FIRST DAY IN MY PHOTO BLIND – big surprise on the game camera and Tamron 150-600 G2 issues.

I’m sitting in my photo blind and
this is the first time this year I’m down here. Like you can probably see this is the permanent blind not the Tragopan. Outside there is… dead…
There’s nothing, but… I’ve sprinkled out some peanuts and some sun seeds… and I really really hope I can attract some birds,
because the frost will come next week… and I just want the birds to get used to me being here. Last season was very good because I could sit in here with my telephoto lens sticking out… and they didn’t bother that much and even the buzzard came and the ravens and stuff. So yeah, but look what I have in front of me. I have this guy. It’s the game camera. And it has been sitting here all night. It was actually supposed to send me pictures if something happened, but let’s try to get it. This guy is you know, one of these game cameras
that sends photos… to your phone or you can just set it… so it takes photos and doesn’t send them to the phone. And it’s an awesome way to see what’s going on in nature when you’re not there. And I found many foxes and badgers and stuff with this guy. This one is set up to actually send photos to my phone but it doesn’t. So either there hasn’t been anything here during the night or it’s just not working. But I brought my computer and
I thought when we’re having a little break… we can have a look at these pictures. First I want to set up my 600mm.
I brought my 600. I brought my Tamron and… I’m setting up the 600 now… I think on the tripod pointing out, also just
so the birds can get used to there being something… and then they can decide
if they want to come here or not. So yeah and… not to forget.. Look what I also have… Coffee! Freshly brewed back home. So when everything is set up,
when the camera is pointing out… It’s time to have a cup of coffee.
Maybe time to have a look if there is anything. If this one has captured anything during the night. So yeah. Oh, it’s awesome to be back in the photo blind.
I love to be here. It’s really really really nice. It’s so comfortable and cozy and…, okay… I think we are already. I’ve seen magpies now and I’ve heard the crows. I can see the magpies are sitting down in the pine trees in the background. So, I think now with the telephoto lenses up
it’s just about waiting. I just like to see the birds. And actually it’s not very often that I photograph them. Sometimes I just go here and have a look at the small birds taking the seeds and stuff. And I love to… attract birds to my garden during the winter and I just make sure that if I start giving them seeds… I continue during the winter. So it’s not that I go and
give them a lot of seeds… and then when I’m done with my … I just forget them, because
then the poor little guys will just… have this habit to come for
food and water in my garden. so… Yeah, I think… it’s time to have a cup of coffee. Wait wait, let’s turn off the camera.
Maybe it is working and it’s filming in here. Maybe it has run out of batteries actually. Maybe we can see if there are any pictures on it. It says “low battery”. Oh. Uhoh, this one doesn’t look good. We have this one now and
I have new batteries. Maybe on this one there is something. But we’ll find out. And I totally forgot to tell that
I’m actually not here alone. I’ve brought a friend today. Maybe it would be… polite of me to introduce, so… Look here, he’s sleeping… Bjørn… Bjørn! Hi! Hi! Are you sleeping? Sorry. The little guy is here… sleeping on the… on the little skin. He doesn’t care about these birds,
but I thought it’s more interesting for him… to be here then actually being home alone.
So yeah. Let’s get some coffee. It’s coffee time. Oh! It’s so good. There’s like nothing better than
sitting here in the photo blind… listening to the magpies. I can see they’re sitting considering should they
come down and have a peanut or should they not? And I’m sitting here with the camera having a cup of coffee. It’s awesome Oh by the way, I think there’s a few things I have to catch up on and I think this is a very good opportunity… to like update you on what’s happening.
First of all the Tamron… this guy… Yeah this guy. You know, I had the issues in Scotland
where the focus… just stopped working.
Then I see some moisture inside… so I send it over and I got it back and… they like…
kind of I was promised that they would like tell me… get an answer on how weather sealed it is and what was actually wrong and stuff, but I didn’t get anything. I just got the repair note… saying that they have replaced the focus motor. They have replaced a lens element. They have like… adjusted the contacts… between the lens and the camera. That’s it. And then I went out with the lens the other day and it focussed perfectly, super-sharp. It’s brilliant. It is just as good as it always is. But it still has this issue and I would love to hear if any of you have had the same issue. Where I press the focus… There’s like the focus… goes to infinity or something and then it just,
you can hear the focus motors continuing to run like *rrrrrrrrrr* But nothing happens it’s like yeah, I can’t explain it. And then when I tried to focus on something else, even though it’s high contrast, even though it’s perfectly lit… I focus and it just goes *rrrrr* without actually moving the element inside so it doesn’t focus. It just says the sound of the focus motor.
Yeah. So it’s weird. I still love the lens. I still bring it. Because often it it helps to like turn off the camera… take the lens just a little bit off, put it on again turn on the camera and then I’m good to go. If you’re out there and you have this… like this opportunity of like a fox coming… through the grass and it’s beautifully lit
and everything is just awesome… you have been waiting for that moment and then suddenly the lens start to be like *rrrrr*…. It’s… I really love the Tamron, but it’s just now
where I’ve had these issues. I’m… I just don’t trust it anymore. But I hope it’s just mine.
I hope no one else is having these issues. I hope it’s just mine and I wish they would just replace it. But then we’ll see anyway. Now everything is perfect, I wish… I wish… I wish I could see just a glimpse of a bird out there. It would be awesome. Should we see if there is anything on the memory card? Just while we’re waiting. I have my laptop.
We can go and check out if there is anything. So yeah, let’s do that. Look at least there should be a picture of me when I was sitting it up. Oh, oooh! Hey look at this…look at this! Oi! Oi oi oi oi oi Do you see? Do you see them? All the birds? Magpies, crows,… Buzzard. There is a buzzard sitting right there! Definitely a buzzard sitting there.
Let’s see if we can see the photo. See? That’s the buzzard. What else do we have?
Here… here… That’s the buzzard! And there’s a buzzard.
Oh! There are two buzzards! Okay Okay, wait a second, wait a second. Buzzard, crows. Buzzard, crows. Oho! Look at that photo! Look at that photo! It’s a buzzard, in the air! Ha! Okay, shhh.. Okay Now I’m scaring away everything here. Let’s see,
let’s see. Holy moly! Look at this, look at this, look at this, look at this! Look, do you see?
Do you see this guy? Do you see this guy? It’s… Wait let me zoom in. This is awesome.
Wait, wait wait, this is awesome. Okay, look there. Look there. Wait… Look right there. Do you see? It’s the fox! Let’s see maybe next video he comes. No, he doesn’t. Dammit. Dammit. Where is he? No. Oooh, there was a fox.
Okay, that was awesome. That was awesome. There are magpies outside now. There are definitely magpies outside now. Lots of them! Oi oi oi oi oi oi Come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on… Now come the crows,
now come the crows. Dammit! Oooh, it’s so hard! Just… Just the fact that I moved…
You saw how little I moved the thing here… and everyone are gone now. Poof!
There were like 20 out there. It is so hard, but it’s the first time down here.
Isn’t it amazing? Brrr Oh it is definitely getting cold. Wait… They are back. They are back, all of them. Just give me a…it’s getting cold. Ho, that’s better. Okay let’s see… see if we can get something. Let’s see if we can make some video of these. ♪♪ It’s totally dead outside now. When I tried to move the little vloggin camera
behind me so you could see the… the live view on the video
like I made too much movement, so pew everything, all the birds were gone… and now I’ve been sitting here for quite a long time and… nothing has happened. I don’t know if you can hear,
Bjørn is snoring down there. *snoring intensifies* The little guy. So it time to pack, I think…
Like… Taken into consideration that it was the first time I’m here this year, like this season. And I’ve been vlogging, I’ve been talking.
I’ve been moving the camera… forth and back, like I mean,
it’s pretty good that I’ve seen so many… magpies out there. I think I’ll come here a lot during
January, February, maybe March. I’ll definitely bring you with me when
we go down here and one thing is sure… if snow is falling in Denmark we are going down here to sit and see if we can
photograph the buzzard or the magpies in the snow. It’s going to be awesome. So I think it’s time now for me to pack my stuff together and get that little lazy dog home. No, the last thing I want to talk about is you probably noticed my last two videos from where I was out: the first one which was really fun to make was a day in the forest doing bushcraft. I don’t know if you have seen the video,
but I’ll put a link up there. It was really really nice to make that video.
Like I wasn’t saying anything on the video… I was just like faffing around doing some bush craft, making some pictures and I know some of you… were like saying in the comments like
“oh why have you stopped talking”? I have not stopped talking as you can hear now. Now you have been listening to me talking for minute after minute. But it’s just, the one thing is sometimes when I do these YouTube videos, you know, it takes a lot of time… talking to the camera and when I’m talking to you right now… I’m not watching out there all the time. and when I’m in the forest with my camera looking for the deer, looking for the fox… I do make the video sometimes where I’m telling what I’m doing… But it’s also very nice for me not to have to say anything.
Like I might talk to Bjørn or I might talk to myself… but it’s more… it’s hard to explain, but it’s just so much easier to reconnect like… Be there and be present in the moment and furthermore I have missed some chances out there
because I’m vlogging… because I’m talking to the camera
and then I scare things away. And I think I’m just starting to sometimes… I’m explaining your things like I do now,
but others other days… I’m just bringing the camera,
because the alternative is that I’m not bringing it. So I just want to bring you out there with me,
just show you what’s going on. And just hope it’s good enough. So yeah… I don’t know if you saw that video,
but have a look at it and you can have… twenty two minutes or something of me saying nothing,
then you can rest you ears after this talk. So that was a lot of talk. It’s beautiful out there, let’s go home
See you out there. ♪ ♪

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  1. So sorry for the mono sound!! Was playing around with a new system, but apparently I screw that up!! I hope you will enjoy the video anyway;) And hey! Thanks for all these fantastic comments – it means so much to me 👍👍🙏🙏

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    Beautiful birds and lovely nature .
    And one thing that I like most is your video music just mind blowing .Hereing the music I feel that I am so so relaxed . Thank you Sir .

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  16. When you use a big camera and a long lens sometimes there is a problem with bayonet ring on the camera. It made of very thick material and can have deformation after a while. Thats why i recently changed bayonets on mi d4 and d4s

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  21. You were talking too much!😁 (joking of course) If talking fits what you are doing, then speak up. This video for example, talking made sense and your excitement shows through. When you are out in the field and forest, you really need to be quiet. If you feel you need to speak in the "quiet" videos, maybe do a few seconds at the end of the day.
    Personally, I like your trekking films with less talking because it's truer to the experience. But, I've been there and sadly, those days are over for me. So I get to experience it through your lens. I also thoroughly enjoyed today's jibber jabber 😉Variety is good.

    The bottom line is you can't make everyone happy. Do what makes you happy and compromise for the viewer from time to time.
    Oh, I didn't notice any sound problem, my pc has a built in mono speaker.

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  25. I had an old lens that developed the focus problem. It went out to infinity and didn't return unless I manually turned it from infinity.
    The problem was that the teeth were worn. I gave the lens to a friend, and he sent it off for repair and they replaced the warn part and it worked like new again.

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  32. Just watching you in your blind lifts so much weight off my shoulders and calms me especially at this time of year. Thank you Morten i really enjoy watching your videos of you in your blind wishing that i had one that i could escape to take some beautiful shots.

  33. I had the exact same issue with my Tamron 70-200, very frustrating. One thing I noticed, is that it occurred more frequently when the lens was pointed upward. Interestingly, it was an issue with my one camera body (D610), and not two of the others (D7000 & D850).

    Tamron gave me a new lens after 3 failed repairs. The new lens's autofocus motor makes an unpleasant noise on the D610, but doesn't get stuck at infinity. Fortunately, I don't use that body as much, so can usually avoid having the lens on it. You should try the lens on a second body if you have.

  34. Great video Morten. You know you get what you pay for. We tend to cut corners to try to save a few bucks thinking we will get "JUST" as good or "ALMOST" as good and at the end of the day all we get is problems. Good glass takes years to perfect and in this video is looks like you are back using the Nikon 200-400. Spend a little more for better glass and you get better glass. I always come away from your videos feeling very relaxed and motivated. Your dog is spoiled rotten! :)) Thanks for the work you put in so we can follow along.

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  38. Hej Morten!
    Jeg har lige det samme problem med min Tamron 24-70 mm G2. Fugt er helt uden betydning, fejlen er der stadig.
    Jeg zoomer ind og ud og prøver utallige gange at fokuserer og til sidst "fanger" den "grebet" og den fungere så uden problemer.
    Slukker jeg kameraet og holder en pause på måske 10-15 min, så er fejlen der igen…..
    Jeg har også en Tamron 150-600 G2, og en 70-200 G2 ingen af dem har endnu den fejl…..

  39. Great Morten. It's really nice just being with you in the hide. Really looking forward to being out there in the snow next year.
    Always fun to watch what you're up to, mono sound/no speech/or full blown chat. it's a thumbs up from me.

  40. I’m experiencing the same issue on my Tamron 18-400. The lens is still exceptional value for the money but I think I will not go third party again in the future and just stick to Nikon.

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    Here is a link to someone who repaired it by himself.
    I would not mind to see you on video's where you are talking and not talking, when you don't talk…. the storytelling is still there, when you talk,….you share more passion (wich i also like).

  46. Hi, I stick with Nikon lenses now because I find them to me more robust, durable, and much better weather sealed. Much too expensive but after buying several cheaper lenses Nikon turns out to be more cost effective.

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  48. Thanks Morten for this nice video, although the sounds isn't best. I just want to give you feedback about the Tamron 150-600mm lens. I have the same lens (G2) but with Sony A-Mount. I never had an issue with the focus motor (yet). I hope you get the lens replaced and can continue to take great wildlife pictures!

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    just found a review of the G2 lens in which similar errors occured to the author with this lens (above Ch. 8). Hope, it might help you

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