it has a built-in photo sleeve it also has lots of accessories one
other things built into it is an umbrella holder it’s right here so
it actually accessories is really quick and easy right now we have an umbrella attached
it’s a glow umbrella it’s a terrific quality umbrella but any umbrellas will attach in the
amount that’s attached directly to the light and it does use standard mount so any
other light stand that you currently have you’ll be able to use this light with
thanks for joining me today make sure you check out the Learning
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9 Replies to “Flashpoint Budget Studio Monolight Flash: Product Overview: Adorama Photography TV”

  1. This might just be what I am looking for. Does the power dial have a "click stop" so you know how many stops you are adjusting?

  2. Yes, I agree I would love to see it in action. I've been looking for an affordable studio light I can use for portrait shots.

  3. been reviewing this product weeks now and it seems to be a great starter kit for beginners and more so a great kit for seasoned shooters the only problem i have why i haven't jumped and bought a kit yet is it seems this product has no protective covering that would fit the front parts of the strobe and no speed ring attachment so that i can add a soft box or other light modifiers to include a beauty.so its kind of pushing me to get a more expensive unit which my BUDGET do not cover at this time please someone could you assist me with some information.

  4. Question, can I change the modeling lamp bulb into something else that is between 5k-6k color temperature? would and LED 75w equivalent bulb replacement work?

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