F!#% THIS VIDEO: A Journey In Motion Timelapse w/ SYRP Genie Mini ii

(upbeat music) – Let’s just cut right to the chase. I’m Canadian, which obviously means that I ride a moose to work, live in an igloo and I eat
a lot of Canadian bacon or as we call it, bacon. But one of the most important things that everybody knows about Canadians is that we love maple syrup, so when I found out
that there was a company called syrp making photography equipment I was ecstatic. Now when I found out
it didn’t have anything to do with maple syrup I
was a little disappointed but I’m still really excited
to give this sucker a try. (upbeat music) As you can probably tell, it’s starting to get pretty
cold here in Edmonton, so I thought it would be
pretty cool to get outside and do something today, so we’re gonna do some time lapses, but we’re gonna add the syrp genie mini ii into the mix, so we can
actually get some motion in those time lapses. Now a quick primer, this
is the syrp genie mini two and it is basically
like a little turntable. You put your camera on top of it and it will turn it. If you take two of them, I’m gonna have to lose
the gloves for this one and you attach these
with this little bracket, one on the side and the other
one you attach to the bottom. Now I’ve got something that
almost looks kind gimbal like and you can do tilting up
and down with this one, and panning side to side on this one. Now that I’ve got it all put together, let’s go shoot a time lapse. (upbeat music) Now for those of you
who don’t already know a time lapse is
essentially a video of time being fast forwarded. Typically it’s done by taking
a succession of pictures and then playing them
back in a sped up fashion or taking a video and just
literally fast forwarding it. Which I guess it makes sense, it’s a video just a succession of
pictures in the first place. Now there a couple of reasons why, you might want to shoot a time lapse. The first of which is to
show the passing of time. One of my favorite uses of time lapses is in the show Breaking Bad, they constantly did really
phenomenal time lapses in between scenes to
show the passing of time. Not only does it work as a story device but the other reason you
might want to use it, they can be really visually stunning. So if you’re ripping through B roll and it’s just suppose to look impressive, a time lapse might fit in perfectly. (upbeat music) Okay so I came out here to the
Alberta Legislature grounds thinking that I was
going to be able to get a lot of people moving around and walking and that kind of stuff, but apparently it’s too
cold already for people and nobody is outside. So we’re gonna have to try something else, because one of the most important things about any time lapse is you have to have movement within it. Now sometimes you can
get away with doing just the clouds moving by
or something like that, but the clouds aren’t really moving. There’s really nothing happening here so maybe we’ll try something else. We’re still location
scouting at this point. There’s the high level bridge
just across the street here and I think if we set up there, we can get some kind of cool
traffic time lapse thing and get all the cars
whooshing by with some blur. Let’s try that. All right, I think this
is gonna work for us, I hope it’s not too loud though. So unfortunately I wasn’t
rolling at the time but I’m hanging out on this corner and this bicyclist comes
by and hits a patch of ice and slides, slams into my gimbal, knocks my camera over it. Almost goes falling down the bridge. One of my ND filters fell down, so I’m gonna have to figure
out, how to go get that. So it’s this corner here, you can see it’s kind of
icy, coming around there and he just slid right into where I had my gimbal set up and knocked
my camera right into there and if you really look down there, there’s my filter down there, so I think I have to go over
to those big stairs over there and climb down and then
I can get back over here so I can go get my filter. Maybe this isn’t the best
place for me to set up. As far as I can tell,
everything is still working. The guy on his bicycle was okay. I’m gonna have to go figure
out how to get this ND filter. You have got to be kidding me. Here we go. (slow rhythmic music) So the filter fell from up there, down to the ground here, so
we’ll see if it survived. (slow rhythmic music) There she is. Looks like it might be okay. Wow, I am thoroughly impressed. Let’s just give a quick
shout out to Freewell filters because your filter just survived a drop, from up there. Upon further inspection, there are a couple of
really nasty cracks in it, but I think it’s still
usable for the most part, especially at like wide apertures. Should be okay, nice job Freewell. (slow rhythmic music) Okay I officially found the spot, we got the bridge back there, which is kind of a cool backdrop and then in the water right now, we’ve got like these big circles of ice floating through that’s causing movement. Movement is important for time lapses. So I think this should turn out okay. I really hope so. Before I shot this, my
gimbal battery died. My camera battery died, mid-shot. All I have to say is, (beep) this video. But I’m still gonna finish it. Because you gotta finish it. (upbeat music) I got it all set up. I got the control cable plugged
in so the actual unit itself is gonna be what’s telling the
camera when to take photos. So I think for this shot
because I want to mainly focus on the fact that there is
the big bridge in the back. I’m going to zoom in a
little bit and focus on that and then get my settings based around that and then we’ll choose the motion. Now in order to get the
proper amount of movement I’ve kinda decided that I wanna have about a one second exposure and that’s gonna blur
all of these ice floes that are going through the water. So I’m gonna need a filter
for the front of this because I can’t get it dark enough. So first things first, I pull up the app and I connect to both of the units and it’ll show you
which one is the pan one and which one is the tilt one. Then if you go to the
create content panel. The time lapse and video
function are not available. I’m pretty sure that’s if
you have one unit connected and they have some pre-set thing. But we’re gonna go to
the key frame function and then there are bunch of automatic ones that are pre-set for you,
if you wanna go that way but we’re gonna click new set-up. Then by using the joystick on the screen, I can move the camera. (upbeat music) Like a kid in the candy store. So we set our start point and then we set our end point. So now that we’ve got our
start and end point selected we can choose what kind of video we want at the very bottom there. Right now it’s set to video but I’m gonna change it over to time lapse and hit okay. Now at the top we’ve
got some new functions. We can choose our record time, our interval time and our play time. Now you wanna make sure that you keep your interval time longer than your shutter speed. Right now my shutter
speed’s set to one second so we’re gonna set that
to longer than one second in this case. Now one of the cool things, is that if you hit this play
button on the right hand side, you can actually preview what the move will look like in the end. Hopefully we don’t get too many runners coming across the bridge and shaking it. I think that looks pretty good, so now we hit button to reset and then we hit record and
it will start taking photos. Now one of the things that I really like about the genie mini ii,
instead of using a gimbal to try and do this, is actually
that you can close the app and it will continue shooting. It will finish what it already started. With a lot of the gimbals
if you close their app all of a sudden the
shooting would just stop, which I thought was really annoying. One more little tip you
want to be in manual focus. First of all you don’t want
the camera focus hunting for every single shot. It’s gonna be flipping back and forth and your time lapse is gonna
look like a blurry mess. Second of all, when the
genie tells the camera to take a shot, it doesn’t
necessarily give it enough time to catch focus unless your
focus is blazing fast. So I’ve actually tried it
once with the auto-focus on and it didn’t work at all, it wouldn’t take any
photos because it’s like hitting the shutter button but only long enough to catch focus, but it didn’t actually
get to take the photo. And now, we wait. This is my least favorite part for sure. (gentle music) All right, so our time
lapse just finished shooting and I’m really hoping
that it turned out okay. It’s starting to get a
little dark out here, so maybe closer to the end
it might be a little bit dark but I’ve ways to deal with that. Maybe I’ll talk about it in another video. One of the things that’s really hard about time lapses for
me is that you do put in so much time just sitting
around waiting for it to finish and sometimes it just
doesn’t work out the way that you thought it would. So regardless of whether
this one turns out or not, I’ve used the genie mini
2 on a couple other ones and I was really happy with the results. Like I said, especially
against trying to use something like a gimbal. I’ve just had bad luck
with that in the past and this seems to give
me much better results. So hopefully this one looks good. All that’s left to do is take it back home into the computer, process
the files in Lightroom and then pull it into Premiere, where I can stabilize the little
shakes and stuff like that but if you guys want to
see a more in-depth look on how I process photos in a time lapse, let me know in the comments section below and on that note I’m gonna leave you guys with the final time lapse, whether it’s good or not,
I’m just gonna play it here. So thanks so much for watching. If you’re interested
in the genie mini two, I will leave a link in the description. Make sure to leave a comment below and let me know what you thought. Hit that subscribe button and like button on your way down there and
I’ll see you next time. (upbeat music) Remember before how I said that I really didn’t like the part where you wait for the time lapse to go? The worst part of any shoot
or anything that you do is tear down, ’cause all
the fun is already done, now you just need to tear all
the gear down and go home. I have to walk up those damn stairs.

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