Exploring TikTok's Art World…

hey guys what's up how you doing happy new year by the way and welcome back to my very first video of 2019 and since it's the first video of 2019 I want to go into uncharted territory I want to go into somewhere that my YouTube channel has never gone before some more dark somewhere deep somewhere that is completely unexplored but you know honestly when it comes down to it I don't actually mind tik-tok I know I know before you click off before you click off it's not that I love it it's not that I hate it I just don't really ever use it and since it's become such a popular thing I decided to try it out myself and it has come to my attention that there are tons and tons of art related content on tik-tok and that brings us to today's video where I'm not only gonna be following the art tutorials but I'm also gonna be following some trends on said tik-tok so without further ado strap in get yourself together and let's go ahead and try some tic toc tutorials alright so for this first tick tock tick tock user ticker I don't actually let me know what they're called I guess just tick tock user this first tick tock user is named the gen stone artist who has a pretty good following on here she has a almost 200,000 fans on here and a total of 2 million hearts and she only has a few videos but from what I can see she seems like a really awesome painter I don't know why you guys like these so much I am clearly winging it crap Unitas paper towels canvas paint of complementary kind of sort of I don't really care colors and paint brush first can't decide which way you want the galaxy to go if you want to go straight or diagonal I'm extra so I'm gonna go diagonal pains in streaks of colors you want the dark ones on the outside and the lighter ones on the middle then take a paper towel and you're gonna smear the crap out of this your canvas you look kind of like this and your hands and everything else should look like a disaster this also might have been my second attempt the next step is the Stars take your paintbrush dip in a little bit of water and then dip in a little bit of wine turn brush to skinny side you're gonna want to pull back the bristles and ladder away you want to make sure you follow the line of your Aleksey I'm also gonna tip some of the back end of my brush in there and put in some bigger stars and there you have it you have a galaxy master level unlocked it's tutorials huh yeah every time I see no ticked off before in every single time I see the ending when she's like master level unlock like it makes my jaw drop like she so good okay let's just go ahead and jump right into this thing now I am going to follow the tutorial exactly how she says because every single time I do one of these like following videos that's like the top thing is like you're not doing it right Mia you should have followed it better me so this time no screwing around no noted that I am going to be following it to a tee so first we're gonna do some of diagonal lines a little here a little here add some more right here and by the way I'm gonna be adding a butt ton of white because that's one color that always gets drowned out the most step one done next step go in with the paper towel mess it up a little bit okay this is not working out I'm just gonna keep adding a bunch of paint until I get that desired look just keep like layering it on until I get where I need to go so and I will be back in like point two seconds when I have it all done two thousand years later okay I'm back and this is what it looks like dry which I had to do a little extra stuff like for example I had to completely wipe off all the excess paint let that dry but still not dry so like a nice tacky consistency and then from there I blended it all with this little guy right here and thus we have the end result this brings us to the next part of this tutorial where you get some paint that is pure white is slightly watered down just a little bit and then you start like flicking it like I'm doing it super gently so it doesn't go everywhere but basically you do this like really hard and it goes everywhere oh it's working oh it's on my phone oh this is working like spectacularly okay cool that is that is neat that is like one of the first ever like tutorials or anything that I followed besides Bob Ross's just worked out so perfect okay so on to the next thing I noticed and I noticed that this is actually kind of like a trend here on tick tock and that trend is painting on potatoes I love it I love it I love it I feel like I should be pretty good at this one because I feel like every single day I put makeup on a potato so potato so I guess we're just gonna do this like I would my normal every single day routine starting off with Maybelline fit me what is this so we're just gonna dab that on that looks about right here we go putting makeup on a potato Wow look at that that is so nice that is like better than my actual skin next step we're going in with contour I used to use the Kat Von D one but ever since she became cancelled I have switched over to this wet and wild one this is so weird why my condor ego potato like what is my art channel come to it's gonna be so strange whenever my colleagues from high school are like oh I'm a doctor now or like I'm a lawyer I'm a dentist ray what have you been up to since high school see it's to meet contouring with a potato so this is my contoured potato and let's just say that she is snatched sister snatched next we're gonna do eyebrows with the NYX brow is pencil and I'm just gonna carve out a little bit of the nose and stuff way I can kind of get an idea of what the heck I'm doing next it's probably one of the most important parts for me it's eyeliner without eyeliner my eyes look so small so I have to have this in my every single day eyeball routine okay first of all is this dangerous like am I gonna get an eye infection from doing this because I don't know if it'd be worth it or not okay I guess the eyes are done I can go in more but you know what let's just work on like eyeshadow and stuff like that so this is a random thing from Ulta our potato is looking so fab right now but obviously it needs one more thing the lips so I'm gonna go in with this wet and wild cat suit and just start filling in the lips giving her like those big Instagram looking lips you know kylie jenner hope kylie jenner ho now finally as far as the last one goes this one's by far the coolest like I feel like this one could be a whole entire YouTube video all in its own and this one I don't know if it's necessarily a trend or a tutorial but this lady you know I'm just going to show you guys you see what I'm saying like how cool is that like how sick is that that is such a good idea I'm not so sure what she used it looks like some kind of lotion or like some kind of like mud mask or something or maybe even like a mix of the two so I don't know we'll figure it out as we go we on high so it is currently 115 and my mom is like five feet away sleeping but I had to travel to her house today so we could use this super big mirror that she has which coincidentally I film a very very very first youtube video here are ah oh so yeah cut be super quiet she's sleeping and I guess we'll go ahead and start putting lotion on the mirror and see what we get okay so now that we have kind of like a mermaid thing going on all I have to do now is just throwing water and make it tick-tock and yeah that is the world of art tick-tock for you do you like it Izzy do you like the art world of tick tock geez let just leave me alone just let me get sleep but I've been having a lot of fun with art tick tock surprisingly like I never thought it would but I am so anyway if you guys want to follow my tick-tock my artistic gram and all that other good stuff my links are here and with that being said I will see you guys next video bye

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  1. * When i click on this video *
    Me: That gemstone artist better be on here!
    * She is the first one mentioned *
    Me: Welp… uhm…

  2. Awesome you are just like me when I paint!! Also I’m not trying to be rude! So please don’t hate me!

  3. I was in aw when I saw how good she was drawing the stuff on the potato then a few minutes later I realized this was a realistic drawing channel😑😂

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