Experimental Photography Processing : Experimental Photography: Panoramic Print

So I’m going to talk about some more experimental
ways to make images right now. And what I’m holding in my hand right now is an image taken
of the Hudson River, and it was taken with a toy camera, a Holga camera. And essentially,
I made a panoramic of this while just advancing the film a little bit and essentially doing
a stitch of this image. So what I ended up getting was a negative that was rather large,
and had a nice tone arranged to it, that I could print from, while also using a camera
that didn’t really even cost more than 25 dollars. So in some ways, I really enjoy making
images like this ’cause I can get a larger negative, I don’t have to spend a lot of money
on an expensive camera, and I can really play. I can really start to experiment. Now sometimes
my experiments don’t come out as planned, sometimes they come out better than planned.
And that’s one way that I really can look at photography and start to learn different
ways of seeing.

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