Filmmaking Motivation: How to DEFEAT the Filmmaker’s Ego – WATCH THIS | by Alex Ferrari

(Ambient Music) – [Narrator] Don’t let
your ego get in the way. You can’t get better at your craft, unless you practice that craft,
unless you do that craft. If you’re gonna build
a table, and you want to be a Carpenter, I promise you, the first table you make is gonna suck. But the fiftieth table, better be good. Same thing goes for what we try to do in the film industry every
day. Whether that be some cinematography, whether
that be production design, whether that be directing,
writing, acting, whatever. Hone your craft, and practice every day! What else can you do during that time? Take some time out to meditate. Take some time out to center yourself, to go within, I promise you
that the best, best ideas I’ve gotten are during my meditations. Meditate for thirty minutes, minimum. Don’t give me no five minute,
ten minute meditation. Thirty minutes minimum! I would prefer an hour, or an
hour and a half, personally. But, work your way up
to that, but I promise, again, I keep saying promise
because I’ve been here. I’m doing it, right now with you. You will grow so much
more, a lot of the ego will start to wear
away, when you meditate. A lot of ideas will start
flourishing, coming up. You’ll become more focused,
sharper, your mind will think clearer, okay? What else can you do? Why don’t you work out?
You can put that at the beginning of the day
if that works out better for you, work out for thirty minutes. You don’t need a gym, you
don’t need any of that stuff. There is so much information online. Go to Youtube and watch,
do yoga, do jumping jacks, push ups, old school, whatever. Get that heart rate running,
because also another thing I wanna promise you,
is if you get yourself physically in better shape,
your mind will be better, and your work will be better. You will have more energy to keep
going and going and going. So many people ask me
how I’m able to do all the work that I do.
It’s because I work out everyday, as many of you
know, at five o’clock everyday I wake up at four thirty every morning, to go workout for an
hour, and I still work in a meditation for at least
an hour, if not two a day. So it’s do-able, it can be done. (Ambient music continues)

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