Experimental neon tree ring pour black light Acrylic pouring fluid arts tutorial

so ladies and gentleman I ate this
cookie that was labeled radioactive I mean I’m
that even means but I don’t I don’t feel too good I think I might I think I might
be sick ladies gentlemen welcome to the channel my name is Carlos and today
we’re gonna be doing a flip cup or dirty court I’m not quite sure yet I don’t
know but hopefully it looks cool so I have the neon colors the same name cause
I’ve been using neon orange neon pink neon green neon yellow and then I got a
couple other colors that I might I might not throw in I want to keep this one
kind of kind of brights but I am also gonna be adding a shots of black so
don’t know how that’s gonna turn out we’re gonna see and we’re just gonna go
ahead and jump right into it so I am NOT going to pour a base layer I know I’ve
done this before and it turned out horrible and I’m open
fingers crossed it doesn’t turn out the same but we shall see so I have some
titanium white that I’m also gonna be using simply because I’ve recently found
out that the titanium white reacts to the LED lights and B black light and it
looks kinda cool it’s super bright super shiny even in the dark so I’m gonna be
throwing some of that in there as well so for now we’re going to connect they
always say to throw in the white first I’m gonna pour some of the black in
first just a little bit and then some of the white most of the way and then
some of the other colors and tapping it off with some of this black so here we
go that’s a lot of black
I wasn’t sure I was gonna put that much in there but what about to see how it
comes out and the cool thing about this hourglass is that it’s got a round
bottom and it doesn’t sit flat so just going to kind of just sit right there
off to the side I love you guys that’s it no you can’t go up alright so now
we’ve got our titanium white hopefully this doesn’t mix then it just
kind of blends I guess it’s the same thing I’m hoping to stay somewhat separate
area the words doughnuts now for our bright
colors assessee brassy million colors serif would be me an orange little bit more and then we are going to move to the
neon green just kind of give it that that separation of contrast this neon green seems a little runny
pokers not gonna cause any problems but it might I’m going to go ahead and separate that
just a tiny bit with a little bit more black and then moving on over to the neon pink
getting that neon pink would definitely stand out against that but you’re
No gonna jump onto some of this neon yellow just like so and then top it off I’m gonna top it off
with some of this wait did we do well the neons pink yellow green all right
yep I’m gonna top it off with some of this black right here we have her Cup
so now the question is do I do a flip Cup do I do
a dirty pour I don’t know I’m thinking I’m gonna do it dirty poor but I’m gonna
do like a wandering dirty for so it’s just kind of like spread it all around
see what happens we got the spinner we got the lazy
susans maybe that’ll help us so I’m going to start in the middle you know what we’re gonna flip the
script we’re gonna go with the cheering for probably will retain some of these
drinks I’m afraid I might have poured a lot of
paint in here is that right there all right fingers crossed and gentlemen
hopefully we can keep some of these drinks some pretty sharp little ants a lot of sales about not digging that seems to me we’re going to lose a lot of
this pink as well let me use what’s left in the cup to hit
up some of these corners hopefully some of this paint flow a
little bit better all right that’s one good-looking as it
is but we’re going to start tilting some of this and see what happens see if we
can’t get the black that’s in these corners to blend in with some of this
color just like I thought create some fuckin designs this around I’m not a fan of that Center so I’m
gonna try to see if I can get a big chunk of that to go to the corner
look at before I chopped it all off but focus forgets there we go look at all
those sharp little lines okay bye little ants
so I thought that the other way how all right we’re gonna get rid of some of
this Center he’s looking a lot better than I was
trying to think was gonna look like getting rid of some of this green come on green you have no compass bring all the back to the center I’m
hoping you guys are still in frame it slippery though so I’m kind of not
wanting to put it down and flip it around No oh my goodness no this but obviously
you ladies will be the judgment but I like it I like it I mean obviously the Rings have deformed
but it’s given this natural how do you say like almost rock like that question
I’m not using my words correctly like stone type of thing like it looks like a
stone but I mean obviously a colored stone I’ll talk about the lines forget
the color talk about the Lance it looks like rock I guess but let me take out
these loves real quick we’re bringing up for a quick close up
real quick and why is that real quick buncha times but anyways alright ladies
and gentlemen before I turn on the lights I figured I’d do this part first
so here we have the black lights shining on the piece but all right there we go
and yeah I think this came out pretty awesome
well whatever you guys let me know in the comment section what you think but I
think it came out pretty dope I got some funky looking cells we’ve got some
definite deformed rings look is that a dinosaur is that a t-rex in there no
okay yeah this pink in this purple in this
blue for this dark background that looks pretty dope
but anyways I’m about to turn on these lights so you guys can have a brighter
look at it I guess all right ladies gentlemen here we have
the lights on and yeah this is what I was talking about that it looks like
stone that looks like rock kind of I don’t know if you are understanding what
I’m trying to say here like what are they color when they go digging for
dinosaur bones I guess digging for bones I don’t know
but yeah this is what I would think that the rocks would look like underground
other layers and stuff zooming yeah so we obviously got a bunch
of these funky little cells not sure why they’re coming up focus of the flow
trough but it is what it is they look like little eyeballs staring right back
at you just the tiniest little hints of purple
all the way to the top some of that those edges so sharp edges not sure how we came up with this color
but it looks pretty dope I dig it so we saw it under the blacklight I
didn’t turn on the neon let’s zoom out sucker there we go more okay all right
ladies gentlemen let me know what you guys think in the comment section
and yeah if you liked the video give it a like and yeah share with a friend or
two and thank you guys for watching I will talk to you guys in the next one

14 Replies to “Experimental neon tree ring pour black light Acrylic pouring fluid arts tutorial”

  1. Something I learned, itโ€™s just the first layers in the cup that matter. After that the rest will just pour off. Pouring slower gets your rings to stay without going crazy. Iโ€™m still learning too. Itโ€™s about patience lol something Iโ€™m not good about. This turned out cool.

  2. Super flipping cool Carlos! I think its amazing! Your cup reminded me of licorice allsorts which I forgot existed, so I'm off to the shops to buy some..ohhh yummy! See ya! ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿค—

  3. It does look a lot better now that you poured off all the grey. It reminds me of river rocks and grasses. The San Marcos River is like that. San Marcos, Texas.

  4. This is one of your best pours to date. I love colors down the one side and the green is a great contrast. No need for the black light it's lovely without it.

  5. I think if you poured a little white in the cup first. Then added your colors. You would make one hell of a cloud pour.

  6. Iโ€™m just blown away by this one. In normal light it reminds me of some of the rock outcroppings I see on my hikes. The greenish part looks like moss. Then under black light, WOW! ๐Ÿคฉ

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