Epson Stylus Photo R2880 | How to Load Fine Art Paper

hello I'm Eddie with Epson professional imaging and I'm going to show you how to load fine art paper in her Epson Stylus photo are 2880 printer I'm going to use Epson velvet fine art paper but these steps will work for ultra smooth fine art paper watercolor paper radiant white exhibition fiber paper and the new Epson hot press and cold pressed papers I'm going to attach the single sheet guide on to the back of the printer before attaching it move the roll paper guide to the far right on the single sheet guide there are five tabs from left to right on the bottom and two hooks on top start by aligning each tab into the slots use the orange arrows as a guide then bring the top fahrt forward and slide the guide down secure it the guide should now be secured on the back of the printer next begin to load the paper into the single sheet guide align the paper guides to the paper is flush on both the left and right keep advance in the paper for while holding the right hand paper guide against the paper you may encounter a little resistance at first but keep pushing the paper and applying gentle pressure until the printer loads the paper completely lastly print according to the instructions in your users guide

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  1. doesn't work. this printer is an absolute PIG to load paper into. I've managed maybe 30 prints in 5 years

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