Extra Protection For Your Cameras

Do you spend sleepless nights worrying if
your camera is gonna fall off your dual camera strap or camera shoulder strap? We’ll I got something for that. It’s a camera safety tether. Attach this in addition to the connection
to the tripod and you’ll be set. Extra protection when you need it. A friend of mine that does full wedding photography
asked me to be a second shooter for one of his weddings. I tried it out. It was and interesting experience. Potentially make a video on that in the future,
but for now we’re going to talk about these safety tethers. Really interesting… setup. You can probably make them pretty easily,
but I wanted a ready made solution. One of the main reasons I got this specific
type is because it came as a 4-pack. First off we have the carabiner side, or whatever
you want to call it. It’s a looped connection made out of metal. The issue that I had is that when I had it
connected… it was so tight that I couldn’t un-screw the lock by hand when I was at the
wedding. I wanted to take it off at one point and I
just wasn’t able to. So that’s some thing to consider if you buy
these specific ones. You probably want to bring a little tool that
you can use to un-tighten these in that situation. Maybe with time it won’t be as much of an
issue, but it’s hard to say. On the other end it’s pretty much perfect. Of course these will wear down in time, but
they’re very inexpensive for what you get. Another thing is that they kind of loop around
the camera and the tripod connection. When that happens it gets tighter and tighter
because it’s somehow looped. It’s a little confusing to figure out how
to unloop it sometimes, but that’s just another thing to consider. And it’s got some heat-shrink. I don’t know what the loops look like inside
there. Maybe they’re bonded. I really don’t know in this case. I don’t want to take one apart because they
work pretty well. I don’t want to destroy it. So it’s just got a little heat-shrink on both
sides which is nice. It probably keeps that connection solid. I had picked up these tethers because they
are very neutral. They don’t stand out. In the past I bought these straps here with
one side… You got the ring and then the other side you
have the standard carabiner. These work actually very well. The issue is that they’re colorful and… Actually bought these at a place called Five Below. And it’s kind of a kid’s… I don’t know is this ahhh? What’s that game? I can’t even remember. Minecraft! So yeah, it’s got a Minecraft design on it. But I didn’t want to bring these to a wedding. It just didn’t seem very professional, so
that’s why I bought these actually. They are standard looking and just not very
noticeable. I think the ideal setup would be a standard
carabiner on one end, which I could easily put on this and take these connections off. The main point is having that extra connection
can definitely save your butt in some situations. If you’re fumbling around… you’re trying
to change lenses. You’re trying to take out memory cards, batteries,
whatever… Especially with the M50, it’s got the battery
and the memory card on the bottom. That means I have to at least loosen the tripod
connection to get to those things. So having that extra attachment to the camera
is a good thing, so I don’t accidentally drop it. There have been situations where I’ve kinda
let go of the camera, not thinking, and it’s just a terrible thing to do in that situation. But it does happen… so. You want the tether connected to the opposite
side from your hand. That way it’s not going to get in the way
nearly as much. And then in this case I attached it to the
actual strap instead of this because this could potentially be a point for failure. So you can connect it to here. It probably wouldn’t loop around and cause
as much problems, but I try to connect it to the strap itself. That way you’ve got nice motion and this slides
along as it needs to. So that was a look at these camera safety
tethers. I think these ones works pretty well, but there
are a few quirks. If you don’t like these there are other options. I’ll put links in the description. You can check those out if you would like. I’m Scott from Photography Banzai. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please consider subscribing. Helps me out a lot. Likes and shares help out a lot as well. Thanks again! If you’re fumbling with the tripod connection
you’ll have that extra protection! Tripp…protection…

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