Fired For Sexy Pictures? Or Weight Shaming?

A Texas woman named
Stephanie recently decided to photo shoot with her finance
that celebrated body positivity. However, not everyone thought
the images were so positive. According to Buzz Feed Stephanie
believes she was fired from her banking job because of the pictures that she took. Now Stephanie claims her company told
her the pictures were inappropriate because she was topless and
that they were a family oriented company.>>Wow.>>Everybody is silent on this one.>>[LAUGH]
>>Everybody quiet. Why you all quiet?>>It’s just cuz I think if you worked anywhere
>>A lot of places would be like I actually get her taking the photos.>>Girl.
>>Stop looking at me like that.>>No, no, I’m just like not even there. She’s all up in this swamp.>>[CROSSTALK]
>>I get that she took the photos, I just don’t get why post
them on the Internet.>>That’s what I was thinking.>>I think they’re beautiful photos for her to have in her home if she wants
to turn them black and white and have them over her bed, or just
the colors that they are in her bedroom. Great, do what you want.>>I think it’s the fact that
she posted them publicly.>>Okay, let’s cut this. Let’s cut this.>>Okay, what?
>>If she was thin, would it be something different?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>She’s still gonna get fired.>>I think she would.>>If I took a picture like that,
I’m getting fired from my banking job.>>I agree.
>>I actually think it might be worse if her body was.>>I tend to agree with Lani. I actually do, yes. Because that’s not normal on
its own in a very sad way.>>Wait what?
What are you talking about?>>In many sad ways, people aren’t
even used to women of all sizes being able to take the pictures that we
see like this on magazines everyday. You walk into CVS and
you see pictures like this all the time. So why is it different now? And that made the company uncomfortable
and that’s why they fired her.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>You think so?>>I am. I am.>>You don’t think
that if you took that same photo.>>No, I took pictures like that now.>>We work on The Real. We don’t work in a Bank.>>Yeah, but,
we do have a contract for us, that says that we have to be
tasteful with our brand, Adrian.>>Yes.
>>There’s certain things that we can’t do.>>So, you would post a picture
like that on Instagram. No because that’s not my brand. I wouldn’t do that myself. [CROSSTALK]
>>I have taken sexy pictures for me.>>Me too.
But I don’t put them out publicly because.>>You had a picture with your pants off.>>[LAUGH]
>>I did, my pants were off, but I wasn’t showing like anything. It was the same if I had poom poom shorts.>>But that’s the same thing.>>I have a question guys. Okay.>>Or the same as a bathing suit.>>On the outside.
>>And I can see this conversation, right? The fact of the matter is you have taken pictures on Instagram that
are sexy showing your butt. And Adrian, you have bathing suits too.>>Yeah, bathing suits. But I think maybe, I agree with what
you guys are saying, but maybe because she’s kissing a guy in this picture,
it maybe seen as a little bit more sexual. I don’t know because-
>>The guy?>>That’s what I’m saying because>>Because that’s-
>>No.>>That’s all I’m saying.>>I get what you saying.>>I get what you’re saying too.>>And I appreciate everybody
trying to be PC about this.>>[LAUGH]
>>But this is the real, okay? And I really believe if she was maybe 10, 30 pounds lighter,
they might had a problem with it, but even everybody is trying to skate
around the fact that she’s a big girl. And she’s taking these
pictures that look like that.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Do you think it’s-
>>It is.>>Do you think it’s>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Jeanie took>>Tam.>>If Tam took the same
photo riding a guy in->>She wouldn’t have took the [CROSSTALK]>>No, if I’m honest, I kind of went through something like
this, but it wasn’t with me, it wasn’t. Well, it kind of was.>>There were two instances.>>When?>>Actually I showed Adrian a beautiful
picture of me nursing my daughter. Cuz I asked you, Lonnie.>>I said don’t put that out.>>I wanted to post it.>>I thought it was beautiful.>>Because it was beautiful,
but my breastages were so big it actually took over the photo.>>But you didn’t see any nipple. You didn’t see anything like that. [CROSSTALK] I knew that if that
was gonna end up on the Internet, I was going to receive
some type of backlash. Whether it was from Moms,
Momsters as I like to call them. Or I hold myself as a Christian, and who knows what Christian
community would’ve said. So I had to be confident of that-
>>I thought it was beautiful.>>But it was beautiful,
but I kept it for myself.>>Well everybody is beautiful.

100 Replies to “Fired For Sexy Pictures? Or Weight Shaming?”

  1. I really don't think it's a size thing. If I were to post those pictures I would get fired as well and I am skinny. It's just inappropriate for the environment she is working in. If a model would have posted this no one would care because the agency wouldn't have a reputation to lose. I think that's not an opinion. It's more a fact but firing her is a little bit to harshly. Body positivity is great but we also shouldn't support clearly unhealthy people. And by the way if the bank had a problem with her weight they wouldn't have hired her in the first place

  2. the lady who is a bigger size who got fired, is beautiful. I take pictures like that i see nothing wrong with it and i post it

  3. I work for my island's goverment and seperate from our employment contract we sign a contract that dictates your code of conduct at all times and you can get fired for smaller issues that that if they go searching through your social media which happens.

  4. Right.. if it was a skinny girl and was half naked. People be ok but when someone who is bigger weight do the same thing…. they get hate on… that’s wrong

  5. DO NOT THINK IT HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH HER WEIGHT, ONE. And two, Its cute for you to have at home like adrienne said. But anything public, Jobs/employers monitor will come across.

  6. I think it's contradicting because I seen it was okay for Kim Kardashian to post her nude pic and the panel didn't really supported her or had no comment on it but everyone other than lonni are defending this women's pic. I agree it's because she a big girl

  7. Lies you tell you Loni and Jeannie, what you put out there is your brand , not all of us is the Kar-Jenners, in today what you put on will not be tolerared in business because it is not good for the brand.  the internet is making things very difficult and the truth cannot be watered down, companies out there are so over social media because everybody wants to have a voice and show they confident but there is other ways ladies and gents.

  8. Look at her pic and Kylie jenners pic with Tyga…. Ones art and ones sex??? Fat or not it's too sexy straddling a guy kissing them without a shirt is too much, the pic where they are staring off standing in the water is so beautiful and you can see her whole body like the other picture that's just too much. So I can see the heyroob

  9. I can see Loni’s perspective on this. We see thin, topless women everyday on shelves at stores but we don’t say anything. Yet when a plus size woman is topless, it becomes a problem for some people. Then again, I understand she was working at a bank and she’s supposed to conservative but at the same time though, she’s outside work. Your personal life doesn’t need to be associated with your work life. That’s just my opinion though.

  10. I think Loni is coming from a very personal place but regardless of size I would be uncomfortable with a team member posting half nude pictures representing a more traditional job.

  11. The reason why this is “inappropriate” is cuz the human body is taboo, yet we have one. I’m an artist, so maybe by default I’m more susceptible to being flexible with that, but I hate how certain people are totally fine with being half nude, yet places like a bank, you can’t have a life.

  12. I feel like firing is taking it a bit far. Maybe ask her to take down the pictures and then proceed with punishment or something. Or reprimand her.

  13. Loni and Jeanie are right and Adrienne just likes to make excuses for everything and of course Tamera is on Adrienne's side per usual.

  14. She shouldn't have posted it ….small or big some things should be kept private but I don't think she should've lost her job

  15. They should’ve been kept to herself, I wouldn’t want for pics like those to get out fr. I’m with Adrienne in that sense.

  16. It's Not Just A Bank, It's A Family Bank. People Are Gonna Wanna Go And Look At Her In The Bank, Gonna Wanna Talk About It Take Pictures Etc. Maybe Even Go To Thank Or Body Shame, It's A Higher Chance Of Disruption To Business Hours, If Their Coming To Chat Instead, Rather Than Transact. Management Speaks About These Kinds Of Public Portrayals, You Represent Yourself When Private But Everything When Your Public, Kind Of Like "You Are Known By The Company You Keep." She And The Bank's Image Are Intertwined.

  17. Adrienne works in the entertainment industry. That's why she can post sexy pics and still get gigs. The woman in the picture works at a bank? She is representing something completely different.

  18. If she was skinny this would have been diff. There is always going to be fat shaming. Her nipples and her boobs weren't showing. The guy was shirtless to so shouldn't he be fired?

  19. I’m sorry but can someone explain to me why it matters that she has those pictures. Unless her instagram is public, there is no reason why customers need to be following her any way. To be honest, I don’t see a problem. If she has a private account where she wants to make a statement, that’s her business🤷🏽‍♀️.

  20. I'm upset because y'all bashing this lady and you see more skins on a daily basis. There was no private parts showing it's all about her weight.

  21. Loni is right if she was smaller it would not be all the uproar. Plus me personally I feel what u do on your time is your business.

  22. Adrienne you praise Kim k photos all the time. So why are you saying “I get her taking the pictures but why post it?” The same way Kim posted it

  23. I actually think if she had what society sees as the ideal body, she would’ve been worse. I’m all for body positivity but posing topless is still posing topless.

  24. Funny i'm seeing this now when Adrienne is in Hawaii with Izrael and she posted several pictures like this, kinda sexual on the beach. And that is okay, but this is not, so maybe a little of bodyshaming… Idk

  25. This is that one rare time in our society that her haven been thin would of actually been worse. We tend to over sexualize smaller woman so in the eyes of most people these pics would have seemed overly too sexy and she def would of got fired as well!

  26. Loved your look here Loni ❤.
    Adrienne looking like a Casino worker❤.
    Jeannie looking like she about to audition for American Idol❤.
    Tamera looking like one an attempyed judge on American Idol ❤.

  27. I don’t think it had anything to do with her size. If she is holding a leadership position at bank, her colleagues and business associates can be turned off by her intimate photos. I would not taker her seriously after seeing those photo and would question her ability to lead. It’s already hard out here for women. Further, women have strived not be seen as sex objects but as equals so do these photo not contradict that? Some things just need to be left in the bedroom 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  28. Nah b I'm sorry, this girl got fired because she was goddamn topless. Size has nothing to do with it. If she was skinnier her company would call her a slut and sexually harass her. She was stupid to post those photos when she works at a BANK A MOTHERFLIPPING BANK MAN.

  29. Nah you saw it in they face when they first pulled up the photo they all was looking some type of way and that’s wrong Loni was right if she was smaller they wouldn’t have done all that THE CAST OF THE REAL wouldn’t have made those faces like when Jeanie saying she all in the lake like it was funny🙄

  30. She deserves to be fired, and this has NOTHING to do with weight, it is not appropriate and agree with Adrienne. Loni and Jeannie make no sense, especially Loni who makes everything about weight and color, the picture is disgusting and not sure why i am only now watching this clip

  31. Why don't people make thier page private. Me personally I'm careful with what I say or the type of pics I post up because I don't trust my 41 friends on fb. Prime example is I had a friend who posted something up and his page was private then all of a sudden it hit the airwaves. He has a little over 50 friends which most are family and long time friends. You cant trust anyone these days. How does something go on a personal page which is set to private with 50 friends to the internet airwaves. You can't trust anyone these days

  32. Tamara ,your so beautiful with your curls. I loveeee your hair.You ladies are all beautiful. 🤗 I'm a proud viewer of this show. You guys are truly one of a kind.

  33. Oh so it's because she is fat? If she were black they would say it was because she was black. People just look for excuses I swear.

  34. I feel like weight has nothing to do with it. the fact that she posted those publically and she has a job…hahahaja sorry hunty that's a poor discion because body size doesnt matter when it comes to having a professional job that's not based on your body. its unprofessional to post half naked pics online for all to see. and I'm sure they knew her weight when they hired her so that shouldn't even be a factor.

  35. This has nothing to do with her size. She works in a bank not in entertainment. You can afford to show your body because you work in entertainment and sex sells. But certain career paths require a bit more caution.

  36. This has nothing to do with her size. She works in a bank not in entertainment. You can afford to show your body because you work in entertainment and sex sells. But certain career paths require a bit more caution.

  37. Didn’t Adrienne expose her own nudes lol ? Loni was so right Adrienne posted pics in her bra and underwear all over social media so why is she pretending

  38. Poor Tam. Please don’t bottle yourself up just because of backlash. Not everyone is a moron. You have real fans who would leave positive comments!

  39. It was because they were explicit not because she was overweight. It woulda been totally different if it was just a big girl havin a beach day and takin cute photos w/her friends. She boo'd up w/this man and straddling him and has it online. That's not good for a bank's image at all. Banks are a respectable place in the business world. If your banker had these online you'd probably not judge but you'd definitely take notice of the position that they hold in the business world and the position she's in on these pictures. It attracts the wrong kinda attention. That's why she was let go not because of her weight

  40. There is nothing wrong with taking nude pictures if that make you feel good…we are happy that you have found a man who loves your curves, and you guys seem happy together…. HOWEVER why does everybody nowadays feel the need to post everything on the internet??? Why? If only she had kept them for herself or had changed the setting to "private", she would not have found herself in this predicament!!! That's a very poor judgement on your part Missy… !!!! Don't you know that people have eyes everywhere??? … it has nothing to do with being a plus size women, if she was skinny she would have got fired too… her body wasn't the cause, her crazy-mind was!!!!!!

  41. Damn Loni…is no one else allowed to have an opinion? I can’t stand how she yells and talks over the other hosts as if her thought process is the only logical one. It is very annoying.

  42. But like how many bank customers go online and look up their bank person online? I don't think she was fired over her weight. But either way there was no reason to fire her over her pictures.

  43. If you work in a church, school or a bank, at least be decent with your photos. You are carrying the name of the company where ever you are. Teachers are called Ma'am or Sir even students saw them in the supermarkets. Represent the company properly. It is not that difficult to be decent. For the sake of art yes it is artistic but girl .. . .you are sitting on him naked while kissing him. That was sexual. For me it looks dirty. Sorry!

  44. If you work in a professional environment, these are probably not pictures you want to make public. No matter what your body type is, these are the pictures you probably want to keep for you and your partnet.

  45. it's creepy to see your coworker going at it or naked. just gross
    also pls neighbors keep it in polite company too.
    i really don't need to see all that.

  46. my question is " did she
    post the pictures on the bank page??" If not, then what does what she does on her off duties hours have to do with the bank?

  47. No surprised the lady gotten fired especially if she works at a bank, those kinds of pictures are not meant for the public. She is half naked which is bad enough and allot of the poses are done in a sexual manner which makes it worse. Frankly she was an idiot posting these photos. Let's not make her the victim because she is over weight, even if she was in shape she still would get fired, I know this because I have works at banks for over 5 years. We all represent the companies we work for off or on that clock and that has to be remembered especially when posting pictures on public websites, and let's be honest she has not been the only person who has been fired from a job because of inappropriate posts. I will say again she is not the victim, she did a stupid move and shouldn't have been surprised she gotten fired for that stupid move plain and simple there is absolutely nothing to feel torn about. Something else to add…there is no such thing as a positive image when it come to women in a unhealthy state and unhealthy is not sexy or attractive lets get real here.

  48. Heterosexual, homosexual etc.

    I wouldn’t want one of my workers posting a pic like that.
    I wouldn’t even want to see the pic as a person in general.

    There is a time and place for everything and there are pic that you can share and pics that you can’t

  49. She posted photos of herself topless and straddling a man. Not ok. You need to check with your company policies.

  50. Bitch if one of them took a picture with no shirt on on top of a man they getting fired! Period….it’s not about weight!

  51. Why are "families" so offended by female bodies? She isn't doing it in the bank is she? Tell your clients to not friend her on Instagram.geez.

  52. You just don't want your customers to be coming into the bank and looking at the employee in a manner other than professional. She set herself up to be ogoled in person, mentally undressed , fantasized about, harassed, even propositioned while at the workplace.

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