Epson R3000 Fine Art paper loading

hi and welcome to the project QuickStart guide for loading fine art paper today we're going to use a couple of models the Epson r3000 the more modern front-loading style for fine art papers and the Epson are 2880 which is also similar in loading style to the art 2400 hopefully this will clear up any questions that have been raised so far now starting with the Epson r3000 thank you thankfully this is a very simple menu-driven operation so it gives you prompts as to what to do and how to do it but if we just cover those points very quickly hopefully it will show you a little easier as to what needs to take place so on the menu system we're going to preload the paper we press okay move across for to load thick media which says also for fine art and poster board it double checks that we're looking for fine arts you say okay here on the display it tells you what to do which is very useful there is a shelving option of the back of the printer which needs to be open that's very key very critical to get rights first little diagram there to show you how to do that so we say okay open the front cover we have the front cover open and to the right push to open the front manual feed tray and indicates the tray just here so if we just push and it opens you'll hear the mechanism move and get itself primed in the right position and then if we take a sheet of paper and we slide it in very carefully to the line which is just here on the front of the tray edge into the plastic can see it very clearly press okay to start feeding we'll let the printer move across and do its thing which shouldn't take more than about 20 seconds all being well as you may be able to see on the printer today we have the new permit yet our 3000 eco flow system this is the version 2 system please look at other videos which will explain about the version 2 a little further about installation and benefits and on the display now it says open the output tray and close the manual feed tray which I push to close that on our display we now have fine art media is loaded so that's the simple and straightforward process for loading fine art media on the r3000 this is going to conclude our entirety of our smooth fine art range our parameter range and it's a far easier than any previous system in our opinion but the other options are no more complicated and we'll cover those in just a moment

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  1. Hi. Thanks for the vid. When you load 1.3mm thick poster-board in the front like that does it stay completely straight in the machine or is there any bending induced to it?

  2. Is there a way to print multiple pages without having to load it separately through the front? For example, I'm printing the same print 5x and it's time consuming to always front-load.

  3. Hi , thanks for your guide on Epson R3000 Fine Art paper loading, We are still using it in our studio.
    thanks a lot , that really helped us


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