Epson SureColor SC-P800 Fine Art Inkjet Printer Demonstration |

Hello everyone it’s Ben from Printerbase
and in this video we’ll be demonstrating the SC-P800 from Epson. This machine blows me away. Excellent quality
prints and large format features, in a desktop model for less than £1,000! The focus of a machine like this is quality
over speed, but page out times and print speeds are still a factor, so without further ado,
lets get printing. The first print today will be a colour photograph,
on a piece of A6 glossy paper. In the print driver, I’ll be using the photo
paper glossy profile, the print mode is AccuPhoto HD, I’ll use Epson’s Standard colour mode,
the superfine 1440dpi resolution, and with high speed checked. Let’s see how it performs. Fairly decent performance there. The eagle
eyed among you may be thinking the end result looks a little flat, and to be honest it does. That’s down to the cheap media, and the
fact that I’ve used pre-sets only, and not really dabbled with the advanced settings. If you had the time, you’d tweak the contrast
and colour levels, to get the most out of you print. You’ll also notice there’s an edge, this
is because in the Mac driver at least, there’s no option for A6 borderless printing. This
is a shame, but really, who buys an A2 device to print single postcards? Moving on, we have an A4 print on the same
kind of glossy paper. This time I’ll be printing scaled down a little, to allow some
white space around the edges. A common method amongst photographers, this
this allows a little breathing room around the print for mounting, and it also lets you
handle the print, without marking the image. In the driver, again I’m on the Photo Paper
Glossy profile, the print mode is AccuPhoto HD, using Epson’s Standard colour mode,
the superfine 1440dpi resolution, and with high speed checked. Finally we’ll make a full A3 borderless
print. This time I’m using a premium lustre paper. I personally prefer a lustre finish when printing
larger than A4, as it disperses the light more evenly, and lets the viewer concentrate
on the print, whereas full on gloss reflects more light.
In the driver I’m using the Ultra Premium Photo Paper Lustre profile, The Advanced Black
& White Photo print mode, Epson’s sRGB colour space, and the superfine 1440dpi print resolution,
with high speed un-checked. There we have it. The lustre paper seems to
be much better than the cheaper gloss papers with just the pre-sets, highlighting the importance
of higher quality papers. This isn’t bad for glossy finishes, in fact
any high quality paper regardless of finish would work brilliantly with this printer,
I just happen to prefer lustre for larger prints. If you’d like to know anymore about Epson’s
SC-P800, just click the i at the top of the screen, go to or give us
a call. Our number is 0800 170 7234, you can find
us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and subscribe for more news and reviews. If you like this video don’t forget to give
it a thumbs up, and if you’ve any questions, leave them in the comments below. I’m ben, and thanks for watching.

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  1. I've just managed to get two prints out of my new machine on Fine art matte paper – it is a pig to front load and a video on that would be useful. The print quality is excellent.

  2. hi again, i bought it but the printer but i cannot find the best paper for photo exhibition! i am confuse between metallic, luster, ultra glossy, etc. pls advise.

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