Epson SureColor P800 | Loading Fine Art Paper

you this video will show have a load fine art paper into the Epson Shore color p800 printer open the rear tray and extend the paper supports in the front of the printer open the output tray cover locate the gray manual feed tray and push firmly in the center to open it if your paper has a slight curl you may want to gently straighten it out with the printable side up slowly slide the paper into the manual feed tray once it's in the printer make sure the paper is flush with the right edge of the tray line the edge of the paper up with the guide in the front of the tray push load on the control panel and the paper will begin to load once the paper stops feeding push the manual feed tray closed prynt according to the instructions in the users guide to unload the paper push eject on the control panel then select yes you

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  1. Needs much more thorough, real world instructions. This video is like a f'ing robot. Hello, Epson, do you have a CLUE?

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